Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef

Author: Pixodust Games

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Cook and serve delicious meals to hungry pets! Manage your own restaurant and become the master chef of the pets! If you like cooking games you will love Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef where all the cooks’ adventures begin!

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is a restaurant game that combines the management of a kitchen’s simulator with funny mechanics of serving delicious meals to hungry animals with cuisines from all over the world!

You will face great challenges while renovating a restaurant inside a jungle, building a cute bistro in the city, or buying new tables for your favorite beach restaurant.

Prepare all types of cuisines and serve delicious foods and drinks to all kinds of animals, from cute cats and dogs to angry bears and tigers! Don’t let any paw waiting!

A meowgical path will be revealed during this saga adventure! Cook and serve, and enjoy the flavor of victory!

– Discover new restaurants in the jungle, city, mountains, the beach & more!
– Prepare delicious meals like sushi, burgers, salads, pizzas, pasta, or deliver candies and beverages!
– Earn paw money while managing your business and create a paw empire!
– Explore different cuisines like Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Arab, Italian, Chinese, and much more!
– Serve foods to cats, dogs, llamas, tigers, foxes, turtles, giraffes, bears, monkeys, and wild animals!
– Lots of fun levels to play in a huge saga adventure.

Manage tables and don’t let the pets down!

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Be sure to check for updates. We’re always working on ways of improving gameplay and adding new features!

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Update time: May 30, 2022
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Developer: Pixodust Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

NorehaN YaN

Best layan ggame ni.... 👍👍👍


Already good, but it becomes repetitive and will be boring if you keep it this way. Add more different kind of customers and challenges. And there are some bugs that need to be fixed.

Divya Jagde

Its really interesting & enjoyable game.

Iain Rennie

Fun so far


its very addicting and the art style is cute! however, I'm notnquite challenged to every level. It's not that difficult to play but it's fun. I hope it gets harder a bit.

Elijah Harman

Very fun game. I love playing it. I even showed my mom.

Vishnu Prasad

Good 👍 game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😃😃😃

Divina Paz Barcelo

Its very fun and enjoying game.

Toni-Ann Foreman

Nice game

malini s


Sandra Struyck


Heng Lan

Your level only 142 only

Rose Coleman


Shadow Reaper

Awsome game 10/10

ozenia aduma

Great. A much needed refreshing new kind of gameplay in the restaurant game genre


This game is amazing, it's well polished and free of bugs. I'm glade I found it, it's so addictive and fun to play.

Tadej Markež

zelo lepa in grafično dobra igra!!!

Muhd Fadhli

Why does it stop at lvl 142 ? Theres wont be anymore lvl ?

Anwesha Dash


Edson Fundal

My son enjoying it

Yassin Khodary

Its amazing ❤️ the most amazing cooking game i have ever played


I wish there were like speed upgrades, more money from all foods. i wish there were more things it seems pretty bare bones but cute art style no laggy gameplay

ronnie smith

A lot of fun 😊

Deepak Seebaruth

I duck out of plant 🪴

꧁ৡılılıllılı_Mitzy Pooh_ılıllılılıৡ꧂

Add a landscape option plss

Savannah Irish

Cute game fun

Ashley Bookie

This zoo Restaurant Animal chef game is pretty awesome the graphics are awesome the game play is awesome I really like it

Argent Studio

Great game! good job

Waliyat Lawal

Is it is interesting a wonderful games this is amazing I love the game so much

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Wesley Bishop

Really fun I like animals make it seem less stressful


This game is wonderful

Jennalyn Pineda

Thank you

Teodora A

Enjoyed it very much. Hopefully more levels coming?

Tuhina Paul


Mrs. KG Ice Wilburn

Cool Very Fun


Loved the game but I beat it at level 142 and there's nothing to do from there.

Isha Naik


Indian Brias

Reached level 142.. what next?? Are u going to add more levels soon??

April Joy V. Deguito

Good gameee

AvengersNerd 828

I love it

Angelina Albright

Finished the game at level 142, there are some bugs with the game where when you watch an ad, all the in game music and sound stops playing and becomes dead silent until you exit the game and relaunch it, music and graphics are cute and it's easy to play, overall good game, but needs more levels soon, as well as character customisation hopefully soon.

Alireza Kazemi

I loved!

Shabrina Putri

the graphic is so cute! it's pretty addicting but it would be challenging if it has some difficulties and varied goals. Also, I don't think the energy works because mine never decrease:/ the ads help a lot to gain money or updating stuffs, i like it!


This game is amazing

Ewa Spasowska

I absolutely love this game and think its definitely worth installing but I have one tiny problem. It got to level 142 and then it stopped. No more levels ahead. I have upgraded all the restaurants to the max and still nothing. I hope this is just a glitch that can be soon fixed/ more levels will be added soon because I really really want to play more of this game!


Muito bonito e leve, roda suavemente e vai ficando difícil a cada nível. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores pela idéia.

Sasikala sasi Sasikala


gearoid kelly

Good game

anna colongan

Very nice game,no bugs ,very smoth but how may level's are there? It seems i've finish them all! When will add more level's?


Great game. You can upgrade everything you need without needing to spend money. I watched a few ads to get more money but I'm fine with that since it's a great game. No stupid powerups or gatekeeping for money.

Jacob Bose

The game is amazing and beautiful I love the way the game is so amazing 🤩.

Nora A.shalaby

So cute i love it 🦋

izzati zakaria

So good

Izzah Rusly

This game so fantastic and cool!!!

Pamela Rhea

Great game fun colorful graphics

Jacqueline Rosario

I finished the first restaurant and so far I like it. It's cute and simple.

April Villarama

cute game

siska caroline

Fun game and make me relax

Joe B.

It is a nice game but a bit repetitive for me. I don't see a overall goal of the game. The same scenario seems to happen each level. It would be a good game if you are waiting for something ie bus, train, plane, food etc. Not sure if offline play is possible. Cheers. Note to creators: No I will not email your support about the game. Cheers again. : D

Paul Martin

Good morning

XP Core

So cute, fantastic job guys 🐝🤩👏🏼☺️💕💖💖✨ please do more games like this new one guys, cause I really appreciate it


Been a fan since Medieval, pre installed the game. The gameplay is smooth and rewarding. One little point is that the Chinese characters cannot seem to load correctly, some of the words are missing. Maybe consider changing another font for the chinese gameplay.

autumn Shumate

Cute Characters, smooth game play, fast paced fun! I can't put it down, I am looking forward to the discovery of all the levels! Just download it you won't be disappointed!


Love it so far and the animals are so cute 😍 Found 1 bug being that I can have a DNS on while playing the game.

Kelly Smith

fun game