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Want to try the “Final Destination” style puzzle game? Your target is to kill’em all
Take everything available in each scenario or you will get stuck.
Boost your brainpower to complete grim reaper’s mission

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Customer review

Abeer Elmahdy

It's a same with death incoming


At first I thought it wouldn't be worth my time but it's pretty decent I highly recommend it

Johannes thor Haraldsson


david rynne

Amazing game

Eanayha :p

I love this game

Muhammad Usama


Johnny Halim

too much ads, gameplay it's self is fine

Orias Shadow

I like that you can get cool skins, but I do think you should be mindful of the fact that there are ads so if you don't like ads I think you should be kind full of the ads.

Shadow Master

It is a cruel but satisfying game to play



Alex Lloyd

Boring all your doing is killing

Imran Khan


Jordan Parmar

The game is awesome but they always put a new update agian and agian which I hate the most

sandeep mohite

Really good game and addicting but the placement of ads is really bad i can understand putting an ad after 1 or 2 levels but an ad after collecting each and every hint for that generator is not good please change that

Jamie Hilton

Personally,, this game bored me. You can tell that the game is at its early stage of the version. You just constantly do the same thing over and over again. It's a game for little kids. I would suggest playing this game without WiFi or mobile data otherwise you will be bombarded with ads upon ads.

Samrat Bhandary 7-C

A very good game......but badly i does not understand the game but its good yeah.......thanks for making this game.

William P. Tuffs

Laggy interface

CG Alex

90% ads

Abhishek Hadikallu


Reply to the smile.

Supper game..

1 100

Its really fun no complaints i really enjoy this app

Dayna Mueller


PJ Appleton-Sturrock

I love this game so much! The ads are a little annoying but I don't mind it too much, the game is 100% worth it!

Yuriko YT


Naveen Singh

Level is so Hard 😔

Jon Lowe

Only reason for the low rate is no way to account transfer other than that wonderful fun little game can't wait for more levels

jay jay

Cool game

Jaydyn Compton

I really like the game except it has like a billion ads Because it has a lot of ads so I am probably going to delete it delete it

Hawa Ijai

Good game

Carla Durham

Not fun another boring non free play and ads every level


It's actually good, but every reward etc that can be aquired by watching ads doesn't work at all, even after i watched the ads 10 times it won't give the reward. Idk if this is some bugs but that's really unfortunate for the game. Ads between level is really fine, but the issue above needs to be fixed.

Rajesh Verma

Good game but please improve the graphic and gameplay then I will definitely give it 5 stars .

Sserpent Chic13

Fun game. A little buggy because it doesn't let me get the lucky skins. Overall a very cool game though

aaron romero

ok my sorry becase it is a killer but do a nice game plz

Hannah Couto

The ads definitely ruined one of the best games ive played in a long time, but it was totally worth the no add version. Hopefully more levels soon!

Jesse blackbourne

Instead of it being problem solving it's just random chance.

Steph Curry

Turn wifi off so no adds

D Hernandez

Sucked it messes with my phone

Jamie Cz

Ads after every level completed

Brandon Blalock

Epic Love It

Holly Jean

People say that the game has ads that is not true get it

Lisa Cliff


Ricky FuloJr.

I loved it the skins are cool hey man ken you get more skins

Dramatic Bear

It's good

Bryce vlogs

Good game

Lab Rat

This game works my brain and it is very time consuming but it's a very tricky game love it

Nyejel Parker

Its addictive

Kyle Ford


Michelle Willingham


Doni Duke

It would be a 5 stay review if the adds were not so bad but every level you are watching two or more ads

richard swanson

Fun time killer 👹

Joe Vanhouten

I got a boner when i watched the amazing porn on this app

dragon demon

Good game, takes me time and gets me to think



• Madness •

It's a bad game its just make you see ads and get nothing like watch this ad and get the skin I watched 10 ads and nothing happened And you gonna struggle playing it

Nebbia Fusion



Awesome game! also you guys know the ads are gone if you turn off wifi?


Was good at first but got boring

shannon miller

Please make a second game please 😿😿😿😿😿

Colton Rudie

TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



sonic x legend

It gets repetitive and lots of ads

Diego sandoval


Anthony _


Chevo Gonzalez

I like it

Esportes Clubes America

Makes you think, cute, entertaining


Ads got annoying in the end but really good game otherwise

wyatt franz

Oddly fun


Fun asf and dope skins

Arethusa Harbinger

Fun game. Actually makes me think.

eduard Dascalu

Ads do not work in order to receive your gifts. They only appear and the clip doesn't load up, just an picture with an app to download.

ayush kumar

#gandu game in the world

Jesse Moore

Waaaaay to many adds. Every blasted level

Nelly Matrix1

Game is great


Matthew Cash

Way too many ads. One plays after each level and some of them are un shippable. It gives you coins then forces you to spend them on certain items. The levels are painfully simple and not much fun. The whole game feels like a cheap way for the creator to make money from the ads with no thought put into the game or the levels

Rusher x

Very bad game because of adds

patrick Maynard Hicks


Rachael Braz

Absolutely love the concept and idea of the game. The only thing that kinda is annoying is that there is an add after every second level.

Ryan Morrison

Love it

Loy Gap Calpi

It lags too much..

Chris Huijben

Pretty nice

Faheem Beigh

Very interesting puzzle game... Top quality product.

Victor The


Giannis Dk

Way too many ads!!!!

MEGA Charizard X God

Sans the reaper


Love it

Jon Cocciolone

Went to lvl 100 to give it a decent shot, most frustrating and annoying thing is that the game won't let things happen until after you've watched an advertisement for a hint onky to be shown to click in the exact same spot you were clicking...that is shady and dishonest to say the least. Uninstaller after lvl 100 as very obvious devs would rather force someone to watch advertisements instead of let them play the game freely.

molly buxton

Too good

John Paul Daria - 11 STEM A

Very good game. I always thought i cant pass some of the level , but thanks for the hints. I manage to pass🤣🤣

Mason Johnson-Havel

deadly awsome

new love love


Rel M.

This game is so fun! Free to play and Play to Win.

jason burger

Nice game but some times u fill its not interesting but after a few hours u will play it again

muhammad haris ali

Make more levels quickly

Josh Ford


Bailese Pau Shoulize

The ads are too much. Everything you unlocked after finishing levels you gotta watch an ad. There's also ads after every level which end up making my phone lag too much. Although there's a lot of ads it's a very fun puzzle game.

Free fire Gamer

Not good

Fernand Rueco

Dis games fun thanks for making it

Tristan Riegler

Boring game that has no skill. It's barely a puzzle game. Also 2 30 second ads with in 4 min of playing.