Worldstone: Bloodline Origins

Author: Capetown Games

1,000+ install
Role Playing


Worldstone: Bloodline Origins – Rule Kingdom, Recruit Knights, Court Maidens & Raise a Dynasty!

Detailed info

File size: 718M
Update time: November 20, 2021
Current version: 0.2.9
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Capetown Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Stephen Isom

So far I like it

Heam Chhum

It is goo and relaxing

Raymond MacDonald

Overall not a bad game

meg renee

The art work is STUNNING!! other players are very sweet and helpful, althougg its confusing at first its super fun!

Steven Brewer

Fun so far

Jarad Coe

I love it

John Gomez

Nice variety of races and classes.

Rob F

Waaaaait... Did I just waste an hour of tutorial time to find out there are only female romantic companions???

Amber Brady

The game isn't complete. Some features don't work and some just have no explanation on how to use them like the meet feature on the female champions. It's been fun but needs work.

Thomas Stanton

This is one of the best games I have ever played I love winning an beating others up lol

Jeremy Davis

Easy to learn and fun to play

Patty David

So far I'm enjoying this game

Chris Matthews

Similar to many other mobile game. Good but average.

Dave Ledesma

The game has been enjoyable so far. I would recommend this game to some friends.

war death

Fun so far. Can't give a definite answer or thought on the game until I play a little longer.

Beau Culver

Good game, just started playing so far enjoying it, hope it keeps me hooked.

David Hung Truong

No too bad of a game.

Mattheau Fain

Can't log in anymore. The game just doesn't work.

aaron jones

Absolutely one of the best mobile games to play right now, it's new and combines different familiar games such as Raid Shadow Legends, Sultan, Age of Empires, etc. But it's still managed to be it's OWN game which I love, definitely a fresh face on the play store market, but this face has a bright smile!

Shannon Bunker

I like it so far

Ritual Dark

I like your game

Dalton Enzor

Love the characters

Lee Amundsen

Graphics are second to none ,very nice ,story line is good so far, still only the start of this game , so it's still very much up in the Air for a 5 star Rating, we will see!

Hiraethia N

Super fun!

Sharon Langenes

It is similar to other games but i like the characters in this game so far this has been enjoyable .


Good so far

Heather Stehlik

I like this game so far, i find it relaxin


Its aiht

Kalina Graves

I love this type of game, so you won't find a bad review from me. I especially love the fantasy aspect

will Boyce

Game is good but the controls are sluggish

Jon Hacke


Scooby Doo Jedi

Very addictive game definitely try it out

Admir Mandzic

I like it 👍keep up a good work

Isaganie Dy

So so fun

Gabby Mejia

Great game

johnny berry

Fun so far

Eric Herr

Great game so far but doesn't give much explanation for a lot of things in the game, love the storyline, also enemies are kinda hard to defeat and champions die pretty fast even after leveling up. So far I'm enjoying it but it needs some improvement

Ethan Winkleblack

I really enjoying the game

Ashka Moon

Love the game, gorgeous character art and fun to play

Steve Song