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Wordix: Word Puzzle

Wordle: Word Puzzle is an addictive word puzzle where you need guess the words. Your task is to work out a five-letter word in up to six guesses. Train your brain while trying to guess all the words!

How to play Wordle: Word Puzzle:
Wordle gives you six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. If the letter is guessed correctly and in the correct place, it will be highlighted in green. If the letter is in the word but in the wrong place, it will be yellow. And if the letter isn’t in the word, it will remain gray. You can enter a total of six words, meaning you can enter five-burner words from which you can learn hints about the letters and their placements. Then you get one chance to put those letter hints into one word.

If you like addictive and fun word puzzles, then Wordle: Word Puzzle is definitely your choice!

So what are you waiting for? Download Wordle: Word Puzzle and guess all the words!

Detailed info

File size: 53M
Update time: February 2, 2022
Current version: 1.03.13
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Terry Ivan

I am at a standstill for some reason. Wishing I could move on. Doesn't happen soon I will delete.

Deb Makar

Loved this game until it started giving nonsensical words. I guess the limit is 450 games? Ads are non-intrusive and not a problem.

Aamina Khatoon

Simple design, simple game. No fuss! I really enjoy playing it!! 😊

Derek Born

OK to start with........ However having got 80 straight correct words I then started getting words like - GRIPY, LEONE, TEUGH, TALIS, MIDDY, DOBLA, TAROK, AREAL, PLEON, ANTRE and AMMOS (I thought AMMO was already plural). I don't believe this game is 'selecting' random words. X

Zandra Alberti

So mamy ridiculous words that are really not commonly/generally used or proper names of types of birds!

A. W.

The only ways this game could be better are if there were no ads (but ads are what makes games available to us at no cost), and if there was an option to play a timed game (say how many words you could find in 3 minutes). There only seems to be ads after every two games. A little patience is required, as well as some appreciation that the game is free. If you know how to use your phone, the ads are not problematic.

Amelia Galek

98% of solution words either sound made up or just aren't English (like adieu which I just got) please fix that it's infuriating. There's so many actual words that you can use instead.

Adisesh Venkatraman

Very encouraging and mind testing. I like this game very much in spare/ time pass

David S. Cohen

I look forward to my honing these 'word skills' so I can model the holistic theory of our species ability to acquire language and then share expand and teach it: She (ELSA?) is retty for her RITE night ? at da school after the dinner hour.

Sue Bennett

Find continuous adverts very off putting when playing the game. Thinking of deleting

Barbara shay

I loved it. I was addicted! But it stopped working when I got to 493 games played. It just flickers now when I try to start another game. I hate to do it, but I have no choice but to uninstall it. This is such a let down. I was at 96%. Update- I uninstalled it then re installed it immediately and I've been playing ever since. The only problem is that the new words are too abnormal. I can never guess them. It's like you just threw a bunch of letters together that make no sense. Rating is now 2 *

brian nikon

An ad filled mess.

Debra Wagner

Obscure words, annoying music. Long ads.

Clare Blackburne

Great until the 500th game and then fails !!!

Neil Hay

Robbed by paying for this. Ads are not removed! I bought this game in good faith that ads would be removed and it could be played off line. Ads are only partially removed when the purchase is made, to reveal the answer you still need to watch a 30 second ad. Don't waste your money.

Aditya Mainak

Would have given 5 stars if sharing option would have been there. Otherwise it is excellent.

Irene Morgan

Like the hint option. However the app is always locking. Can't get out of ads, at times and at times cannot even get out of the app. Currently can't get out of the last solution. Spoils the whole app.

Sunita Gupta



Loved it.. stopped working. Is it true there are only a limited amount of games. Shame. It's good for the brain

James Blackie

Many words missing from database. For example LATIN.

Tim Welicky

It will not open after the download/install.

Chandra Green

UPDATE! Its frozen! I have done 618 words and it is stuck on Delve! Says its correct click new word and nothing happens!! It's a good game, wish there was options for 4 and 6 letter words as well as the 5! So far I am enjoying it.


W Game

Pedro Rocha

It would be great if we could select a tile to place the letters anywhere we want. Ex: _ _ a _ _

Robyn Pay

Was really enjoying this game but now it has jammed and I can't add any more guesses or get out of the level its stuck on. Update installed yesterday but no change. Very disappointing, guess I will need to uninstall the app.


I loved this game until the last update. I've played 475 games so far. Now it won't let me hit "next game." Please fix this bug, develop.

Vinay Krishna DM


Vivaan Lamb

Just a world copy


Decent gameplay and I didn't find the ads too intrusive, but fair for the free version of the app. Giving 4, rather than 5, stars as after 525 words it just doesn't load any more words but just flickers when i select to start a new game. I'm not sure if there are only 525 words programmed in so it's essentially completed, but I got about a week or so out of it.

Ailine Fernandez

I enjoy the game but it won't let me proceed to the next level anymore. Game has been stuck brtween "next word" screen and an ad but next puzzle won't appear despite multiple attempts. My percentage won just keeps decreasing. I hope the developers fix this as I have seen a review by another user here who is experiencing the same issue.

James Hall

Would like to see daily puzzles added.

Claudette Colbert

I have several Wordl type games on my phone & all are easy to play except this one. I have to POUND to get a letter entered. I will try again in a few days & if it is the same I will uninstall.

Sujata Sripathy

Very good 👍

The Rodeo


Andrea Jambois

Looks so fun and so very easy

Lupita LeticiaLengkey

It is a very popular game, but I don't see why it should be adored by many person. It's really hard to guess a random word without any clues. By that, I hope you can give out categories and letter probabilties for free in the beginning of the round.

David Goodacre

Gave a review on 16/03/22 Since then you have fixed the fault, thank you, everything is working fine. Excellent game

Matthew Coutinho

What I like about this app is the possibility of placing the green tiles as one looks for possible words...excellent app...

Bløndei ·

Super simple and at your own pace. Don't have to worry about a clock and can solve simple yet complex puzzles at my leisure


i would give it 5 stars. i love this game so much. its addicting. its a simple game, the format is simple, easy to understand how to play etc, but you also need to think. its simple but complex at the same time. thats what interests me. until recently, a bug happened. i could go to the next round but it doesnt show the words. it goes back to saying my statistics and 'next word' button. when i press it again, it repeats. my winrate decreases at that too. its really frustrating.

Michael Gerhart Bartsch

Crashes!... then won't give another option other than buying. Happened twice. After 2nd reinstall I'd had enough. D-

yos t

Adverts are a horrible, cant avoid them or move past them

Steve Holden

Like the game but why do ads stop the game from playing, click on Next Word and get a game on G Play that I can clear!!

Meagan Gentle

The game is glitching - I click for 'next word' after finishing a game/word and it flashes to the game/word I just finished and counts up for games played but doesn't give me a new game/word.

Carole Vandehey

Good word solving game. It's pretty close to wordle. There's some repeating of words and occasional odd words that are beyond obscure.

Sunset Nook

This is a brilliantly underrated game. Seemingly never-ending levels, which aren't spoon-fed, but aren't impossible or aggravating. Me and my mum love playing when we're bored on train journeys and what-not. Would certainly recommend!


Was really enjoying it. Even paid for no ads (which there are a lot of) but since the update which tries to get you to pay more for ad free hints - which is extortionate - I barely recognise some of the words coming through and even had to Google if they were correct. I wouldn't recommend it anymore. They've taken the fun out of it.

Lebron Ver O.Inojales

Good practice for worlde

Brady Warford

A nice, simple Wordle clone if you need your fix. So far, seems a bit easier than Wordle, my averages are better on here than there.

Daniel Lee

Some words are Sanskrit and not English words. 🤣🤣🤣

jim stuart

Too many ads,way too many ads.Dont bother with this app unless you like ads.

Fynn McCorduck

It's fun if you feel like a challenge

Dave V

I've downloaded this game twice Live it, but twice I get to level 458, I beat the level, and it gets stuck in a loop. When I press New Game, it doesn't load. It's just stuck on the win screen.


Loading time is a bit long, And there are unskippable ads. Everything else is good. I suggest adding a skip word button, so you can immediately go to the next word without knowing the current

Aarushi Saxena

Ends in 470 words

Mike Harrington

Good while it lasted but the app stopped after 476 games with Won 96% and on a 134 winning streak. Wins in 2 flips = 3, wins in 3 = 37, wins in 4 = 148 , wins in 5 = 194, wins in 6 = 73. Had to play offline as the ads feature/screen locking is THE WORST EVER.

Lori Miller

I am addicted to this game...it is fun and challenging. BUT...I am now stuck! The last word I completed was SHIVE and I had played over 640 words...Now when I try to bring up the next challenge the # of games played advances but the screen stays on SHIVE. Is that the end of the game?

Glynis Farrall

Great game

Kira Lynch

Was really enjoying this game. Yes it's a wordle copy but that's fine. It lets you play as many words a day as you like so quite addictive. But it has now irrevocably crashed as on 3/3/22 so I can no longer play.



Neoli Marcos

Not enough variety of words. Tends to repeat words like world, apple, dream over and over again. For a copycat app, this was a so-so effort. Nice enjoyable sound effects though. But ultimately, the original Wordle and all its creative permutations like Quordle, Sedecordle, Nerdle, etc, etc are infinitely better.

Vernon Sidlow

The game plays well but the adverts are intensely annoying, having to close then reopen the app to get rid. Uninstalled after a few days.

B - Espinar, Robert Justin

It's a great game! Even if it does contains ads, it doesn't pop up, not until you either guess the word or lost. It doesn't appear during guessing. :)

Alex Shapley

Wordle copy, irretrievably crashed,too many ads. Wordle is addictive and I love it, so all should be good. Unfortunately has irretrievably crashed and a force stop hasn't fixed it. Way too many ads, have never come across as many in any Google app.

Fancy Lord


Peter Lord

A Wordle clone with really in your face adverts. Not merely content with advertising other apps, this one drags you off to the Play store and "beats you around the head" in its attempts to get you to install what's being promoted. Uninstalling...

Cameron and Mason

Seriously? You have to watch ads to play the game? Not good at all

Denise Dwernychuk

All good till it froze up

Robin Gerenia III


Mahmoud Samir

a lot of true and simple words the game doesn't recognize them.

Aaron Marc Padilla

Nice game but full on ads.

Sunshine Rivera

I like this game but everything you do you have to watch a 30 sec ad! Its ANNOYING! I can understand once in awhile but just to get the answer if you get it wrong - watch an ad - hint - watch an ad - start a new puzzle - watch an ad! Sorry but gonna have to uninstall! Too bad - I liked this game. Bye

Itay Turgeman

Can you add to your word list the word "wheet"

Robert Moore

Nasty , no way of clearing adds

Zerah Marie Ligutom

I just downloaded the game a few minutes ago and I already got addicted. I was just surprised how I guessed the word in a second try for the very first round (bonus that the word is 'hotel' and it's related to the course I'm currently taking 🥺). The game seems easy, but it's definitely mind-boggling. However, I hope there will be lesser ads and a leaderboard that will show the other players statuses.

Slipps Dice

I like being able to play multiple games. But the word "UKASE" seems unfair. If its not in the Oxford Dictionary, it shouldnt be used. Tell me what that word means, if indeed it is a word.

Toni Kanaris

Enjoying the game and paid for no ads which is great but when you use hint ads come on which is frustrating. Sent email to developer but havent received response otherwise would give 5 star.

John Lewis

I liked the game but not being forced to watch adverts so often. Looking for another version of Wordle type game.

Russell Smith

Too many adds

Joel Gospel

Amazing game but I can't play a game at 335 games!


Very fun game i would recommend

Sharon Faith

Maybe good if u buy..otherwise its full of ads

Einstein - Chan

This game is great, filled with ads but I don't mind. Although, it would be awsome to add the meaning of the hidden word after finding it.

Brigit Murray

Ripped off! Don't pay! I paid for no adds and yet I still have to watch them for hints! It doesn't tell you that when you purchase. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Lynda Carter

An ok game. If you get a letter that is used more than once in a word it should say. Also, hints should be general and varying, rather than giving a letter only. Hints could be definitions, remove a letter from the letters used down the bottom etc

Johnjay Galzote

easy daw sabi ni jjay



MW Wern

Pandemic of ads ... We hv to watch numerous ads just to play once. It's a highly disgusting app. I hv uninstalled and gave 1 star. Recommend everyone to uninstall and report.

Marlaine Holmes

Still learning

Jordan Noble

Still has ads after paying.

Renah Rajan

After 470 play, the game not allowing me to next word.

Selina Walker

Keeps crashing every couple of words completed


Ehhh why not


Just a awesome experience for you to play for free!!!


Has them stupidly long ads that take you to the store continuously

abubkr bamatraf

Cool game! But why doesn't it show me the correct word when I don't get it? The "answer" button doesn't work!

Ramdhani Detu

2 minutes gameplay 5 minutes ad 👍

Carl Mendoza

borin. ang dali kahit naka russian.. 😤😒😒

presSED start

I paid the app but still have ads. Why?

shehab king

It's good time goes fast when you play I wish the company that made it all the love and support great game overall