You Can’t See Me

Author: Genuine Studio Ltd

10,000+ install


You Can’t See Me – I’ll tell you a secret……your phone is hiding all kinds of ghosts and spirits you know!
Can you see it? It’s hiding in the corner!
Can you see it? It’s attached to something inside!
Can you see it? It’s right over your head!
You manage to easily solve the ghosts of each level topic!
You can’t see me
Through various scenes and legends from around the world, this game collects a cunning, scary and invisible ghost!
Opposite action
Your job is not to save people, but to drive away ghosts, you even have to make sacrifices!
There are sixteen different levels in total, from horror legends of the West to horror documentaries of the East and of course movies and cartoon stories from the underworld!
So, are you ready to exterminate all the ghosts and monsters?
Download it now and enjoy a very special puzzle game!

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File size: 184 MB
Update time: 2023-02-14T10:00:24.000Z
Current version: 2.0
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: Genuine Studio Ltd
Price: $Free
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