Kick and punch your enemies in the battle arena in the band clash simulator where you`re against everyone!

You’re the boss and the real king of the battlefield. What are your options? Beat, throw, knockout and even play with gravity! There`s lots of way for not friendly forms of communication with gang members!

“You mad bruh” is realistic fighting game. Destroy your rivals, show them your special moves from boxing and karate and make them crack up! The aim is to push them from the battleground like a true sumo wrestler but with strong fists. During the round you`ll get a chance to shock opponents with unique attacks to embarrass them even more!

– Choose your main character from many with different fighting style!
– Use your skills faster and then strike down upon them with special skills!
– Enjoy slow motion moments when your enemy is knocking out!
– Get new skins, heroes, upgrade and level them up!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

jaden ferg be like


Donzell Trotter

What the hell is this game sooo aahhhhhh f this

Collin Cornish

Lame gang beast knock off, can't even punch people while moving. So pathetic they have to have a million bots give them five star review to keep the game rating high

Bear Smoak

Yes it good

arjun gyawali

I cannot join this game

Yolanda Vazquez


rozeye rezvan

This game is good but the problem what annoys me that is the sound ahh is not funny so please cancel the sound ahh and make a new sound

Chaze Velez

Fun lol

Yohanes Oetomo

Nice game

Brendan Lovejoy

Cool game.. 😊

neeta rathod

Ees r ye s farce gfxds

George Steven

Yery good graphics


It was aight

Hima Gottipati

My favorit

Fadelin Castillo


yasser 7rachif

Good job

Allan Fex

Evin better then I expected. Fishow

Jade Louise

I love This game

April Lee

Best android fighting game

Joshua King


Rana ShaZaB

You have to add more stunts 😀

luvish dureja

What a amazing game

samoan frog


Charles Allen

Fun good game

Jenalyn Arcilla

So Amazing

Kaaos Gaming

What a stupid game. The guy won't punch 80 percent of the time and the title has no relation to the actual game.

Ikhwan Ahmad

Best ever game😂

Maair Mahad

So much funny game

Jeff Reed

I like the physics and the punching

Walner Marceus

You should make a game called you mad bruh 3d

Caleb Sinaga

Make sure offliene k

Russell MacKenzie

very good

Zaw Htet Naing

You too


Funny fighting

Samuel Bigg


Mohamad Fitri

If u made a punch button it will be 5 star guys..

Mohd Yazli

fun game.. thanks 😁😁😁


Nais Super

Terry Cromer

Amazing and cool and fun

Sneaky Boi

No clue why this has a perfect score so I'm guessing it's botted. The game is semi fun but it's generic. There's no variety and it just feels like a typical low effort game filled to the brim with ads.

Jaimesh Kumar

Graphic not that good plus controls are very bad there are so many ads every stage that was downfall

Sadio Mané

Nice game

Zaynab Saeed

I like

Nick L

Really cool game

Ariel Jhay Orasa

super ganda guys dolow yon to

Tammy Bodily

Great game

clena polyca

😎 cool and it teaches me about my karate 🏫

martin rayner

I'm the creator

barbara Ting

sooooooooo good

Keeva Simms

It is the moon dude and I used his power up and it didn't work so yeah 👍

Kevin Clyde Gubatan

Very nice game

Intel Legacy

A good game

Prathibha Dilish

Pretty Fun but The Devs Should Make it Multiplayer

Vivaan Tiwary


Shahana Syeda

Worst game ever

Latacha Brewer

It is so realistic I love it I recommend you to download

Tsogt Baatar

Not bad

Hungry Hecker

Its fun i guess. I usually make this a wrestling royal rumble match so its good and goofy.

Louis Madden

Really boring game

Hannah Odaa

This game is awesome 👌

Hs St


Jijo Hobeh

Man so graphic I even tossed them away!

soumia antony

This is so 😞

Nathaneal Fernandez

Very fun and challenging at the same time!

Yarelis Rivay

its awome bruh


Haha funny game🤣🤣

Vhorn Reivayne Flores


Freedom Aniefiok

Is this a dating app Cause I am looking for a big booty lady

Bryan Allen

This is the first time I even played the game it is cool and awesome game but when are y'all ever going to fix magic finger three d that is my question when are going to fix because it still still saying conbaital okay when can y'all get fix and put it back on play store please 🙏🥺😭 that is all I ask okay please 🙏🥺😭

Akshat Pandey

So good game

Soad Omar

Perfect game

Karunakara Reddy

Very super game

Niva Singh

Very good game one thing that i hate is i don't play this game

William Pregeant

Solid time killer

Tyquan Mcintosh

I like to fight is easily one thing that you have power and control rules Play the game with your friendship with you and me Lola was coming to get robux police vs criminal record and seek out jail inmates

Tom Lee jr

Great game

BTS V637

Good game better then apex legends

Oscar Crabtree

Amazing game better than apex legends tbh

Keisha White

Very fun i start playing today is so fun

Rahim ali

It's very fun

dachi gelashvili

Incredible!this game is so good that when I'm mad it calms me down and makes me laugh.ima play all-day

Kamakshi Naidu

Best game ever

Arriane Martinez

Awesome game

A Google user

Funny fighting game with wobbly physics where you can unlock new and cool abilities

Amanda Cann

It's so fun

Kunal Shankar


Braydon Lau


Kaloyan Valchev

For you and I would like you doing so and I am so grateful to be a friend of yours for all you have been used to and the ink is very well and the ink is very high quality so it will send a new email 📧 😊 to you 😀 and I it 😊 be and I don't want you doing that 😉 you I 😉 just 4 4-5 and up don't are

Aviraj Sinha

The best game this is very fun game

Jason Burgess

Help me please i love this game but i cant play please who made this please help meeeee please😭😭😭

Alex Delgado

funny and fun

Vela Ipul

Masi download

Essam Alsadat


Aqeel Rasheed

It's so fun to play


Wow Funny Game

RICK Doolittle

It is stupid.🤬🤬🤬

Andu Khalil

This game is fun but the reason why I gave a dang 2 star is because ever game that includes cringe like poppy playtime, or squid gay (squid game) is annoying like dude it's a absolute waste spending coins on them remove them jeeze

Nicole Schuster

Did snap yall is who rn us wish Iraqi is

Wan Nazliah

The game is very good

Lethimpilo Ndhlovu

One of the best game I have played this year