Xtreme Bingo! Slots Bingo Game

Author: Meme, Inc

5,000+ install


Xtreme Bingo! Slots Bingo Game – Xtreme Bingo is a Classic Bingo Game with a new Vegas slot twist!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.02.2
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Meme, Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Brian Spohn

It' makes me smile when I hear Xtreme slots.

Tiffany Bechard

Love this game but something is wrong with the free credits every hour the ads will not play and you do not receive any credits not going to play much if this isn't fixed I tried to uninstall and install but never worked please fix

Heather Fisher


Debra Logan

I like yo game

nita meeker

I like it so much fun

Sharon Ireland

Extremely Exciting🤪

Nicole Hall

needs to give out more bingo credit's

Georgia Abreo

great game. fun time

rebecca blankenship

great game

Latchy J

Dangerous if addictive. But I'm not. As was bored

chris smith

Daylys suck and inorder to even play you have to hive them cash for a small amou t of play tokens and you hardly win any back and you dont get may to even stsrt

Sonja Ansell

Nice game, but another where you must spend money to enjoy the game. Graphics are cool and smooth.

Hineitangihia Tahitahi

not to bad

Andrener Sprott

Bradley 22

Patrick Green

lots.of fun, (`?)

Peewee Chockley

This app is a joke! They allow you just enough coins to play a few hands with and then you don't get anymore to play with unless you purchase and get out of here for real I wish I can give you zero Stars. There's other bingo games that give you daily bonuses and purchases that you can play daily with and yes I will purchase coins from those that do that but to just outright saying that you can't play unless you purchase get out of here with that!

Renee Michele Worstell

this its

Reba 1 Premeaux

I really like this game. I can kick back and relax and Play

Nonni Shillito

Does do something. Up to an amount to help now.

Helena Kelly

awesome thank you

Philip Kelch

great fun

Jackie Bailey

I try and play the new bingo games. I'm really liking this one.

jellene esteban

It's okay

Rhonda Campbell

love it

Tammy Harper

exciting game to play.

Nette Johnson


Angel White

It starts off better than most bingo apps but you run out of bingo tokens way too fast barely any free ones and if you you have to pay cash

Catherine Dickson

Great game

Tracy Mason

Looks like fun. Wish I could get past all of the obvious attempts to get me to pay. I can't make it 30 seconds without getting flashed with ads that won't end without seeing more advertisements to pay. Any time I start using the back button, more advertisements. Give me a damn break.

Julia Perrella

Love it

Tracy Rothermel

love it but wish they had a 4 card layout where all 4 cards are on the same screen

Laine Angeline

This is a really good game to play it keeps me occupied when I get bored!! You guys should really try it!!!

Guillaume Laprude

Very Perfect Nice

susan vickers

i dont like

Ellis Fisher

Great fun,good bonuses, just right speed,only problem is I keep running out credits becauseI keep playing 😊

Larry Trevathan

Very fun

Kelly Eccles smith

Need more daily bonuses but other than that it's a good game


really addictive game well worth a try.

nilam Sasha

fun to play the large cards help to see them better

Knowledge Power


Hector Garcia Jr

okay Bingo slots game. Just too slow and boring.

kit garrett

Yes so much fun to play

Scott Grubb


brett hawkins

it's ok

Monique Collier

Thank you u love it so much!

Mondria Tillman

love it



Tracy Keeling

Fun games, but hard to keep enough chips to play without buying them. Also, What exactly is the playroom for besides unlocking the next room?

Mom Roundsley


Christy Kilgo

Its fun game ,but my games won't download even when I delete the other games I even tried to restart and it took my gems.Now I have no gems to play

Carol Woodward

The game is pretty fun. I like playing against other players.

Amy Greer

I like it. it's fresh and new

Ruby Patrick

Nice relaxing game

Bettina Cowell

Love it one of the best

lesley whibley

Run out of power ups not paying for any I pay over £50 for my inter net not paying for power ups so deleted.

5rofakind Batenhorst


Shawn Fortich Passmore

fun, fun, fun

Joan T

Bored playing the game 🎮

Kelly Faler

Fun to play

James Lane


Sylvia olivarez

enjoying it

Jamie Philibert


Rebecca Fletcher

I absolutely love the game so fun and the best thing is you can play offline free as well as online I'm having so much fun

Elaine Holmes


Jim Logan

great game very amusing

Wanda Meldrum

I've played alot of bingo games but this one i gave it 5 stars. Amazing job love the whole graphics excellent job. One of my favorite i play daily socks when I run out of lives abit obsessed lol thank you

Debbie Lewis

it a relaxing game

Theresa Tuider

fantastic game, love it

Jenika Lott

it's a good game

lalit soni

Good excellent advice

Willie Johnson

Initially I Thought That This Game Was What I Wanted To Deal With, But Now I Know That This Game"Ain't Worth Three Cents In A Dollar Store"!I Suggest That You Either Fix It Or Nix It, Because I Have No Intentions On Dispensing A Damned Dime On This "Goofy-Assed Game"!

Deryle Hagen

great so far only just started

Mary Henry

Love bingo games

Theresa Cocquit

I love bingo all my life this one is great 👍

Jodine Spencer

your game keeps cutting out after it plays a video the screen goes black i have to exit game it does nothing for my battery life thanks for nothing

Tina P

Fun, cool game

Lori Barr

love it

Dawn Harrell

Great Bingo game!

Catherine Coon

Honestly, not my kind of game. But I find myself enjoying this bingo game.

M. Diane Thetford

loves to play the game of bingo

Tracy Fussner

it's great

Antonio Martinez

I'm excited for this game is fantastic and enjoy my self win bingo game thanks Google for gime opportunity again have nice day

Dee Lovenborg

can't play long with what your bonuses are. you get 6 coins for daily bonuse and have to Wait a few more days of collecting

Sue Austin


Sean Babcock

fun game.

Shaylen Nolan

great game!!!

Tracy Woods

This is a really fun game ! I'm totally addicted to it !

Colleen Burrell

I'm enjoying this game

Dorothy Gardnerholloway

love this bingo

Acie Neal

Love it

Diane Galoski

not e nough power ups and coins

Baidyanath Kisku


queen elizabeth

im enjoying it. but a bit boring compared to others out there.

Shawna Servi

love it

Aaron Everhart

This game is super addicting!

Sheri Kish

Very unique game love it!

Pamela Adams

I like it

Tracy Eldred

Keeps shutting off on me,and won't let me play new levels in the game.

Tusi Atagi

I've always loved playing bingo games that's why I'm so , so excited to play bingo , I would tell my grandparents if it's okay to go to the next bingo night at church . I remember I use to play bingo allot when ever we went to the meadow gold parties .I always loved playing bingo ever since then . 😄!!😊!!😀!!

Kimberly Akins

fun game