Word Holiday: Crossword & Design

Author: TRIWIN

50,000+ install


Word Holiday: Crossword & Design – Relax your brain in word holiday!

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File size: 156M
Update time: September 17, 2021
Current version: 2.5.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: TRIWIN
Price: Free
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Customer review

Judy Hill

Kool game

Elibazthe Loving Life D.

awesome 👍😎😎😎😎👍😎😎👍😎😎😎😎👍

john annarumma

this game is awesome

Richlove Sagoe

Very nice to play

Tiffany Canaday

good game

Nouvart chappell

Just began

Chrissie Goodall

Nice enough game. However, the word wheel kept glitching. Very annoying. Now uninstalled.

Julie Barclay

Started as an enjoyable game but now uninstalling for the following reasons.. Too few rewards for extended gameplay.. Too few coins for winning.. Too many coins needed for boosters.. Geninue word's not placed in the chest/loss of combo because of this.. The game accepts these word's and name's at other times.. Annoying ads over gameplay.. Having to use large amounts of coins to purchase decorations and answers to questions which changes the outcome of the themes.. A waste of time due to these..

Alain Destresse

Deleted, doesn't go anywhere

Malaya Ramsey

This app has soooooooooooo many ads. Omg after every play. And some last up to 60 seconds snd you cant click out of them... Horrible...

Muhammad Tanveer

Too many ads, not recommended



whitney macmurran

Is there more levels after the underwater one? I like this game, it easy and fun and you can save coins rather easily. Technically only one option is free but the middle one is cheap coin wise and the third you just have to watch a video.. No biggie!!

Rumana Shaikh

Wow I love it 💖😍

Cindy Baker

Screen always goes black after doing one level of the words have to close out and reopen game each time

Linda Underferth

like the game

Mary Powers

Everytime i try to watch an ad it says no ad available right now try again later.. so I loose out in getting my 2x reward or the reward itself.. I wish you would fix this so I can play without getting upset

Michael Kenrick

Good game. But if you want the good items and to complete the story line you need alot of coins. So basically it is a p2w game. .

Catina Hopson

I like this game got all the way up to level 128 then it just stop really please fix it

Delaney Ulrickson

You can't "decorate" anything in this game. You have one choice, unless you want to use coins or watch ads.

Andy Stewts


Wes Watson

Excellent game and definitely keeps my old brain cells earning their keep 😆

Keith Harrison

This game is rigged to make sales. It said no ads available to spin the wheel, then immediately shows a ad. Total RIP off!!!!!! Uninstalling this app now

Jennifer Sanders

It was a great app enjoyed playing it


This game is a cash grab to use get items u want to decorate or anything

Catherine Doecke

great game to play and to relax

Taruni Parthasarathy


Emily Martin

Its good real good

Jeanne Petrusso

I enjoyed for awhile but it got harder to make words that were similar and I thought the storyline was a little weird. It was getting too long to get enough coins to complete the decorations.

Denise Mitchell

Great game

Diane Vangorden

Good game BUT trying to collect some coins, it is necessary to watch an advertisement BUT it constantly says ADS NOT AVAILABLE. Why bother?? with the ads??

Avic Diaz-Basto

Fun to learn!!

Kathleen costa

Can you fix this game because it freezes up..its a fun game..

Trey Thomas

I really liked playing this game, but since the update I no longer can do any designing since my rooms r all white. I'll be on installing it. Thanks

Wendy Sherman

enjoyable game

Chris reid Brady

it's a good game to Play said Chris Brady

Noble Smith

True to the very end and just as beautiful.........

Sandra Shaw

Iñstalled this recently up to now am not finding any issues. I find it easy to play and relaxing. You do have to use coins or watch a short ad for posher decor but most of these types of games are the same. It's not a problem to me . 😃

Tammy Jester

I Love how it Challenges you to think. And I Really love the Awesome 👍 Designs you all have their very nice 🙂

Linda D

so far l like this game. I do not like so many ads so if l ever uninstall this game that will be why or words will be ones l never heard of.