Wriggly Snake

Author: Yso Corp

100K+ install


Crawl with the snake through various challenges, feed him, get to a snakes’s favorite box and enjoy a well-deserved rest

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Yso Corp
Price: Free
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Customer review


I love the mechanics of this game, it makes you assume how your snake will be affected in the level, but please, PLEASE, don't shove ads down my throat, every single damn time I press a button to move on to the next level, while yes I understand ads are the main source of income for these games but PLEASE ATLEAT HAVE AN AD EVERY 3RD OR 4TH LEVEL, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE LEVELS TAKE LESS THAN A MINUTE. I'm not angry, im just slightly annoyed at this cash grab of a game that has fun gameplay.

Humberto Verduzco

Ads are ez to skip lol.You can turn off ads by disabling wifi.AND this is an rly gud game.

blake garner

Levels 47 & above are literally impossible, great concept otherwise. Still uninstalling.

Sam Mick

ADS! ADS! and more ads! If you love watching ads, then this is the game for you! If you like playing games, look else where. I wish you could give negative stars on this.

Weston Headley

Drake is right after one level an add


Too much ads but it's great

Carmen Rivas

It is super duper fun and interesting

Sean Alex Hasler-gray

Pretty good game but there are too many ads. I can't even get into a level without seeing an ad! But the game is very simple.

Briar Munn

I love this game so much It's so simple and yet such a good idea I saw an ad for it and i thought thank goodness games like this still exist - I've seen so many ads for the same boring games remade over and over again and this game is so much better For those of you who care, there are lots of ads but I just turn WiFi off and it works smoothly and doesn't interrupt at all. If you can't turn wifi off, ads are frequent but can be skipped quickly.

Hello Hi

I'd really love if there was a free play mode or survival mode. Cool game by the way.

Uriel Gutierrez

I got the game now and I beat level one and I get an ad

Daniel Flores

Its good but it needs more maps its the same one over and over ok

Jayden Lawshe

If you turn off your internet you'll get no adds and no one understands that for some reason but there is a snake you can get that looks quite questionable if you no what i mean

Totally Not Edd

Disappointing..The same concept as another snake game (I forgot) it can technically be copyrighted. Be careful. But it's horrible, I wasn't a big fan, and the quality is bad. Make it a bit better..

Debbie N.



Quite refreshing seeing how to keep the snakes from falling off

Drake Glassel

Nice concept but ruined by adds. After every level and constantly displayed at the bottom of the screen makes it a horrid experience. Don't install, levels are like 20 seconds followed by at leasta 30 second add each time a level is completed