World Of Robots

Author: Super Games Studio

500,000+ install


World Of Robots – Setup your war robot and dominate in battle ground!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.1.5
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Super Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Md Khutbuddin


Tiburcio Aaron

It's a pretty good and addicting game. I like it :D It's not a pay to win game either so yeah

Fateh Bahadur

यश खगघचछजज

Justin Williams

Its fun when it plays its choppy and glitchy i get shot before i see a hit or the other player !#@! Yeah! This is the !$@%

Fernando Swanson

This game has much potential. I'm very much enjoying it so far. It does have severe issues time to time though. But I'm hoping the development team will fix these issues. Hopefully it expands on more robots an weapons. But overall so far good job, development team.

A Google user

Better than mech arena and war robots

Ray King

Great fun. I just wish you could upgrade 2 things at once 1 is not enough. Big maps and more players in one game. Don't get me wrong this is still a fun game.

John Battista

Would really like to be able to sell weapons and robots not used.

lives lives

This game is beatiful but i dont like litle robot

Robert Duncan

Great game, advance on skill not money. It continues to upgrade, always improving.


this game is just as bad as the rest of them, robots are too slow, no way to evade gun fire, if you make them a bit faster and give them skills for tanking or evading, it might be more fun to play, sorry but Mech Arena has you beat with these

Terry Mack

I like how the game handles and the easy configuration for the mechs but the mapps are small and not alot of variety. Would like to see more.

Juan Castaneda

Best game I have ever played

Jσни в.

I love this game personally. Much better than Mech Arena and War Robots by far! Yes with time there will be improvements myself and my clan we're willing to stick it out. This game is about grinding and you can get far doing so and yes there's options to buy. Great job guys..Developers! So far so good.

omid omidi

unfair game. terrible

Daniel James

A good game, but very frustrating to lose all the time against high profile players. The developers ignore the issue of player level pairing and there is talk that they know and help the *SU* and cccp players. Totally unfair game play. In app purchases is ridiculously high and unreasonable. The gems have gone from 99us cents for 300 to $2.99 in one week. Ironically the weapon upgrades only benefit high profile players probably because they cannot handle having their asses kicked.

arutro salazar


robert ryan radford

It's new,its fun!

Rubi Sharma

Very good game in robot game

hamid porhoseyn


Sonny Tolentino


Bongmusa Mavimbela

Great game definitely worth every data spent

Maxine Farmer

I hate this game

Ali Asqar Rahmani


Guerra Richard

Awesome game

Tony Mooney

Good game most injoyable easy to play hard to master

Demetri M

Battle loading takes time. Matching and dynamics are good. Haven't seen hackers yet hence 5 stars. Got to rank 5 without paying a dime. Great work Dev_Team.

Roland Leipold

Great fun, easy shooting, and LOL. Play this game. Thanks!

Kevin Fields

I really enjoy this game. I've had it installed before and loved it. I lost that phone, and all phone after that weren't good enough. Now that I got this phone I can play again.

Ade Supusepa


Rettu Aro

My expirience in game is very sad and worst.! I update the game for a better gaming..i tried to uninstall and install it to think that lagging can be fixed..but when i reinstall it i came back from the start as a level 1..i keep on upgrading my robots and weapons but still didnt win in every match.. because the developers of the game didnt fix the match making of a level 1 can win to a lvl4.? How a level 6 can win to a level 9.?its none sense game such a waste of time.!!!!!

Narinder Singh Virk


Bruce Smith

Good game

Jeffrey Burkhart

Good play easy control


Everytime i play I have 1 team and my enemy outrank me in each game

Peter Mackelvie

I got a good game Here Aaaa

Brian Wunderlich

Good times

Md Nagur

War robot super game

TeMPeR_52 iWAnT2CHaNGe2_GOD_1sT

Simple, straight to the point, skill based, mech shoot out bananza!!!! I'm having a blast! Coming from "mech arena, war robots and mech battle- 1st 2 ruined by GREED, this is a breath of fresh gun powder residue🤣 could use some server connection work and maybe some skins to buy and earn but this game is a game changer...🍻 ENJOY!

sandatang malupet

Cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

David Mitchell

Not good 2 play. Can't download

Arman Varma

This game is very fun, u should try it.

Sagen Noland

Here are some glitches that I found in game when you leave a battle and you start a new battle right after then you try to modify your robot you go to where you can modify the weapons but you can't tap on the weapons like the squares are not there sometimes and sometimes you have to reopen the game it's not a big deal though you fix that lag issue though that's good and there are no ads which I love you could do a thing where if you want to speed up the time of upgrade you could watch a ad.

Sankar Dutta

This is very good game

Magnus Ericsmoen

So far, So fun! ( We'll see what happens after leveling up a bit - .hopefully not P2W like a similar same that has the same initials!)

mahdi beygi


David Darnall


Amarsinh Bihola

NO I do not reccomend this game DOO DOO TRASH

Daniel Cendana

Fun, somewhat realistic physics, decent graphics, entertaining to say the least, I gave it 5 stars to help the devs but in reality 3.5 needs polishing, could use a wider assortment of mechs and weapons. Keep up the good work devs u'll get there. However the game is still pay to win and you will die grinding.

Tom Lockley

Kinda like war robots before they went p2w model,


Not bad so far, reason I switched from the other game was because it was easy to hide from the Titans and still win. Here it seems you can lose all bots n still win maybe have some kind of last man standing rule or something, I don't see many wanting to be the last and finish 4 other enemies only to lose to a technicality.

Abel Hailemichael



Pretty good game, but to get to the next level it's hard.

Brian Zazueta

Meets my war gaming needs

Jacob England

Game crashed and won't reconnect.

John Kwan

Great game.. but the lag and the buggy loop is some what annoying at times.

Hwee Ghee Yap

The game has a high quality which means it looks so real

Prabhjot Singh

Best game in hole Earth

Eggbert Humperdink

Great fun

Jeffrey Clement

Basically a copy of another game but just less polished. It's ok. But man are the levels small.

Erik Helsen

Horrible. Dont bother.

Masoum Vedadi

آلی وخخیلی خوب

Jeremy Moore

Fun so far! :::=^)

Lowei Arombo Limbaga paño

Nice and challenging too, I love the graphics it's awesome.....

Msyafi safwan

Game ni memang best dia wepons dia bagus dan enak di main kan

RD Gensaya

Just like war

gage petersen

This game is great. Beats the pants off war robots. Very mech warrior feeling.

kannan kannan


Roman Montalvo

It's just fun for all ages, cool 😎

Obedient Kid

Op game of robot 🤖 that I ever play op 😛 op graphics

William Yocum

Better than robot wars

Dorothy Biaca

Dude I only rate it 3 stars because it always kick me out the game! Fix the game or I will uninstall this game

Mike Maloney


Destine Grant Bramasta

sad..... suddenly can't login to my account....

Sultan Molla


Dee Wulandari


ScttyBoy LastinghaveFaith??

love them mech needs more choice options!!

tim teabo

To early to tell

Off The Grid

Thought I would come back and do a proper rating after knocking heads with the Devs a few times and being docked for a few days so I could not write any messages. Look. This game is mostly free to play. It's going places and will be perfect not long from now. Give the Devs a chance. They are doing their best nothwithstanding my and others complaints. This game is worth the 5 stars and with patience and a a 2 day docking every so often, it's worth the download. - Baba Yaga

Melanie Viera

What's up with the laggy saggy battle scene's


Cant put the phone down after I got the game!

D Auman

Hell yes awesome game

Dave Murray

Would be better if the developer's actually introduced some sort of matchmaking,up against opponents double my level with bots and weapons I haven't even unlocked yet is no fun.Games are one sided and over in minutes.Only able to upgrade one item at a time makes progress snail slow.

Ashley2 caballero

Thanks this game

Erik neil Wilson

It would be better if u could customize the controls

Bender Death

I got my profile back no thanks to the devs. Now the only problem is the one sided matches. If you are level 2 or 3 you will be put in a fight with someone that is level 8 or 9. It also doesn't matter how leveled up your bots are. The uneven matches are worse than War Robots.


Good game ads are opt out.not a pay to win game.

j ramirez

Please add different legs etc, i like how positioning plays a big part

Blake Wilson

Good game Absurd amount of hackers needs more countrys, parts, etc. has potential need mild speed boost to mechs ,maybe custom paintjobs

Preston Nels

So cool


Good.but matching is a little off

Amaresh Khuntia


David Desoto

Good game play all the time.

William Yohnka

Even though I'm terrible at it I can at least have fun

Vincent Hicks

It is slow. 😑😑😑😐😐

Rokuo Rokuo

Good game to play

Annakae Joseph

Really cool game I like it

Paela Adorio

It keep crashing when i'm loading in the game

R Davidson

Gameplay is solid. Controles are simple. Not P2W. Reminds me of old WWR before it was bombarded with microtransactions.

Richard Finley

This game by some Russian devs is ok to play and I've enjoyed it until recently, But in light of the invasion of Ukraine, it's hard to support them through ad revenue ( no ads= mediocre rewards) when: A) they delete even the most mild group chat comment on the war. I got a 2 day ban for casually mentioning VPNs! B) at the same time they tolerate user names like 'Hitler', 'Josef Stalin' and 'Operation Z' and comments about nazis in Ukraine. You decide, but I'd rather not send them any money