Cat Tales - The Story Collector

Cat Tales - The Story Collector

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Stories of Cat City told by yourself through strategical card game. A great time-killer game with easy to play

Cat Tales highlights:
- 30+ different cats to choose as your avatar, each with different skills.
- Play your cards strategically to win the Goals, each option matters, think carefully.
- With the original cat, Ethan, go around and observe life of Cat City with its high and low.
- Discover the world full of joy and sorrow, with a secret connections hidden between the cards.
- Unlock new and interesting stories as you go.
- Tarot card theme stages, the more Goal cards you win, the more stages you unlock, start with The Fool.
- Tell your daily fortune with Card of the day feature, draw a card and read your fortune for the day.

The more stages you go, the more stories you will see. Some happy, some sad, some... interesting...

Play now to discover all the stories and life of all the cats of the game. Meet Joe, Ariana, Maria, Caesar and many other cats and enjoy their life stories.

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  • Developer: BIGG GAMES
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