Genie Quest: Aladdin Matching Game

Genie Quest: Aladdin Matching Game

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Are you brave enough to explore legendary cities and become the greatest Genie Collector? How about battling an evil, all-powerful Dark Genie? Join the Genie Quest and help Aladdin and his beloved princess Shiraz liberate the Pomegranate Palace from the villainous wizard Jafar.

Genie Quest Match-3 transports you into the mysterious world of ‘One Thousand And One Nights’ where you’ll relive beloved tales of adventure, magic and genies! Wake up the genies, or free them from bottles to help the hero escape. Enjoy beautiful artwork that will transport you into a story straight out of a fairy tale. Collect boosts and loot as you unlock chapters of the journey. Many secrets wait to be discovered!

Genie Quest is completely free to play, with optional in-game currency for purchase.


● A diverse range of game modes: Play for high scores, race against the clock, or free the genies from their bottles.
● Collect genies, complete quests, and explore the mystic cities of Arabia.
● Receive free boosts by collecting magical lamps and freeing the imprisoned genies.
● Defeat epic bosses and unlock new episodes to play.
● Choose your character and play as Prince Aladdin or Princess Shiraz.
● Many enchanted environments, characters and stories for you to experience.
● Unlock unique boosts and unleash even more powerful moves.
● 50 levels and more prepared weekly, with new episodes released every month.
● Connect to your Facebook account and link your game to all of your devices.
… And so much more to come!
● Many more levels and episodes, added monthly.

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  • Current Version : 1.0.0
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  • Developer: Narenjo
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