Wobble Up

Author: Skygo

1,000,000+ install


On journey with little cutie, have the ability to reshape world. Complete wobble puzzles, collect moon soul and gather all mysteries.
Game feature:
– Unique and smooth gameplay
– Explore anywhere, anytime you want
– Simple control
– Adventure game with puzzles

Detailed info

File size: 100M
Update time: March 9, 2021
Current version: 1.25
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Skygo
Price: Free
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Customer review

kendall G

GOOD morning

Haley Richards

It's bad 200000000

Tara Kerr

Me like dis

Sony Novi Sad


A Google user

Good fun game


This game is very good

Lakeisha Nkontwana

Good game

Maria Rivera

It's a good game

Rhonda Brimm

It's to hard and to many ads and on 1 of the levels you have to jump down a spike hole when you get the moon is is impossible to get to the wall

violeta rodriguez

When i was l little i played this game

Melski Nunya

it's really good and you should make a number 2


This is a genuine good game. Now I will say they try to entice you into watching ads by shoving them a random skin in your face each level and saying the only way to get the skin is to watch an ad and somehow I found a special level but the only way to play it was to watch an ad. But they deserve the ad money cause you can easily decline each time and the game is actually pretty fun. The only reason I rated this is because it shoved it in my face and upon returning to the game the game froze

Nature Imposter

This game was going good until I kept getting stuck in the wall super glitchy, the lil character keeps disappearing too. Also when I can't get past something and need a hint it gives me a hint for something I already completed! Why?

Ja'mall Miller

kind of a lot of ads but nice mechanics though I only had it for 2 days and then the controls stopped working I can barely play this game and when and when I find out how to there's always an ad and then it will stop working again and I don't think it's my internet connection

Zander Blow

I like it👌😏😋☺😊

321 Dragonoid 123

Pretty fun,


I want the special skin but it's a good game with few ads (unless you die a lot)

Jakir Mondal


Vikki Painter

On the FIRST level I had a camera glitch that made the camera go to the top of the level

Rosa Dmitry

We'll see

Bessie Ray

Not very fun very very very glichee

Star TheFox

Spams ads. Dont download

Dennis Neagu

it would not install

Arturo Rivera III

Very good gam

Black Avenger

Boring but great

Terra Terra

I was forced to rate 5 stars at gun point

Kevin Wilkey


Tutor Talibsao



cant even press the buttons

john ezekiel D.M ancheta


moin rubina

Fake real fake everyone it's awesome 😊😊😊

izuku Midoriya

As soon as i started the first level the screen paned up and i couldnt see the level

Alex Rosario

The game itself is fun, but the ads make it impossible to play, I literally spend more time watching ads than playing, such a waste of a good game. I'm out.

Alexander Jasin

This is too confusing, one of my friends tried this then got sick please make the game easier

Felicia Caroline A.S

Cant even play the game. The screen keeps going up.

Eben Tambun

1. To much ads 2. Control is hard


Sloppiest controls ever, they are all wrong. Feels like I'm kissing my sister when I try to play this game.

Free Fire Legends

There are soooooooo many adds it just ruins the fun

Kyle Xy

The games your Dai.

Ryder Pawpatrol

I like these guys so all ❤️

Jen Dulatre

Your controller sucks

margie pongcol


Mehrshad Ahmadian

Its good game but it gas some bugs and glitches

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Aizhelle Joi Purigay

Bad Luck

Zain Salazar

This game is not relaxing it's frustrating even the controls don't work wene your playing give it -10000/10

Nona Nona

I love this game

Chicken Nugget

Boring and stupid

arjay diesto

This game is not good for me I just want no more ads

Annxion Amakuza

Its good because everything makes me feel comportable and wobbly it makes me relax

Lucas Acevedo

I like this game

Model Cometa



Add more stages

Irene jane Pentason

Cool games

Ramiljohn Balanay

I'm not sure this was a bug or something but I can't move the character I can only use the dash but I can't jump high flatforms

Jake Laurence Alegria


Gaming Child

The game is so good that it's like fun when I play it so good and ads Ok but if I lose still I love the game.

Austin Drake


Anita Medina

el juego es super entretenido, en su momento lo completé pero ahora intento y no puedo avanzar si me aparecen anuncios todo el tiempo en mitad del juego. También me gustaría poder ajustar el tamaño de los botones porque muchas veces no puedo apretarlos cosa que me hace perder. me desilusionó mucho volver a descargarlo

Mervin Ace

Ok, even if im offline the ads are interrupting when your in the middle of the game and it wont even pause, it will just make me lose

Nickoy Simms

For the first level I couldn't MOVE

Zain Abid

Tbh the cutest game ever and also free I generally dont give reviews but this game deserves it Keep it up developers

Ayaan Abdi


Ad ayub ansari Ansari

Not good


idk what to say but it's good

075- Inzamam Ashraf

i solve all levels and i need more. 😅

sohaib sohaib

Give more thinks like more button

Timotheos Louca

I like this game

Mariya Zilleha Khan

This looks like a more kid friendly rip off of Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsma

Anshul Singh


Debellotte Daniel


fire boy fire

this game is awsome


The game is great and very fun, the controls are a bit jank tho, i would recommend being able to atleast change their position and size.

Mirza Hanzla

This game is only time wast 😫😪

Sallahuddin Shiekh

Badest game

Nathaniel Loresma

I can tell this is a already amazing game 💅 but i cant download it becuz i dont have enough space

Andre Tibeingana

I keep getting stuck inside the mud and it won't let out. Fix your game.

Samantha Marbhy Clado

I would rate this game 5 stars but only if level 1.6 was fixed. When I did the hint the blue thing was more far from the spikes but in-game it's more closer pls fix this

Suffiyan Sohail

I like this game

mohd ilyas

Fun game but its superrr hard please fix this

Mannie Cris

I like this game but I was in 1.7 is so hard I'm thinking hard so I can't touch the free idea so delete the game



Andreadion chmit

Nobody download this little game freak so much lag

Sultan Aljabri

Horrible ads make you die

Morteza Khalili

This game is so good i like it.

Muaz Orlović

This game is amazing. I played it with my wi-fi off, so I don't know if ads are anoying, but the game itself is just AMAZING 💞

Daniel_nooboficial rblx

Yes But the adds are kinda annoying

Colin Ryan

Great fun, not a lot of ads, wish I could scale the controls

zealous serpent

Fun and hard puzzle game

nur qasem


Aubree Conner

This game is one of thr worst games i downloaded because they expect you to be a GOD at the game you know those flys that carry those pinks things that guard the moons i go right up against the wall and i still DIE i looked closey and the pink stuff did not even touch me this game is really hard and really annyoing

Joseph Mina

I love this game I'm pro in game but I dieeeee...

Elijah Manuel Plazuelo

This is so harď ima kid but this freaking Ugly you cannot change your eye i wish in gona gow to 0 star but icamt Is so imposilble and to mamy ads !#1

Umar Shafiq

Too much ads

As Photographer




Erdie Aquino

Yeah this is cool and all but there's a lot of ULTRA HARD park our levels. I love the puzzle ones tho.

jarrim john


Varsha Patel

best adventure game

Golden Freddy

I love itl