Word Crack 2

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From the creators of Trivia Crack comes a new version of the game that took the world by storm. Train your brain, unleash your vocabulary and show off how much you know.

• Play with your friends
• Try out brand new powerups
• Broaden your vocabulary
• Take on a new challenge: Guess the word
• Enjoy classic mode
• Increase your score by using multipliers

Place words!
Sharpen your strategy, use your tiles and earn points to beat your opponents.

New powerups!
Buy them in the shop to earn more points and defeat your opponents.

Guess the word!
The only clue is a picture, can you rearrange the letters to find out what word it represents?

Take advantage of multipliers!
They are the key to success, use them wisely to boost your points. There’s a bonus if you lay down all 7 letters on your rack.

Train your brain!
Improve your vocabulary with every game.

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Customer review

phil davies

Fun game, very entertaining.

george walton

Thumbs down


Way too intrusive ads, after every single play, come on give me a break. If the option to purchase the ad free version worked I would buy it but the in game store is broken. The in game dictionary is also kind of wack since it accepts words like ix, ox, ex but not country names like Mexico for example.

Luisa Andrade

I regret the old WordCrack1 but this new version has some good things. Being able to see the remaining tiles is great. Don't like that I can not simply refuse games... If I don't accept them they crowd my screen! Then I have to resign! I don't like that I don't know how many games I have won and lost...only a Percentage. Percentage over what?! No one knows!

Heath Foster

The shop doesn't display... So I have coins but under each category I can't click anything.

Paula Berti

It was perfect before the upgrade. Now it has less options, the home page is mote complicated, I cannot choose my language. Undo the upgrade. I am about to unistall and look for another game

chris jinks

No more store? Not sure what happened but the game store will no longer allow purchases. Can I rate ZERO stars? Still no fix for the store

Carole Vincelette

Love aworded

jean jacques Canot

The board is so small you can t see anything. No way to go back to the older version. Stupid!!

Charles Loveridge

Why change it...? Disappointed

Maria Rosario hernandez

I found freundlicher the old form

Kia Pierce

Solid, easy to use scrabble with letter swap w/o missing a turn (have to watch ad) Also quiet and courteous players

Perselope Azul

The app is really slow with the last update. It is a shame as I have lots of fun playing but now I need to reset the app every now and then :'( Please could you improve the performance somehow? Before with less visual effects the app was faster and that is what made from this game a good one. Now it is so slow .... :'(

Fabianna Chazz

Awful upgrade.. I can't even chat with my friends while they are playing. They never get the messages. I will uninstall..


A beautiful game destroyed by an "upgrade". Can even tolerate the 'new' look. Uninstalling it right now. Good that I failed to login...


The old version had its problems but worked reasonably well in spite of some poor word lists and at least one serious bug. The new version seems to be a very flaky alpha release and the changes are to add bells, whistles and shiny things to appeal to pre-teens. My guess is that most regular users are intelligent adults. Unless there is an option to play using the old interface a lot of customers will leave. I speak as a paying user who uses the paid for options as well as ad-free.

Anon Ymous

This company is a fu**ing joke. First they ruin the original Word Crack with a bull**it upgrade, now they've done the same with this game. I CAN'T EVEN LOG IN, ASS**OLES!! THE KEYBOARD DOESN'T APPEAR ON MY PIXEL 2. NICE UPGRADE, JERKS. People I've been playing against for years, gone. How can one company be this dumb? Thousands of complaints and they ignore them all.

Rebecca Brohn

I want 1 back

Ademigbamiren Bianca

This game is really god but The chat dosent work

Jennifer Hein

Can play as many games as U can keep up with

Alex B

Game will not load on my different Huawei Devices.

Narada King

The game doesn't pass the loading screen.

Christine Simones

Awesome 👍😁

R F b

The game I have installed 3 x now and the game will not load

Jeremy Adrey


Amiee Grace

I love it there's only a couple adds. 😃😃😃

Micheal Espinola

Poor color and font choices make this game visually displeasing and uncomfortable to play.

Barbara Draxlir

The game sucks!!!!! Every time you go make a word the tiles stick and you can't do anything. A waste of tine downloading.

Kwadjo Aboagye


Vince Godfrey

Fun, easy, challenging all in one!

Sehkmet Ankh

Words are FUN!

Sally Purvis

Fun game

Jeffrey Ellis

It's good.

connie parks

Fun but just like all the other games. Thought it would be connected or have a different twist since it's the same makers as Trivia Crack.

Debra Austin


Stacey G



Full screen ads after every move is far too annoying than it is fun. Not worth it.

Dark Angel

So happy to find another words game with friends.. awesome game!.. But i wonder if possible you could fix the chat its not working

yalonda gannon

My new favorite game

Donald Warren Jr.

Cool relaxing