Zombination Arcade Survival

Author: iFUN.COM

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Role Playing


Download and play Zombination! Save the world from the doctor evil!

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Game Synopsis:
The showdown between special agents and the evil organization!
Where there is darkness, there is light. An evil organization has developed a deadly virus that has placed the world into Chaos.
As a special agent, you set out to battle!
Clear challenging levels, defeat Doctor Evil and his slew of monsters and zombies! The world is in danger! Save all mankind!
Ready your bows and guns, it’s up to you to save the world! Be the best hero and prove you have got the skills to fight evil!

Game Introduction:
Easy controls and fun to play – hit and run, one hand is all you need to battle!
With randomised levels, maps and monsters, every encounter is a challenge and surprise. You never know what you’re going to get!
A Roguelike game with randomly generated maps, monsters and skills. Choose from hundreds of skill combinations to suit your play style.

Play with a bow, heavy bow, cross bow or guns! The choice is yours!

Game Features:
*Unlock maps and find clues
*Play with one hand, full screen mode
*Upgrade equipment and strengthen heroes
*Clear levels and fight evil with the help of a mysterious partner
*Randomised maps and levels
*Powerful special abilities
*Unlock and choose talents to help your heroes battle
*Upgrade your hero
*Fight epic bosses

Get ready for an epic showdown. Defeat doctor evil and monster bosses to save the world. Roguelike gaming at it’s best with important choices to be made!

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FB – https://www.facebook.com/zombinationofficial
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zombination_official/

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: iFUN.COM
Price: Free
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Customer review

macky suarez

Re-themed archero. Power-ups keeps getting bad the more you accomplish. So obsessed with orb, knife, rotating-thingys. They're just so bad compared to most power ups

Tu Xuan Nguyen

Challenge and exciting but there is not much content

Sebastian Spencer

Just play archero. This game is garbage and while they don't shove ads down your throat they reeaalllyyyy want you to make a purchase for better gear/gold. Level runs hardly give anything gold wise and loot drops are rare and far between. It's a thankless grindfest that gets you nowhere.

BoyLado MotoVlog

Boring to play

Clark Daus

add more chapters 🥰😇

khalifah Iskandar

force close . or stopped (like paused)

Erik Barcelo

This is a clone of archo nothing different, same feel

Hoang Duong Nguyen

I cannot reset my game. It always remember my previous achivement.

Londor PaleShade

Eww the only thing original about the game is the skin, everything else just stolen assset from archero


Decent game, got stuck on the 3rd chapter. Gave up since I'm not gunna spend money to advance in this game. Everything else was decent though, but I'm not spending money to have fun, in this game.

clever Joy Oloya

More updates done all the stages.

Misty Ross

My kid won't stop

Hayden Mason

I've played so many others just like it Nothing new Boring as the others

Jesse Chambless

Not original, direct copy of other games

Toto Fx

Is a copy pass, nothing different or new, except being a copy with a different skin...

Bengsio ojeda

I really like it

Glenn Quagmire

Super awesome for now. Gosh I can't wait for new content though no doubt. I understand it's a process. This game is just hecka nice an I'm excited for more hauaua

Harold DeArmona

When you put some instructions into the introduction, I'll start playing again. Tons of useless weapons, manuals that you can't open, and I was on the Subway level for 3 days...no advancing, no help from the game...just shoot & kill with no goal, no advancing levels, no explanation for the tons of weapons, armor, manuals, or or how to upgrade anything. This game has awesome potential, but not all of us are game developers or mind readers.

Deez Bitches

Excellent play, but unexpectedly stops working on every third or so advertisment (even after clearing cache). Game play will allow continue from where left off, but only once. This forces gem useage which may, or may not, be deliberate.

Black Mark

Cant share the progress between two devices with same bind.


Needs improvement and balancing first world was easy then second was hard

Harp Harper

A very good game...but needs a lot more levels...

OledTvMasterRace In Atmos

Probably the feeling archero clone I've played, hopefully ya'll continue to build on it. Please Change the sound the axe weapon makes and maybe tone down its knock back as currently it knocks some enemies clean off the map!

Florlito Adriano

This is awesome game addictive

Cidnie Seed

Smooth but when will devs realize that arch3ro games are already dead.


Another bad Archero clone. Really bad graphics and 100% sounds copied.



Jonathan May



It's a really good game, it really is. Try it for yourself! How ever its a direct copy of Archero. I has the same sounds, same particles, some even the same model (Chest and Boss Symbol and EVEN THE SPIKES, ABILITIES, AND ABILITY NAMES. If you want a higher quality game and the original, go to Archero.


The Game is so much fun, satisfying and relaxing, I'm looking forward for more future updates and new features. Keep it up and Goodluck!<3

Krizzy Garcia

loved its

Alexander DeLeon

Looking good so far, the gameplay is familiar and operates smoothly. I did notice that for bolt-shot and poison-shot upgrades, their name and description say "circle" but have the bullet icon. The actual circle upgrade also adds the collision buff. Not a big deal, but I wanted to bring it up so that newer players weren't confused. I look forward to future progress with this game.

Jason Moffett

Won't start the game when it's at 100%

Will Friedman

It sucks, won't work


The game wont work, i get error message invalid and other message in chinese .

Kenric Truitt

The good game

Joseph Bauer

Great game! Unique game play unlike other games like this

Avriel Lai

Great, fun and easy to maneuver!

Francis Morgia

Laggy. I hope it will become play to earn.

wolf logan

Nice, easy to play.

oll lebowski

cool concept and great gaming experience

Jari Akagami Official

Just finish the two world. Its quit addicting and fun. Hoping the official version will release soon. Please add another type of weapon , outfit and pet its my suggestion.

Leother Sosmena

nice game

NickoTm lacquio

nice game i realy injoy this game. . plase make it develop

Joash Españo


Bentz Version2.0

I already reached the last chapter and finish it, the game is good, no lags, no no bugs just minor visual bugs, the game is very smooth. Waiting for the next chapter.

Jersom Lacanlale

nothing is different from archero

chris koh

Great game, fan of zombies genre. will be waiting for more update of characters to use.

Clarence Low

Nice! A fun zombie themed game to play!

Lord Minuel

the animation when the characters walking is like stuttering,it makes dizzy,please fixed it