Zombie Blast – Match 3 Puzzle

Author: SNG Games

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Match the diamonds of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through hundreds of levels!

Zombie Blast is a zombie puzzle combat game with unique game play. You solve the match 3 puzzles and use your hero to blast the cartoon style zombies. While matching the items, you collect power ups and give more damage to your enemies. You can freeze them, you can explode them and you can shoot them. Do not give up. World’s future is in your hands.

Match the diamonds, solve the puzzles, kill the zombies and survive in a world living apocalypse. Improve your hero and make the puzzles easy.


● Rich and entertaining story
● Over 500+ levels of puzzle solving action
● Dynamic hero upgrade system
● Daily gifts
● Fearful Boss battles
● Special power-ups
● Upgradeable weapons
● Funny soundtrack
● No Ads.
● No wifi.

It is time to become a hero!

May the force be with you!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: SNG Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

E Lunden

Great game. Developers keep working on it. Great strategy once you figure the mechanics out.

All Sloppy No Joe

Cool game, No commercials

Dave S

Loved it but level 35 completely broken wasted 11 serums and not one of the 3 required rockets as part of level requirement came out... I blasted for like 30 min and refuse to pay for more. should not take 11 serum just for a specific type of required block to finish it.

Sharon sealey

Why can't I go any further than level 136? I've completed it 4 times now.


All the comforts of an addictive match 3 game with the creepy charm of zombies! I appreciate the ability to match diagonally, opposed to just vertical/horizontal matching like typical match 3's. For a zombie apocalypse-themed game this one's visuals are surprisingly colorful and family-friendly. I did find some levels more difficult than others but the challenges never felt unfair. After having my fill of cutesy match 3 games I found this to be a welcomed twist on the genre.

Albert John Venables

Started well but has stopped working on Level 159, let's me make make 2 or 3 moves then settings icon comes on and no moves. Uninstall and reinstalled twice, still the same.

Joseph Martinez

Now herres a game that is so worth downloading. I stumbled across it by mistake but hands down the best mistake I ever made. Different than the normal starting to get boring match 3 games. Trust me download it now. AMAZING!

Sj Milburn

Love this game. That being said I upgraded my guy & maxed him out (the second guy) now I might as well be shooting blanks. NOTHING HAPPENS. I've been stuck on this level for 2 weeks and I'm sick of it. Whats the point of upgrading your shooter when they basically become worthless? Level 218 8/14 Uninstalling. Cannot win. I can't afford to "pay to play". It's a shame because I really loved the game. No stars

jonathan moryossef

It doesn't look like the screenshots 😡


Good until level 37 I think, then impossible to progress without buying items.

Amanda Elias

Too easy? I feel like its a joke right im on level 4 and i find no challenge. All you do is drag your finger across the board and something happens. Where is the challenge then? Correct me if im wrong. The graphics colors and sound effects are amazing other than that im already very disspointment with this game. 😴

Cliff Marshall

Love this game. A different take on match puzzle games. I just wish I could save my progress across devices. I got a new phone and lost my place. And I'd like to pick up on my tablet where I left off. 5 stars if this happens. Connect to Facebook or Google!

ElishaMiraJanno Yap

It's so obvious you want to earn money from the game. But let us enjoy, your players. Free players or paying players... Everything is so limited. Anti-dotes are so limited unless ur players will buy? How about free players & no money to buy?😢😭

romwai swain

I like the game, but it seems like 1. Regular match attacks do barely any damage. And 2. There seems to be locked content that won't unlock or at least tell players the way we can unlock. I'm on level 210 and there's still no way to unlock those things?

Richard Liquigan

Bawal magiingay sa hating gabi lahat umalis na

Stuart Barbarini


Gaming GuyG

Okay game, nice cartoon type graphics, easy to use and play, get more difficult with higher levels requiring more chance to need to spend real money for items to complete the levels, but still fun at lower levels.

Mohamed Habib

Something in the game logic is totally wrong. Some levels are almost impossiple for a FTP gamer. The game also dosn't offer any help or free moves with adds or so.. Either you pay to pass or you just stuck there forever.. It designed for one thing (sucking money out of your pocket)

Ed Edwards

It's a creative 3 match shooting game

Angelique Burns

Levels are unbearable with a Out paying

sahid khan pollob

Good game

Charlie Lipps

Good times.

Tamika Wadlington

interesting fun later down this game keep shutting off so bold.

Ickx Tan

Gameplay is OK. However, I have been playing the level 29, trying to defeat the "boss". So, difficult to defeat it! As if, you intentionally make it difficult to defeat to force us to buy the antidote to sustain longer in the game, which are so expensive! 😡 I will give this game another week to get pass Level 29, without buying those freaking expensive antidotes. If another I don't get pass the level, I will lower my survey for this game.

Catherine Shepard

It was too stupid I want play that game no more

Dubb Skeet

I like the concept of this game. It's very unique and could be, a lot more great than what it is but there's still issues that aren't fixed. On Level 42, there is supposed to be 13 bricks, (it shows that on the top left of screen)> BUT> only 12 show on the grid. The top right corner is missing a brick. Kill the bug and I will add the 5th Star. Other than that, good game, make it greater.

Jose Ayala

Son jueguito q. Uno le gusta jugar divertido

N Kelley

It seemed like a goofy game, and im sick of zombies, and im sick of match-3 type of games in general, but i took a chance with it and now i cant put it down! It is a bit cerebral as you hafta shift between getting the job done on the board at the same time fending off the appraoching zombies each turn. Ive made it so far to level 180 on the original character which himself tops out at level 12. No ads, but you can buy game elements if you dont want to wait to refresh.

James Marin

Poor shoting balance .

Dejuan Bridgemon

After level 160..all am experiencing is hearts and resets. Not really fun at this point when u don't really have a choice but to accept what they give you.

greg waiwiri

Haven't played yet,whatch this space.

Kevin Herman

Fun game I have to give it 2 stars for the simple fact that the last zombie on level 203 never comes out! There for it is not winnable

John Fowler


md rofiqul


Sabrina Moore

Several issues with this!! Love the game! but for starters the object of some levels is to get a certain about of cobos before you can pass. You can literally have to have 1 to pass and 5 will be in the level and you a still don't pass using all 5. The combo that looks like this. <-> lol. Also I unlocked the girl only to have her locked again because I tried the man. Odd!!!


Okay game.

Kimberly Morris

Froze up on very first level Uninstalled.

ray lastname

Literally freezes at the end of the first level. Come on guys it's not that hard to program in unity yet the puzzle game section here would have you thinking it rocket surgery.

Kim sellwood

Love match 3, enjoyed it

Tommy Whitten

Good 👍😊 game.

Kayy's - KPOP FF's

I absolutely love this game, it's hard at times but that makes me more determined to beat the levels. Thanks for making this!

Melissa Robison

melissa robison likes these games

paul uptergrove

Once you get past a certain level it's pay to win no there way to do it

Billy G Markham Jr

My niece played the game. She said it is fun.

kordelli kordelli

Love the game but every few boards it freezes.

Jeffrey Murray

It's a fun game

Keyana Rucker

I cant play my old game


Functional and pretty but lacks a certain je ne seis quoi. The lack of ads, however, elevates it. Well worth the playing.

Johnnie Price

I like it so far know you have to keep leveling your hero to pass tougher stages what I dont like is you cant go back to other levels to practice on so you csn build up enough again to upgrade stronger

Helena Henderson

Really love this game, can't wait for more levels


Keeps locking up

Munni akther Shimu

Munni Akhter Shimu

Attila Minek ez neked

Love the game simple but fun, also realy awesome there is a skip option after the matches, great idea cause i hate waiting after when im done i just wanna go for the next one so gj! Only thing should be good if there is equipments, items for the hero what can equip. Hope you guys do this at some point.

Brian Borden

You cant exit the game you have turn your phone off thin back on

yap asang


Brian Dewberry

I'm on level 116 my player is fully upgraded been stuck for like a month so they want me spend money to buy antidote

Joey Valerio



I'm only on level 12 but this is my new favorite game, 4 stars BC its 2021 and I don't see the option to link to Facebook or Google, disappointing when trying to play on multiple devices

Ernest Risti

Good game, if you like paying one stage at a time. It freezes up after a level, right in the middle of the next level. Then you have to back out, and restart the game. Very Unsatisfactory. Fix and I will be back.

Cynthia Wingo

Love the game but having changing from one hero to the next. I'm only on lvl 98 so perhaps this is why?

Nick Gruendler

Keeps shutting down after every level. Or I'd give it 5 stars

Craig Anthony75

Its a shame had to uninstall keeps on freezing i will give it 👎👎👎👎👎

James Warren

Still having bug problems Level 215 brick won't break upper right corner no matter what one does need fixed

Keenon Lewis

having issues with 210 impossibile to beat

Martin Mc Sharpley

The game came right out into the app Store game is faulty please fix or quit while ahead

Beverly Lineberger


lee williams

Love the game left it and come back more than once, down side not many upgrades or updates, and it does get hard to play at times not ready to say pay to play but it's getting very close needs easing up

Chris Chaos

Complete rubbish. Predetermined moves and glitchy gameplay w/ zero incentive to want to cont. playing this video gambling scam. Worst game I've played in quite awhile....

BinJava Sources

Great game, as described... I only have an issues after lvl 75, the game became very laggy, it's only consume around 80Mb of my memory. so I really have no idea why it's became so laggy. I'm not trying to abandon this game, but that's lag issues started to become a little bit annoying.. Note: after force stopping n restart, the game run smoothly, it's only takes a while before it's started to lag again n I have to repeat the force close... Thanks for the game, hope you give me the clues...

Mylene Ayeras

Amazing game

Anthony Clevenger

Does not work. Pieces do not move

Marce van der Westhuizen

The game is really nice. But I can't get pass level 203. I even kill the second last zombi left with like 10 moves but then the last zombie never appears.

Duncan Craig

Can't pass level 41 as it won't load the level properly

jess fitzgerald

Fun and addictive, new update fixed some annoying issues.

Vicente Pena

Good until you get to level 21 then it frost

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

Tim Fortenberry

Won't play on my phone

Samantha Mathis

Est to many adds

Shawndale Stewart

I play this game constantly. I highly recommend everyone to try it . Thanks. I would like to see the original icons come back. The ones in the grid. The teeth, the ✋, the brain, ect.

Ronel Sutherland

Game keep on freezing when using power ups

Jason Sabat

a different kind of zannie fun !

alan thatcher

Good graigh and game

Aung Kyaw Kyaw Tun

I like this game 😃😃

Fds Fsy

Very best

Tim Tucker

Well, the developer got back in touch with me; and addressed the issue I was having at level 139. But now the same issue has worsened on level 200! No way to beat it. A ton of hearts, and too few moves, make the level literally unbeatable. From reading some of the other reviews, it seems to be a trend. You guys have to be better with consistency

Daniel Goh

I have already email to your support but there isn't any response. I am already at stage 185, why is Forbidden Island still locked?

Rana Raiggc

My faviret

Ishwar Khatri



Good n nice

JinXz ?

It's so cool how you can play a zombie game and have a zombie acting you as you solve a puzzle it smart

Josh Nickerson

App keeps locking up everytime i beat level 44

Ernie II

Too easy to uninstall, don't get why game designers have decided it is SOP to go from enjoyable to impossible. Progressive difficulty is understandable but You Shall Not Pass (without paying) is reason enough to uninstall and forget. Moving on.

Samboy Bolinas


Brian Jonas

Great game.... Until I just lvl 87 used ALL my perks and still couldn't beat it... To many zombies, AND stones to collect, AND WAY to many obstacles for 1 lvl with the amount of moves allowed.... Uninstalled when it gets to frustrating to enjoy.

Jason Scalera

I spent like $20 trying to beat level 115. And the star the end of the level progression meter was at the end and the zombies just kept coming and coming so I could not beat the level. This game just kept taking my money and not letting me beat the level. Are there no more levels after 115? So they let you keep paying and paying but never let you beat the level. I would really like a refund of my money because I feel like I got stooped into paying more and more with no completion of the level.

andy umanzor

This is my new game

Lurdes Renteria

Gets to hard. I'm at level 33 and it's hard already. I like the game just wish it wasn't so hard to past.

Tony Meyer

Revolves too much around pay to win. How about watching an ad for an antidote so we can play on?

Nikki Dobson

Time to uninstall this game now. Started great but got to level 98 and its impossible to get past as all it does is drop hearts, I have literally had almost every square filled with hearts. I have kept going back and trying but after a couple of dozen times I think it's time to uninstall this game. I was really enjoying playing it until now. Stopped playing this game for over a week tried again and still only dropping hearts. Dropped the star rating to 1 as unable to give it a zero

Meagan Jennings

Love this game but continues to pause a lot and have to turn phone off in order to get it to work again