Destiny Heroine is specially designed for ACG fans and IDLE GAME lovers. All your favorite characters are here! You will become the captain of plenty of magnificent heroes that will coordinate their force at your desire! Fight with your friends and players in Guild Boss battles, fight for all the glory!

Game Features:

A new world, a new story!
The mission mode based on a new storyline allows you to enjoy an immersive experience through dramatic storyline and exciting and challenging battles.

Strategy first, deploy your team
Organize your team and create the strongest fighting force! Train and awaken characters to power them up! Play the game at your own pace, and it is vital to plan your combat strategy!

Explore varied dungeons
Elite Challenge, Valor Trial, King's Tower, Dragon Ruin... Discover lots of modes and activities, much fun to enjoy!

70+ heroes with unique skills
Join hundreds of heroes, unlock their stories, combine their unique skills, and participate in countless adventures. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors to win!

Idle gameplay
No matter what you are doing, your heroes will still fight and advance for you. Cultivate and train a powerful squad without effort!

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Latest Version :8.6 Android:8.4 Past 7 days : 8.7