Zombix Online

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Zombix Online – Survive in the world of post-apocalypse with other players!

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File size: 17M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 3.7
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Zombix Dev
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sara Cayton

Its a really nice game i can trade with people with gold for items i need but there was a bug where i disconnect in the middle of a travel on the conductor now my account cant log in it always go to the main menu and it say reconect i hope you guys fix it because i have alot of stuff on my bags my character name is Wrath my clan is Del Ta Faction -xD pls give this review attention i want my account back im begging

Carlo Baterna

this is good game but need more event and new itims need this game more new mode in the setting if i farming and all player ganna be happy and soo meny waiting new update and new war plese and new sirver and new gun this ganna be epic how abaut of new lvl is lvl 70 oh soo good for rich player and new camps for player like raiding always and player stilling box soo funny he always died but not happy for him soo hard and i want to update this good game im waiting new update pls all player waiting

ereny essam

So cool game my favourite but plssss make if you want to buy hero buy it by zombux coins not contract and the new ubdate is cool, i has install the game from a year ago and i steel play it


Garbage, it's cabbage

Osasan Olusola

The game is good but its like a pay to win. I have somehings that wull make the game really better 1. The contract shop should be cheaper. The amount of buying contract is too high. Only if you can reduce it 2. There should be another way for earning gems apart from buying with teal money 3. Players should be able to transfer gems Pls, if you can update the game. Its going to be a lot more better

Ciro Gomez

Gran juego pero me gustaria que este en español despues es muy divertido mu gustaria tambien que podamos formar escuadra y enviar solisitud amigos y crear un equipo pero lo recomien al 100

BlueShore Gaming

Hey Dev, I downloaded this game yesterday.. And Everything Works just fine. But😕 when i load it to play today it just dont let me do it.. When i press play it do loading and then kicks me to home.. I tried several time to fix this buy i cant.. Please help..😰

darya យ



Great game not gonna lie but it's lacking.... First of all there's no tutorial, no guides on where you can find the items. Still it's rlly a great game:)

OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

Incomplete for sure . But the frame work for something great is here. I urge you to look at zombie raiders beta. Its not on the store yet. But that is what this game needs. Full roaming gigantic maps . Sandbox. And safe zones at player spawn points. Ill ratw 5 Stars and also donate somw good $$ to see that :)

Ivan Polimenov

I like this game but needa more updates and and have too many russians and i dont like it because they speak russians not english

Mukesh Marak

I would love different sever for different countries

Jayanta Ghosh

wosted game our ever

Kusum Kumara

Wow that game is really good

ali shakr

the nice game

Sina Vasmas

Update more.

Kimmy Toing

Please can you add boat I ask fishing and you listened so the boat then ?

Unknown Spokes

good game the only thing I'm wishing is too make it online/offline because looks like it needs some hard time

Onar Chaar

الأمتحانات االألعاب الاتجاهات العائلات الإساءات نتمتع بينهم نت


Tried to login to my account and wouldn't even work I lost $10

Petal Covus

Its just generally not fun or enjoyable

Ranie Bonzo

Not like that game

Sthembiso Mabuza Mshengu Mshengu

Cool game

Lerma Panaligan

i suggest to add like an item you can craft that can remove the rare and legendary sphere on your items instead of putting a timer on that legendary sphere that you worked hard for. plus the censorship is rigged and i think i like the older character shop that costs you only 750 zombux instead of needing +2k zombux on that contract shop and i gotta admit that this is a pay 2 win game but its a great game. some players of the community also helps you to be good on the game. keep up the good work!

Tyler Gall

Game is not that good

Alfredo Cañas

Can you add it clan war pls

Winston Matheny

Purchase was made x2 on my account to this stupid Russian game hacking me I want refund

Joseph Ellis

Gotba lot of probeksm 1 time a question woudnt work restarted and it work but I can't do crafting quests at all so can't make when i have the material to make said item

Minh Nguyễn

xcd edfaeda d a da

sierge anthony serna

Well, game is bad, i mean its a p2w its hard to grind but weapons that needs to be bought is too OP. Secondly, the connection SUCKS! I play the game the first time is good, but when you open it again, the game isn't connecting. 0👀 star


Just please remove the contract system or make it different

Jacob Petri

Its a good game but somtimes when i press the roll button it will just mess up the control because there is a gap bettewen the hammer and the roll button and i died because of the gap so please fix that gap

Mohamed Ahmed

I can't rotate my phone when im inside this game 😭😭💔 i will give you 5 star if you repair IT👌🏻

Renz Mercado

This game getting is getting boring cuz of p2w players that Keeps raiding other regions that has low in power,like you devz made multiple regions so ppl can share camps abd reduce the fight but why letting other regions to take another region if they already have one? it's so unfair when u worked hard for the camps to be captured and then a Maxed players with drones can capture it in less than a minute without breaking a weapon..This game just pushing ppl for PvP and the Zombies are forgotten...


Good idea but extremely grindy. You gotta play for weeks before you even get to try a different class. Let alone a class you may be interested in. It was a nice, interesting start but the extreme grind to even hope to try different things just kills the game for me.

Dave Lopez

This is perfect game for me 👍


The game is ok but needs jobs like deliver or more missions because Is boring if your just killing

Dodlabhemah Santanoo

I like the game if you can i want whan we ubgrat the dogs it is 20 rs

christian Glenn


Fish Fish

I wish you can send friend request and friends invites anyways awesome game

aiman channel


Aboroni Pervin

update the game.make more changes.add more guns,armor,helmets etc.make this game a little colourful and easier.i know its an apocolypse game so evrything is dead.but still.give events to entertain players even more.getting the contracts is extremly hard for the zombux so make it a lityle easy.and mainly if u do non of these things i want,please make the leveling up(getting exp)easier.its too hard so if u can do these things it will be really nice and i will rate 5 stars at least the exp problem

Emirhan Ahmet K.

Harika bir oyun ama çok eksiği var . Mesela tüccarlarin görevleri arttırılabilir ,daha çok karakter gelebilir ,daha çok canavar gelebilir ,haritalar büyüyebilir . Yinede harika bir oyun tavsiye ederim

Ron Taala

Best game ever plss fix the glitch

Ryu Nirag

This games sucks when i click play it does not work i hate this game burn in hell

Binali Nyoni

Nice graphics

ariel baylon

I like dis game 🤩😍🤩😍

Aron Wyttenbach

This game has been a great expirience for me, but i would like more types of armor, not just a bunch of helmets, and gold for some reason is almost impossible for me to get, and you should rename rust to copper,this game has tons of potential


I wanna see more of these games

Hugo van Staden

Thx for fixing bugs it's working now , I love it . Very fun... THANKS!!!

Mutant Roos

this was a great game but they added so much things that it made the game complex. The game was easy and fun now it is just grinding.

Retard Confused


Rahim Rahim


Triple The VI

i cannot log in fix my account now i spent more than $200.00 in your game

luke byrer

It's OK they broke Arena with update

Just a tire

I wasn't able to get past the 3rd quest because for some reason I didn't get the ruby from the scientist, I even uninstalled and re-installed the game and it still was broken

Lope Baligod

Can you make this game offline and online I freaking!!! Hate it

Jocelyn Villegas

I give 5 stars because game is so cool I like to survive and killed so many zombies and online I like this game the creator is so amzing

Suman Kumar

What a cool imagination!

Xx ELgamingYT xX

Hurdu can I have money in zombix pls

Ayush kumar Roll no. 21,4b

Best game I have ever seen

Ehawareyen Terakaa

I love this game but It's needs updates and needs more motorcycle and weapons this game is very funny waw ★★★★★

Hairus Rafi

I haven't tried it yet but i thinks that the developer really cares about their games.

Abigail Ciriaco

I love this game so much thx for adding this rate this five star because it's good game but pls add new items I give you five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ :)

Michael Bordeos


Killua Zoldyck

I have nothing to say but good job?

Ben Potgieter

Could have been a Great game but keep on getting disconnected from the server.I have a dedicated 100mbs connection.

Victor Lozano

Nice the update👍👍👍

The Game boi Rikki

I love it plus theres no ads

Abhishek Sen

Id recovered so 5 star

Mohamad Arslan

it nice game! And Fun thank for make the game.

John Rodelad

This game good but report not working -_-

Crypto woman

So many players scam me;-;


Its a Great★App, But the controller is too hard to control and i want a camera movement like, swipe and hold the camera and the view will move to the other direction, that is my suggestion for this game and one more thing. Please add more option for the settings and the grapichs is nice. I will make this ★5 Stars if could the team fix this so, ★3 stars for now......

Ahmad Faris

I like this game 😀.but how to delete some useless account .I'm scare if to many account will get ban.

Sketch Ehh Jeffeh

Great and addictive uses alot of my data!

Red Moon


احسان یعقوبی

Very good game! I like'd it! I offer you to install it too!

Marie Nocum

Its good but i need money cause i rate this app

Enixam Tambong

I like this game super super beutiful game.

Renz Mercado

Well it's a pretty good game,the reason i rate this 3 star is farming kinda hard,also the survivor/character "Techno's" are way too OVERPOWERED,what i mean is they can just past through camps and kill all the bots with drones.Hope you Zombix Devs fix it.Also i have a game idea of having a shop that sell resources,a system that will allow you to add people as a friend and you would able to see if they are online or not.Thank You.

willy Loveall

Lost my Google play account waste of time

Violet sleet 8800

I'm really angry right now I get the materials to build at my base and I can't even build come on guys please fix this

Shomen Das

good game like lifeafter

seanpaul gamer

I like a new update but pls🙏🙏 add some new map,weapon and vehicle.


Its hotspot over here best game ever


Fix more bug. News update I can't see name of player and game laggy. But game cool and super fun

Julia jane Burgos

i download it again... can you make this game realistic with more weapons.. pls🤜🤛😊

Una Rebayla

I dont know wheres the button to make things and i dont know the other buttons use this game sucks for me cuz its sooo hard to find wheres the freaking buttons pls update the game that u can easily find the buttons ugh.

K Daniels

Pretty trash not going to lie

Ekenem Madu

This game is great when I started but I do not know objects like sunny and Can you put where we can find the task

Hawkeye Madrid

Good game, I enjoyed playing it alot, but a lot of things are unclear at the start: where do I get vegetables? How do I get a new avatar? The new contracts system is ok, but it is EXTREMELY rigged, when you buy one pack you should get at LEAST 10 survivor points, but that wouldn't be a problem if getting zombux wouldn't be so extremely difficult. So 90% of players you see walking around are still fighters wich is kind of very lame.

Kian_fbi Kian_fbi

Great, but it needs a lot of updates, but I have a copied version of this game and it does not run :(

Arnav Jain

Dev made the game worst

Andrei Barlizo

Breakthrough is hard at lvl 11 even with 1 rpg it's too hard and some play can't pass it I'd say pls enable 2 rpg in breakthrough it will be more easier the contracts are rigged


Zombix online cool

Carlito Buaya

Wow grape


This game was ever be my favorite once, but now, man, i hope i can go back to older days when there were no contract system that basically gacha system. Wasted potential i might say, i see every update it's only pushing player closer and closer to PVP while all elements of survival PVE was completely forgotten. The update are also basically tempting players to pay more, of course with an option of not paying that will drain your time 24/7 just like a full time job on a game like this. Good luck.

Rouffaida Mes

رائع 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💕💕💜💘💝💙❤


I've no complaints ABT game Only for now 😅🤪😅.