Downtown Gangstas: Hood Wars | Best Gangster Game

Downtown Gangstas: Hood Wars | Best Gangster Game

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Ever wanted become a big time Gangsta? go ahead... install now!

Here is what we have (short version):
* All-new, early stage, gangsta themed strategy game
* Lot of stuff to blow up
* Lot of rivals who want to blow up your stuff

We also have (long version):
* Hood for your to Build/Defend and get more powerful
* Mansion, a Limo, some businesses
* Badass Mercs to blow up your enemy city
* Mob Members that you can Recruit/Train/Assign
* Boss Fights, who joins your Crew if you beat'em for good
* Challenging Jobs which can make you scratch your head sometimes
* Hit List so that you can place bounty on that guy who annoys you
* Rival List so you don't forget who messed with you
* Your own Gang (preview)
* Police Cars which can bust you during a Job
* Air Dropped Mob Gifts
* Daily Shipments with Speed Boats

Some other features:
* Attack Replays
* Crime Family
* Profile Wall
* Profile Respects
* Street REPS
* Attack Squads
* Layout Editor
* Saved Layouts
* World Chat
* Leaderboards
* Skill Points
* Power Boosts
* Day Mode and Night Mode worlds

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Detailed info

  • File Size : 116M MB
  • Current Version : 0.3.64
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: DYNAMICNEXT
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