Zombie Battle Royale 3D io game offline and online

Author: Playflow Games

100,000+ install


Zombie Battle Royale 3D io game offline and online – A fun online offline zombie battle royale survival in zombie apocalypse world.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 2.1.0
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Playflow Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Basharalgazali 45

Beast game

Ken Francis Ichon

Really good game can you pls add more bigger map and new guns multiplayer mode and game data save into google acc or face book acc


this game is not bad ⭐⭐⭐

3 Deaths

To easy game PERFECT

AlucardLove Snakeeyes

Awesome game the touch screen action is not as smooth must rotate entire character to turn around

Jeffory Allen

Epic game

adam wilson

Awesome game great details just one thing is could you add a joker skin from hunterx hunter

꧁ৡılılıllılı_Mitzy Pooh_ılıllılılıৡ꧂

Make more maps and add some a fast zombie, a hunter,witch,tank,splitter,smoker from left4dead

Kylan Shunmugam

Issa very gooda gameme

David Turner

Too easy make it harder

Amy Ferguson

I love it but it is easy

Manukay, Nataniel G.

Too many ads. Please consider removing your ads during in-game.

deepan yt


Karthik Gundluru

This game is amazing but try to make this game little more hard with alot of mini-games


Is this can lan Hotspot

Juneber Dalumpines

Verry good

Kian Abejar

Its cool but when you get to level 12 cant level up fast and it need 9,000 xp so 3 star for now on

James Pal

Awwsome game

Yusak Ludong


Abdulla Waleed Yusuf

Great Game It Has some free item from start of match

Khairul Hazriq

Banyak sgt iklan, pastu tetiba boleh jadi heng, mampuih gak camni, haru macam nie oi

Jellyanto Fernandes

Its boring. No one can beat me. Its like playing with bots

Samiksha Kadam

I love this app I didn't play it yet im excited 😆

Ishika Jain

This game download the

Sily Dash

Best game of the world

Loie Lito B. Ariola

Yep this is super laggy


Very nice game

Benjamin Rains

This game is to easy it is full of ai's and bad players. guns are basically free wins and they are all over the map. And the zombies are lack any intelligence, just running in a circle is enough to stop them. You WILL win about 90-95. Don't get it.

Francine V Bios

It's nice a game

Hunter Ramsay


Alen Jerin

I lick this game

walton premps

This is a great game mind if you'd add improvements,features and new arena's.

Jovie Lorenzo


Steven Hanks

Ok you know what? I do love this game. HOWEVER. I paid for the 'special offer' $1.99 or 2.13 after tax. It sure was a special offer. The offer was for 10,000 coins and no ads. I thought it was a good deal considering how much I like the game. So I paid the $1.99USD. and in return I got NOTHING. No "10,000 coins" No "removed ADS" No response to my first email No response to my SECOND email NOTHING not even a thanks for the free money. So I will remove this game. DONT BUY ANYTHING!!

Sita Devi




Annalyn pepito Padriñas

Actually I didn't install it hahaha

Luisa Ancheta


Aykha Mags

The game is cool🤘🤘😎 but it has only one map. I want at LEAST 2 kind of maps. More mode, more numbers of players in every mode. More challenge and weapons, upgraded zombies and obstacles. 👊😌💅

Megan Holman

Good game

Rand Ken Espiritu Santo

Diss game suck and boring

Sk Rikmot


Ranjan Pal


Joey Jacobe

I play it once but i just delete it with no ware i'dont no

R B More

Nice game 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮


Wow!! How laggy everytime i start a game lag occupies slowly depending on how many zombies is already in land🤣🤣🤣 what a laggy moments ive installed this game last year and it lagged alot i thought this game would change after years but no! It didnt change! the data i waste the game would just laggg wow what a laggy expierience;-;

Shaikha Llyan Umiten

I L♥️ve you game

Janji Kais


Tyrone Evans

Have try it but I we play it in 2 mins

Mark Angelo

Very Good

Aljon Dave Rivera


Manilyn Paragua

Well done

Wing Sargon

God game

Derik gaming

Everytime I get a level five it doesn't give me a gun it only gives me powers

Alyaa Zalikha

Nice gamee

arafath abu

Very good game please don't go behind negative comment every one download it

Glenn Denver Desuyo


ezBooks Marketing

This game Sucks. Its controls Suck and the energy boost Is the biggest button

along jalvacar

Nice game

Arl Guian

ITS FAKE says its online but its actually offline,bruh i can play this game even i have no internet access

Kyle Perry

Every now and then we find such garbage of a game that all we can do is uninstall after 2 minutes of gameplay. Why is the game littered with melee weapons? Everyone swinging bats at each other and only one dude had a gun in end game. What a joke


A fun online offline zombie battle royale survival in zombie apocalypse world. Battle Zombie Royale Battle Zombie Royale is a simple battle royale game with casual mechanics in cartoon zombie apocalypse world. Survive in the apocalypse city, desert, forest, farm and military base. Use a wide variety of improvised items in a battle whith zombie and players! Axes, pitchforks, construction tools, guns, grenades, chemical weapons, body armor, flying shoes, fast food, first-aid kits and much more!

Phillip Ramokante Ditabo

Nice game

Rudranil Mandal

really a nice game 👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘

Jhan Bernard Diaz

Best game bruh

mario nguyen

Is this a dentist game

A Google user

I like it but plz add more gun

mohd rashid

Very very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very nice game

calesorLil Jay

Pls give this game an update

Anna Green


Aires King Manaloto

This is a copy of call of duty but I still like it 😊

nur adi

Good game. I like the meele


Cool game,the best

Ivan Fadhil Abraham

This is so fun all my character has done!

Liam Henry

I love this game this game have 3 play mode and cool skins but when zone was near many zombies were coming.and it too hard to get more mode and skins were not free and contros are hard can you fix to easy to contros 🙏🙏

Rufino Carreon


Noah Taylor

It's offline but there's still real people playing

On Top Gaming

Good but can be better with the joystick

Elijah Harpjr

Game gets all choppy the controls seem like im pulling constantly pls change to control arrows

Dave Amante

Great Game! Hope we can choose a map before a game besides the default one..

Missi Nolan

This came as a five-star and I haven't even played it but I'm making a YouTube video blah blah blah blah blah blah blah because you guys are not even trash that made no sense so just like my post you idiot sorry

Jc Casas

This game is so fun pls make more update bc you can play it offline so pls 🙏💗

darwin martinez

Add three player and the joystick is so bad but amazing game soo good

Gaming Bastard

This Game Is So Cool I Like It So I Will Give This Five Star

Philjan De Lumban

Laggy. The players(ai) are dumb enough to get themselves killed.

Max Godal

Nice game to play


Very great game, its simple and fun.

Phạm Huy

Pơ phệch

Emelita Asuncion

Best game ever you think try this game so cool

Vergomont Holiday Home


omar mahdi9090

It is butifull game

Laiza Cericos

Well its good game.its verey happy

Daks Sss

I give 5 star

mga tropang laag

I give it 5 big stars because i'm enjoying this game and can i have a request 😊😊 Can you please make a map And can you make the map even bigger Cause that would make me very happy Can you please make a multiplayer mode too 😊😊

Dinesh Lama

Damii lado game puti

Karlene Fagan

This is a really fun game edit:could u add teams

dalmar4 mohamed

Good game

Brandon Weaver

it's impossible end game it's just whi Evers the luckiest person wins

Sean ice Paraiso

This game is so amazing because the game is so easy i got like 10 kills 100 Zombie kills

Chantel Marie

It a little fun