Heroes Magic World - three Kingdoms masterpiece

Heroes Magic World - three Kingdoms masterpiece

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Heroes Magic World - three Kingdoms masterpiece is a new strategy game where you kill zombies as epic heroes. Start Heroes Adventure now!

Every time you complete a delivery, your XP, XP, fitness, agility, intelligence and vitality will increase.

Play duel players, epic heroes magic in epic strategy battles.

Collect heroes to upgrade units and discover new worlds. Your enemy is one of the fantastic factions. Unlimited caves, powerful dragons and minotaur creatures. This is the magic of mite and magic

■ Build an army and become the king of Avalon! Dragons and thrones await you!
■ Enter the free arena to order duel, epic bounty.
■Turn-based collection type SRPG Three Kingdoms masterpiece!
■ Fight enemies, build and upgrade your empire.
■ Protect your castle and kingdom and become the best in the world for free.
Legion Minotaurs, bases, walls, and graveyards can be played
■ Collect colleagues! Collect over 48 unique heroes and enjoy awesome play with powerful fate cores!
■ Build your army for free and make the gremlins best for strategy games.
■Find your role in war and enchant magic
■Five campaigns against legendary powerful black dragons and dungeon minotaur hordes, skeletons, bloodthirsty vampires, corps dead from the corps, and the Horde
■Exos of traditional RPG
■Dragon, Elf, Dwarf, Crusaders, Odins, Middle Ages Knights, collect and reunite the heroes of the fantasy world and customize them to your own style!
■ Defeat the boss with your colleagues with various strategies!

Bored of traditional tactical games like Heroes? Do you want tactical wars and magic in every battle using turn-based strategies? Try Might and Magic for free!

If you like heroes or games about heroes and magic, you will not be indifferent.

※ Heroes Hero Magic World does not require unnecessary app permissions.

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