Word Ways is an amazing crossword game. Playing Word Ways you will improve your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Let the adventure begin!

Test your brain to write and create new words from scratch and connect them to get the final crossword solution.

Word Ways is a perfect game to improve your searching, writing, learning, combining, and solving problem skills.

You’ll never experience a dull moment after you try this addicting word puzzle game! Play this crossword puzzle once and you won’t be able to put it down.


★ Word Ways designed for adults!
★ Simple and beautiful game design
★ Free & easy to play
★ Relaxing backgrounds
★ Wide variety of challenging levels

Words Ways is the best word game! PLAY NOW & ENJOY IT!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: May 18, 2021
Current version: 0.200.772
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Playcus Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review


No reward for all of the extra words found. Puzzles only use a fraction of them. Bit lazy,really!

Terry Hale

This would be a 5 star game except for 2 things: 1) Common words that are in any other dictionary aren't in this one. This means sometimes a word that you draw that isn't on the board counts as part of your streak, and sometimes a valid word wipes your streak out. 2) Way too damn many ads. Ironically, I would watch more ads if there weren't so many because I would be playing longer! Other, good, games have ads where you can fast forward once in a while. This one is the opposite. Uninstalled.

Terri Johnson

The game doesn't work at all.

Michael Jones

abbreviations and anachronism are not words

Mario Hinojosa

really works, good. game

cryofficial 4real


Doug Riggs

its like words n stuff bruh like with you tink its bout

Lindsay W

this is terrible. you don't get points for some actual words. USB and other abbreviations are stupid.

Kevin C. Freeman

Needs some work on the touch of letters. Sometimes it fails to follow all touches.


Ads. Long ads. For each level. I accept ads in general for free apps. Just not like this. I deleted at level 3.

megan tridgell

It doesn't save my progress so everytime I go onto the game it starts from the beginning again

Danielle Lafleche

great way to get your brain going. fun amazing addictive game

Stephen Doerr

this app is no different than any others ...nothing special. I deleted and reinstalled it but still has the same problem. The problem is restarting at level one every time I return to the game. I go up to level 36 in one sitting and come back to the game and see level one once again. Terrible bug

kristina samudio

since update, need to restart at level 1 each time. very bad!

Angel Lyke

I love the puzzles it is sooooooooooooooooo fun

Paul Hartman

would be a 4 or 5 star if it didn't freeze or drop connection every 10 15 minutes. I deleted app and reloaded it a least 3 times. please fix I would play again. Thanks

Anthony Mccallister

Fun fun fun

Wade Gong

Too many ads ruining this game for me, running ads on the bottom and interrupting ads after each level making it inconvenient to listen to music while playing.

Ryan McGraw

Deleted all my save data by it self

Akeelah Miller-Beene


Brown Fan

Incredibly entertaining! Pure fun! Amazing experience & excitement!

Sheri O'Brien

Not challenging, no competitions with other players, doesn't accept all valid words so you lose your combo streak if you try a valid word that's not in the current puzzle. Too many ads, but at least they have a no ads purchase option.

Josefina Castro

Like it alot

Wanda Ricks

Great fun word puzzles here, which YES I will RECOMMEND to EVERYONE Who cane spell & read, too!

Mindy Ruzumna

Good game.

Marina Boden

great app


I love the games but I wish they didn't have ads they take my time away and take away my into a plane on this game supposed to be winning not losing

Noble Smith

Don"t let your anger outweigh your judgment......

Holly Harris


Anandham R


Carolyn Dickson

Game is great except for WAY TOO many Ads!! I understand having to have support but Ads after every game is over kill & definitely a game killer for me. If things don't change I will be moving on for sure.

Lyra Ritualo

Not yet

Victoria Samuelson

Put the vibrate on off and it still vibrate not very happy

Darlene Moody

Love it keeps you thinking

Decorate & Design With Diane

Good fun. Be aware uses names, abbreviations etc

Patricia Pope

Just staring please give me sometime ok

Zi Wu

It's fun from the beginning.

Frances Brooks

Too early will update later

eyl byu

Im happy to play this game

Bernie Bernardo

Thanks for your fun game🖐👏😀