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Check out the latest word game ever! Come and join Word Buddies!

Word Buddies is a free and fun crossword game. It will exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary. It’s definitely the most interesting Scrabble game for you to kill time and relax.


BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY: Combined the classic Scrabble gameplay with unique mechanics, play the simple word-building game you know and love!

STRATEGIC LEVELS: Use your skills to make through tons of well-designed and challenging levels and unlock new episodes!

EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER: Expand your English vocabulary and sharpen your skills to the limit!

UNIQUE GOALS & OBSTACLES: Play with dozens of entertaining elements including crates, rockets, moles, bubbles and clouds!

POWERFUL BOOSTERS: Unlock special boosters to make your way to the next level!

DAILY EVENTS: Take part in time-limited events to earn rewards to help you level up!

TEAM UP: Receive gifts from your teammates to keep on playing!

TRACK STATS: See how your Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile! View your scoring averages, longest words, most brilliant plays, and more!

PLAY EVERYWHERE: Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!

Don’t forget to ask your friends to join in on this awesome Scrabble game, they will also find Word Buddies very addictive.

Hope you have a great game experience! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at: wordbuddies@outlook.com.

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Detailed info

File size: 129M
Update time: August 5, 2021
Current version: 3.4.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Betta Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yvonne Blackwell

How?? Do you connect letters w/o block ade forming. I am confused.....

Jitendra Talwar

So demoralising rewards in the game and gameplay makes people who play it dumb and stupid. Are the game is hungry for money. It was great I got out by playing a stupid move.

Dorothy Calhoun

Helps me with my spelling.

Janet Bruce

Good game to play would recommend to others ,not to hard to play ,

Jean Clemons

Some of the ads will not let you back into your current game. Very annoying!

Haley Hurley

not as advertised

Robin Jackson

absolutely LIVE this game and it truly deserves a 5 star but come on now an ad literally after EVERY PLAY??? Not after every round but after EVERY GAME PLAY. u spend more time watching ads than u get to play. uninstalling

Taunia Beck

I have sent the support 3 different texts and they have yet to fix the problem with level 299. I can't proceed. So stuck i stay. I really love this game too.

Bella C

fun game

Rose Love

Its a good game, but it Keeps closing while you are playing right in the middle of the game!!! then you have to start all over again, lose your winning streak!, and any bonuses you have! its very frustrating!!!!! I hate to uninstall, but i will! the game is suppose to be relaxing!!! this is very very wrong!!! you really need to fix this problem, now!!! gonna uninstall!! i hope you fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bertha Degrate


Katareena Stewart

Would love to be able to go back over leavels and try again instead of when the leavels is complete there is no going back.

Shirley Heather

Really good so far hope it doesn't change as you progress.

Samalee Burgett

Great game

Karen Eller Baker

too many ads

Sue Bolton


Theresa Adkins

Fun and it makes me think

Shereen Quow Lowman

To many updates taking up to much space. I will have.to delete.this games. So sad. Here we go again. Another update.

Heidi Elkington

Just did the update on 10/8 now it says no words I make are valid words. Cannot play.

Anna Rubino

I liked this game because it's fu

Nikki LaRue

Showing an update but won't let me install it. Back to 5 stars! I was finally able to update!!

Michele Buster

This game is a drug. It's addicting.. Love it

Judy Jackson

This is a great and usually challenging game. Unfortunately the mandatory updates require the app to be uninstalled (at least that has been my experience) and then reinstalled later. Also the deeper you play the more frequent the ads.


Asking to update but will not update whe i accept and wont let me play without the update.VERY FRUSTRATING

Nancy Johnson


Judith Cokenower

I love this game I play it serveral times a day

Helen Offner

Please update asap trying to play stuck on update🤔

Lory Bryan

Great game

rita rowland

This is awful, i purchased my piggy bank, now there's an UPDATE. Can't get into the game because it keeps showing UPDATE, when I click on update, it just goes back to uninstall/play....10 Aug and YET ANOTHER UPDATE and can't get to the game

Claire Gregory

Love this game

Kellie Steadman

Says latest update available but when I click on update the playstore only gives option to uninstall or play.. no update.. very frustrating and not the first update it's happened with

Susan Crewey

Love it! Play it all the time.

Helen Henshaw

Loving the game BUT the amount of ads is ridiculous. I understand they are needed to keep the game free but not that many. Sorry but I'm uninstalling.

Katrina Johnson

I love the challenge. I love THIS game. The only problem I have is some of the ads won't go away or bring up the 'x' to close them out. It keeps making me repeat the same game because I am unable to close the game....so frustrating. Fix this and I would absolutely love this game.

Brandie Banis

I just claimed a 2 hour ? booster and it is not showing up. I also am unable to continue on another device of where I left off. Please help. Mahalo

Vienna Stapleton

so far I like this game thanks

margaret thompson


Anita Covault

Fun word game,, but it costs to much to buy extra letters, extra moves etc... the free coins you get for watching advertisements isn't even enough to buy an extra letter, or a help

Jennifer Sikora

I like this game

Tammy Brown

Game advertising doesn't match true game play.