Zombie Shelter: Farm and Build


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Zombie Shelter: Farm and Build
Are you looking for an immersive idle zombie game, where you act as a lone survivor on a remote island? Have you ever dreamed of battling through various zombie invasion and bulding everything from scratch to withstand the elements of the strange island? Join the island adventure, kill zombies, and expand your own archipelago with Zombie Shelter: Farm and Build game!
Full features are now available:

Use hand-held weapons to fight zombies and find a way to survive all tough situations.

All you need to do in this idle zombie game is defeating as many undeads as possible. Collect resources from killing and trading in the market to earn money for upgrades. Your goal is to build a solid fortress and safe shelters to make your archipelago become the most worth living place.

Upgrade your island and reach new levels to exploit more valuable resources and connect with neighboring islands. The further you go, the more lands you can explore.

Want to build islands faster? Stuck survivors wandering on the islands can be a great help to farm resources even when you AFK. Upgrade shelters to rescue all of them, and your zombie tycoon life on the island has never been this comfortable.

Collection of distinguished costumes and unique weapons for your hero in Zombie shelter : Farm and Build game.
How to play the game Zombie shelter: Farm and Build

– Touch the player to move
– Attack and avoid zombie’s strike to save HP.
– Collect materials, build new constructions and expand the island
– Become one of the largest archipelago owners in the doom world
– The game will be over if zombies invade your world
Protect the peace of your island from hordes of zombies and create a powerful archipelago of your own.
DOWNLOAD NOW the Zombie Shelter game and enjoy one of the best casual zombie games!

Detailed info

File size: 72M
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 0.3
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: BEEMOB PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review


Too many ads


More like ads shelter TBH ads every 20 seconds is so muchy advice just make it so ads appear every 3 minutes constant ads make the game unplayable

Joshua Haynes

Actually a decent little game just too short. All islands unlocked and most resources maxed out but nothing left to use them for. Hoping to see some new content soon because it was fun while it lasted


Just a ad spammer not worth playing

Byron Scott Obaña

not cool

cory monkey

Forced ads and the main button at the bottom plays ads. Tells you all you need to know about the game.

Conrado Campo

Not zombie, but ad apocalypse

I'm Done

First also so many bug

Anthony Parks

Riddled with ads...

Shawn Gudayon

This is boring it's only hunting Zombie and gonna get killed by them 😑

Bhakti Al Ghazali

The game nice

Ben Hatcher

Can only upgrade to lvl 6 other wise I like the game

Peter W

another one of those apps that force commercials down your throat! deleted 😡

Tvisha Mittal

The ads....

sablocke ,

I have to assume the developers are smart they made a game but it seems pretty dumb to put forced adds every 30 seconds in said game.

Fabio Pio

So many ADs it's disgusting