Word Jungle – FREE Word Games Puzzle

Author: megasoft78

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Word Jungle a fun and addictive FREE word puzzle game for everyone!

This is the best between all the word games free and puzzles games free!

This game is good for adults and kids!

Play with words with friends!

Find all the hidden words for each level.
This game will improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

You can play this game alone of with friends to have more fun!

You don’t need to be connected as it works offline.

Connect the letters together to form a word and became a guru.

Do you like word puzzle games? This is the game for you!

– Swipe your finger over the letters in order to compose a word.
– If you find a valid word it will show in the list of the hidden words.
– When you find all the words of the level you’ll move to the next one.
– On some hidden words you’ll see coins and when you guess them you’ll earn coins.
– Some words are valid words but not part of the solution to complete the level. Collect them and you’ll get bonus coins.

– Discover hidden words by combining letters
– Improve your vocabulary skills and your concentration
– Simple and Easy game
– Daily bonus rewards
– Free 200 coins payments, at the first game
– Great exercise for the brain
– Play offline
– Support both Phones and Tablets
– Tons of levels! We constantly add new levels!

Detailed info

File size: 23M
Update time: June 6, 2020
Current version:
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: megasoft78
Price: Free
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Customer review

Honey Boynton

Good the words are easy!


Must think about the words

Fahim Ahmed

On clearing every 50th level a reward of coins should be given same on every 100th level.

Viker Hungyo

Some are not placed in alphabetical order which make difficult to guest.

Khushi Rajbhar

Very good

Azeeza Ibrahim

I love it and the best part is it doesn't use alot if space in your phone

THE updaters

Ilove this game these is hard and easy game ❤️

Gabis Daddi

Play instant game - it's the exact same as the regular game there are NO ADS. I had to reinstall it to leave this review (I'll be uninstalling it afterwards). I agree with the other folks about the dictionary. It's really, really, wonky. ie: enduro is a registered word, burned is not, but DNA is, Diana is and Egypt is. I've had to use so many tips because the word was a proper noun and it just never occurred to me... EDIT: NOTE to Developer: I left it FOUR stars. I DO like it - you just need a better dictionary.

ikhlaq ahmed

Good lovely

Stephen Gill


Bennett Kunert

Well all of a sudden there was no more game. It also did not do any of the game used in it's promotion.


Absolutely ridiculous. Ads. Why make dumb games"FREE" if they need so much ad money to produce? Sell your stupid word games and make them worth paying for. If the game is challenging to me I will pay for it. Many people think three letter jumbled games with obnoxious sounds are fun. I think they are a waste of time. DEVS: You are creative. Do something with your skills or work@ picking up trash. Which is what these games are: trash no one wants to play or pay for. Lasted 3 minutes. Uninstalled.

Jewel Daniels


Norsalinda Norsalinda

it's fun

Lillian Mcgowan

At the easy stage... Going to test the levels and see how it goes. 🤔

Lorraine Thomas

Brill game

Omoba Florence


Beverly Fuller

No coment

Ammara Kanwal

I found it interesting.

Mary Randolph

frustrartng distraction now and not so much fun as it continues the challenge with lonly longer words

Jackie Lewis


Manjuni Priyanka

This game is very good 😇😇😇😇....

Bushra Fatima

This a good game You should try this

Alina Khan

Nice game

Beulah m Coker

This game hang up really bad going to uninstall.the game itself is fun

Terry Smith

Not really hard but sometimes really test you.good time waster when bored

Bhumi Pathak

This is good game

Ingrid Njeri

This app is verrry stupid...the kind of puzzles in this game are for first grade kids example is *bed* fog*mat* i mean what are these...pliiiiiiiiiiiz improve your dictionary once again,😪🤒

Andrew Westberg

It would be better if they did not use proper names. The last one I did took far longer than it should have simply because 4 of answers were proper names.

imran shaik


Otto Malagen


Kerry Cooper

It does get you involved once you. start makes you come back to it.

Suheb Kudchikar

This game is good for killing time.

Ohanuka Nkeiruka Evan


Fizza Ansari

Its a good game

elitia harris

i love it

Swabrah Zan Amikhat

I play this Everytime l get👏

Laura Law's Craft Corner

Fun game

Jenny Pia Iyo


Maxine Daly

Makes me think, good for my 74year old brain.