Word Craze

Author: Betta Games

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Welcome to the world of Word Craze, where we follow Ann’s journey around the world, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey!

A newly designed puzzle game
-An easy to get started fun game
-Exercise your brain and relax your mind
-Non-stop challenges for you to relax and learn from

Word travel levels
-More variety of challenging levels
-Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way
-Travel around the world, every level is a new destination!

Daily puzzle
-More trivial levels, new variety every day!
-Acquire new knowledge!
-Beat levels to obtain book buddies

Flash Craze
-Answer short and fun riddles
-Review the interesting history events happened on the current date
-With new riddles coming out every few hours, you will stay entertained

Word craze blog
-Detailed knowledge introduction to make you wiser
-Experience interesting adventures together
-Cheer on for Ann!

Book buddies
-Gather different travel partners around the world
-Bring more joys to your game
-With unique monthly images, it’s best not to miss them

-Classic artworks for a familiar gaming experience
-Refreshing music, providing an immersive gaming environment
-Everything is to help you relieve some stress

This game is free-to-play, but we offer in-app purchases for a richer gaming experience. The items you purchase will assist you in the most crucial moments during battle.

We would love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via our customer service email: wordcraze@outlook.com
Or follow our Facebook page to share your gaming experience with others at https://www.facebook.com/Word-Craze-107962397362038

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.19
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Betta Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lienkie Perucatti

Game is full of glitches. Jumped 900 levels, and lost all my coins.

Karen Young

This app is really fun

zowie fraser

Great game just getting into it but keeps crashing ...unistalling

Janvie Nel


Carmen Maidon

Its very educational and alot of current to time questions.

Barbara Graham

I like it it starts out easy then gets challenging I liked it better when I had the crossword on it and the trivia ya took it off

Cj Newsom

Im very dissapointed, was one of my favorites until last update! Now i cannot get game to load 2nd time i m going to delete n try reinstall, if still continues to mess up i guess i will delete it permantly saddens me cuz ii really like the game bot due to this issue i give a minus 3 rating !!!!!!!!

SixRaven Eight

This was one of my favorite word games. There were a lot of fun aspects to the game.Now there's a constant ad looming at the bottom of the page.I've hit that stupid ad so many times I want to cry. The little, dog? that sits at the bottom of each game is gone and now you have to watch and ad if you want a clue. Some ads you can't escape and have to restart. I feel kind of bad saying all this, I'm sure the creator thought they were improving the game, but in my opinion it's ruined. Uninstalling

Kit May Yuen

Was one of my favourites until they removed the 4 piece puzzle that reveals a feature of the country.

Laurie Landeau

this _was_ one of my favorite ganes... until you removed the Annventurer things ~ i really enjoyed learning about different places! but now that's gone, so phooey, i'm uninstalling ~ byebye!

Andrew Kojnok

I thought the trivia/crossword combination sounded interesting. Turns out you had to reach level 50 before the crossword feature was unlocked. Now they "updated" the game so the crossword feature is gone, so I only got to play it twice. Uninstalled.

Nagina BR

Loved the game before. It was so informative and challenging. Always looked forward to using this app. Really hate the recent update. Losing interest.

Charlene Roberts

The game is good as far as content, but it glitches far too much, and it now has many more commercials than it did when I first started playing, in fact I spend more time watching commercials than playing the game. Between the glitching & commercials, game playtime has become frustrating, not relaxing as it should be.... SO I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME! If this continues I'm finding a different game... Well I gave it more time but it's no better and all I am getting are repetitive games goodbye

Adam Young

Game sucks wont download


This game was way better before. It's constantly glitching out and freezes on the videos you can no longer X out of. Graphics are good, but if the issues stated above aren't rectified, then I'll be uninstalling the game.

Christina Kendrick

Ever since this last update, every time I play any level, the app crashes. What's going on with it? Update: I can't find a phone number for customer service anywhere so how do I call them?

Valerie Roxanne Logan

This game is not login on to my android

Mindy Hall


Michael Many

Was a good game until they deleted the daily trivia 3 games and the monthly challenge or 18 days gone when halfway through wait for a person to finish ??? Then just delete poor form from 5 stars to 2 stars star tournament seems to be cheating with bots can't believe how quickly their scores change all that after been ripped off by the developer I shall not be spending anymore real money 🤑

Siti Ashikin

This was used to be my favourite. Always looking forward to play it. Learn new places about each country. Now that they updated new version, you suspended trivia & some others i don't mind but what i'm mind & so disappointed & unhappy was you suspended the part where you have to guess the name of the place of the country!So what is the point of the game with travel to another country for the next level?? The questions doesn't even have to do with the countries that you are in, irrelevant!!!

Randy Landwehr

Wish I could play horizontal on my tablet.

Sharon Stribling

This latest update sucks. You can't buy bees, there's no Powerball, etc., you have to watch an ad every time

Andrew Hughes

They had a pretty decent game before the last update. A few too many things asked you to watch an ad to get something, but, as I recall, all were optional. A few clues were a bit obscure and the number of answers that relied on obscure American culture references was a bit much. They've now removed all the alternate modes there were before, essentially leaving the game as the main quest and a daily crossword puzzle. The second of these daily puzzles I had wanted the names of not one, not two, but three obscure American comedians. A little variety in the questions would help! Now the daily puzzle is a pain to complete and I've not felt motivated to do any of the main game after finishing that each day. There's also an unprompted ad with no reward after *every* puzzle. Please, just turn it back to how it was.

Kathy Kiritta

Too slow

Tanya Hapgood

Since the update, after almost every round the game glitches and has to be restarted, which is frustrating. Before that it was a great relaxing game

Joe Cupp KO40UH

Stupid, vapid, noisy. Playstore dumped this on my phone instead of the crossword puzzle I requested, not happy.

Tamsin Moore

Limiting. Only one word answers.

james hill

Good game but it's not a offline game as advertised uninstalling.

Bruce Coulson

Way too many many ads. Same ones repeat constantly.

suhail jogiat

Hi There, Why did you guys change the game? I was playing it for months i enjoyed seeing different countries places and reading about it you took it all out? Now i have to delete this game...seriously it sucks i dont like your changes at all.

Mary Hall

I really love this game. I would have given 5 stars, but the game kept crashing throwing me out to my homepage 😭😭! I couldn't spin the wheel, or watch any Ads to get rewards. that is when it crashed EVERY TIME and of course after the Ad was over. At least I got to play a few rounds before I got tired of dealing with it. I've lowered the rating to 2 stars because I have sent "Customer Service" 3 days in a row about the above issues. I Have Not Heard Anything!!! 😠😠 So Good Bye!!

Irina Brodsky

What happened? Why this insane update that turned game into pure stupidity? Please RE-UPDATE back to what this game used to be - fun!!!

Cindy Daniel

It was better before upgrade. Now it crashes a lot. 😒

Matisha Johnson

Love this word game very much.

Rose Grosshuesch Beck

Loved the game until it was updated a couple of weeks ago. Now I watch more ads than play. Un-installing. They took the fun away.

Ashley Goodnight

Better before the upgrade

September Gibson

Used to love this game until the most recent update changed everything. There is no more trivia and you don't get to fill in the downward crossword puzzle that matched the picture anymore. It is just very basic and boring now unfortunately.

Glenda Bonsignore

I did what you said. I get a screen that says loading and I wait. Then the game just shuts off.

Melissa Hill

Word Craze is fun to play. Has cute graphics and can learn some things along the way. However, when it comes to the cross craze, it does not stay updated. Once you finish the cross craze (earn stars) and you claim your prize (if you earn enough stars) it will state that you are finished. Then when another cross craze becomes available, you can play of course, but because it has not been updated, all of the solving will be for nothing.

Stacey Hilliard

This would be a great game but freezes up ALOT, and that is no fun.