Walk around for snacks and surprise people

Collect a lot of sweets, so collect them, grow up, knock down trees, and eat them all.

A game where you can explore the city and enjoy Halloween nights

Characters are various ghosts such as pumpkin, onion, rabbit, slime, squirrel, snail, mushroom. This is a game where Halloween haunts have appeared in the city. Their individual games are also announced from time to time.
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This game is a bit monotonous. Sometimes it doesn't require complicated operations, so it's a part of making the game monotonous so that you can play it anytime. I'm glad if you enjoy it little by little. If you get bored, try playing different haunted games. When you come back, it may look like a slightly different game.

Operations and development are only one person, so I guess there are some mistakes. I'm glad if you can support me. (We wait for review.)

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  • File Size : 40M MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.0
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  • Developer: YAYA Inc
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