Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game

Author: solinv

100,000+ install


Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game – Take a break, enjoy the smooth colors of this relaxing idle game

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 0.11.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: solinv
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marco Hernandez



pretty boring

Luol [GD]

good game, kinda fun 🤓

Arnold Baker

Ive never played this game for 7.5 years and im almost 8 years old

Aaron Case

could use more depth

Jeena Joseph

the best

Kierrific Gaming

Decent game, but the scaling of the price for buying the basic sparks gets way too high after getting my second orange spark, I mean it's multiple billions of currency even with buying the decrease price of sparks upgrade. Also tip if you don't want the game to be impossibly difficult, DO NOT GET THE ORANGE SPARK. If you get the orange spark, the health of the brick things jumps dramatically, while they stay at normal levels while gradually increasing if you don't. Overall good game!

Paromita Bhattacharjee

Please make this game easier otherwise this game is great

Ari Whitmer

Nice enough, but do you have any idea how unsatisfying it is for the sparks to randomly change their direction straight to nearby shards instead of bouncing of walls naturally?

Westley Polvado

Great for people who are A.D.D or A.D.H.D it's a fidget game for me

Adam Hipperson

seems like a decent idle game

Sari Navarro

good game some may say bad game some even might say worst game but I say good game


This game can get boring real fast if your not careful


I like the game but it takes too long to get sparks, you should make it so you can buy the higher level sparks too instead of buying 10 of the first spark to slowly make progress.

Qbs Inc

relaxing and fun


Today I've opened a game and all my progress disappeared. I have no Soul Sparks, I have no my permanent enhancements! And I've donated to buy them! Support, please connect me

Sand Cale

This is a fun time consuming game that gives me something to do when i'm bored.

Garric Rowe

Lmao I broke it!!! Spawned shards so fast that they are frozen in place and exiting the game hasn't helped

Joseph Edmunds

Well its a really adicting game and the more you reset the quicker you go.


it's a good idle game

Jeb tickle

After like four minutes the progress curve hits the roof, with how steep it is. You can only play it for a little bit every day with how slow progress is. and don't get me wrong here, it's a great concept that I have seen in other games, but it doesn't hit right here.

Nicklas Hansen

Once you've bought the first spark, upgraded it once and bought one upgrade, you've played the entire game. There's no difference between the sparks, there's no difference in upgrades, there's no difference between chapters.

I am Steve

Currently one of my favorite games. Ads are 100% optional and actually give you something worthwhile.

Daniel H.

very relaxing game, so far no visible "p2w" for me. Nice game to check every now and then.


Deleting and redownloading the game but everytime I try to play my first triangle just explodes and then nothing is happening and I can't play the game. The speed up button does nothing and I can't afford anything.


I love this game, I just need more to do in it.

Jason Irons

Really enjoy playing, but the game only works for about 1 minute at a time on my pixel 6 pro, then it locks up and crashes. When it restarts the progress doesn't necessarily match where the game crashed. It's set me back a few times a little bit. If only it wouldn't crash, I'd be much farther than mid 500's

reptile locket6

I just did this points

Cameron Marrill

Good but the cost needs to go 90% down

Robert Keller

Not much to do. Repetitive game play.

Joshua Mozal

This game is super relaxing, i havent had a time where it was impossible to progress, theres no objective in mind, just upgrade and watch or set your phone down. And something super small they actually thank you after watching an ad. Which are far and few between. Its super small but it never happens and it means the world to someone who knows that small companies cares about their pet projects

Ronnie R.

Starts out great, gets a bit grindy at level 300, gets super grindy at 400, gets unbearably grindy around 430 and I checked out

Chris Lear

After about 10 minutes of sitting with your finger on the zoom button it gets really dull

Sean Murphy

Nice fun game, to play offline. Wish you could make the higher tier arrows/shards with more ease rather than holding down the lowest one.

Codey Radaelli

Decent idle game. Asks way too often for ad watches though.


It's really fun and I've noticed something I don't even get any ads unless I get one of the boost things and I make that choice myself

A Google user

Stupid game 🎮 I like restart not re store

nate tischler

very addicting, in a good way

Lauren Cooze

Game restarted to zero. Great game overall, but all of a sudden my game reset and I lost all of my progress. It didn't just prestige either, I lost everything. I've spent some money on this game too, and I lost all of the upgrades I spent that money on. I emailed support and haven't heard back yet.

Enel Lost


joshua hensley

It needs sound, it's a neat enough idle experience, but the absolute void of any audio is really harsh.

Dominic Patton

It's a pretty fun game but it gets way to grind after you get the third shard because of how much the cost of the shard goes up, if they could make it so that way it doesn't jump up so much when you buy a new shard it would make the game a lot more fun

Alec Soley

The price went up way to fast

Adia Rain

Loved this game, but they updated and reset all of my progress back to the beginning after I had progressed so far. I'm done never again

Izzy T

Great game, only problem im facing with it at the moment is that whenever i try to watch an ad it crashes the game.

Ques TheGypsy

it serves the purpose. it's still just an idle tap game, well presented and somehow satisfying

Noah Sanderson

good game to pass time

Mark Cooper

Ultra dull

Kevin Garrett

Fun idle (if you want) game. Tends to stagnate progress if you don't restart the cycle, so don't be scared to do so, there's bonuses. 😉

Brayden Johnstone

Honestly extremely chill, no forced or interrupting ads, extremely minimalistic yet beautiful, and somehow still entertaining after months of playing it.

Gregory harms

Best game I ever played no questions asked


pretty fun if your bored at school, the only problem i have is how much money it takes to buy more shards

Dave Heron

This is possibly the best Screensaver ever made... But truly awful as a game!!! - It's pretty for the 20 minutes, but has absolutely no appeal beyond that. - Sorry Devs, you've clearly worked hard to polish this, but the fundamental concept just doesn't work for me.

SynthetiK Zman

This game was fun. But then it stopped tracking my progress. I'd level up my shards. Then log out. Log back in the next day. My level increased. But the shards had reverted to the day before and I have to repeat the process. Happened for 6 days in a row.

Dalton Johnson

Wonderfully simple idle game, press some buttons, look at pretty colors, watch the numbers rise. I've been playing for months, one of the few idle games I've spent money on. Didn't really have to, but felt the devs deserved it.

Kelly Smith

I now have 606 billion soul shards from prestige and I still cannot get past level 730 unless I spend a day holding the button I doubt anyone has a blue spark after pink because you get 1 SD after 5 minutes. The 1000% point boost doesn't work and I haven't seen a single damage increase since the 5 times damage boost you get for 500 sD progress completely stops

James McNew

more to do would be nice, bored just holding a button

A Farrar

Literally reset itself 100%. Not like a restart where you collect the souls, it reset EVERYTHING back to the very effing begining. All my enhancements were gone, my chapter achievements gone, my souls gone ... Uninstalling

Mr Random

A very great game for wasting Time sometimes.



Brandice Marie

A fun, chill, aesthetic game. A vast majority of ads are voluntary (for extra bonus boosts) which makes for pleasant game play, since you have control over whether you play or have interruptions. Progress is possible with any game play style. Very satisfying to upgrade and progress


Great game but i got bored


I like this game, it's easy to understand how it works and runs well, a tad repetitive but entertaining nonetheless. It also doesn't have in your face ads when your device is connected to the internet. I recommend as a decent idle game.

Sylvia Mitchum

Best idle game ever! It's fun and relaxing, don't change a thing! I'd give it more stars if I could!

Clare Morton

I love this game, love the opportunity to use adverts to progress!

Jack Fletcher

Actually very relaxing, if it's not your kind of game then that's ok👍

Shaun Anthony


Maria Rittberg

LOVE IT first I have been looking FOR THIS GAME!

Soheil Yakuza

one star because not leaderboard and When we change the phone's clock,the game is hacked

Alex Koay

Interesting premise but goes nowhere quick. Upgrading gets you more of the same, limits each type to only 10 (you can't even see what the next one costs if you hit the max, the cost doesn't reset after a merge, and the merged stuff just do more of the same). Especially towards the end of a level, most of the arrows just hit nothing most of the time, becoming annoying. I didn't even last until the first prestige, because I had to collect 10 shards (had only 6 after 2 days of play)

Ryan G

good time passer. play for 5 or play for an hour. no stress


It's good but it gets boring after a while and there is so many adds

Judas Fitzell

Takes way to long to do anything

Fred Gaming

Gets really expensive and boring to buy new sparks

Jim Viebke

Fun game. It did glitch and reset my progress at one point, but the developer kindly provided a boost of in-game credit so I could regain progress faster.

Diana Fong

We started out great- I've wasted so many many hours here- and now here we are. It's been months. I reset about every two weeks, make it one more level, maybe. I've got 2.1 billion sparks. I get maybe 400 million more every time I reset. By this point it does nothing. I'm ok with watching ads to make progress sometimes, but I won't do it if I don't make progress when I do...

Romero Esquivel

Awesome game, it's addictive and it makes you think

Jonas Schwobel

Very nice game. BUT it crashed my phone. It rebooted. All progress is lost. Lost 250mil soul sparks, all enhancements. Level progress was 660. Also lost. The game hard reseted it self :( Every single minute i played is wasted now...

Gregory Murunga

This game has a very relaxing atmosphere. It is simple, easy to progress without pay, and engaging.

Joshua Hole

Great Zen game. Recommend 100%!

George Thackeray

It is a fine game to keep your hands busy, but I wish there was some kind of music to it. Something login and calm to go with the zen theme

Vas Vadum

There isn't really much to do in the game and it presses hard at the fact that you need to watch a huge amount of ads or pay money to get anywhere in the game because otherwise, progression is basically impossible. I also don't know if it's this game, or Google, but the ads can last over a minute, with triple close requirements, and some fake the close button in a way to open the app page or cancel reward. Edit: it does actually have exponential impossibility added to it, even after I cheated.

The Atomic Skull

Just a great game. I've been playing it for months now, I've got nearly 20 million soul sparks, and I just never seem to get bored of the game, which I think must be due to some excellent game design, thank you, and please keep expanding on the game!

George Lee

Uninstalled. I'll upgrade a few items, and the next time I start up the game it's reverted back. This is the opposite of Zen. I don't like seeing my work undone.

Isaac Nunya Biz

cool game, you dont geet random pop-up ads, its pretty calming.

Steven Redington

Capping offline progress is the complete opposite of how idle games are supposed to work.

Peter Mazur

I've played until I reached 600 room. Turns out, more you reset the harder is to make shards. The game gets to the impossible level, only teasing you with useless power-ups as long as you endlessly watch game ads.

Julie Peck

I enjoy the game, BUT.....I'm on level 749, and, despite numerous restarts, the game has almost crawled to a halt. I have three pink sparks unlocked, but at this rate, it will take months to unlock a fourth, and the first blue spark is so far into the future that the Heat Death of the Universe will most likely happen first. Watching the counter crawl along, moving as slow as a tortoise attending a snail's funeral, is very boring, hence the low rating. 😴

Max Void

Great game, but could use an ad removal purchase in the store to reduce the amount of ads to go through to get decent idle bonuses.

Alejandro R

A decent idle game. The only complaint I have is that I don't always receive the rewards for watching ads. It only happens rarely, but it's happened enough times to be frustrating.

yash sinha

its a nice game with no pop up adds.

Hannah Foss

relaxing 😌


★★★★⚪ That's Fartful


Good game in start but it gets so difficult or slow when yyou progress through the game

Cody lee

Like it fun to do while offline

David Pike

Probably my favorite idle game. Super simple interface, and I don't feel like I lose progress when I'm away. I actually find myself opening it naturally, it doesn't have any intrusive notifications. The ads are optional and provide a good amount of in game boost for the 30s of adtime you're about to ignore lmfao

Akiva Simmons-Rolle

This game is great for killing time or when your bored. It's very simple and straight to the point.

Bizzy Clartifact

very good timewaster you can easily sink hours into, sparse ads, and you can have fun playing without spending money :)


Sometimes the game don't save. It's kinda random. I can play for like 10 minutes and it will not save progress. Sometimes I play just for few seconds and it will save it

Esmée Meijer

super nice game but every time i am getting a ad but still getting notthing i hope the game makers can fix this