Wild Wars: RTS online strategy

Author: DRON

10K+ install


WildWars Tactics is a unique hardcore RTS on your smartphone! Build your base, create units, conquer territories and defeat all enemies! Unleash your power in fast and intense real-time battles with fury and funny animals!
Classical RTS direct control system improved by touch innovation! Use your fingers and become the greatest commander! The more you play, the better!
Infinite Units with unique abilities and their own destiny. Invent victorious strategies with your army!
Create custom maps with the in-game editor! Show your imagination, create your maps and battle with your friends in multiple game modes!
Thousands of players are waiting for you on the battlefield!
WildWars is a unique classic PvP real-time strategy single screen game for mobile!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 10, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: DRON
Price: Free
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Customer review

Milan Chikan

Guys... this game awesome... i wish have 2v2 and also add friends...upgrade this new diamond game. 😁

Ognjenson Olafson

The game is awesome but a lot of bugs...It keeps crushing but it is so good that i play it still...Hope that some fixes are on the way...

Miko Arandia

Just played the game Have lots of potential. Needs more game modes.. maybe a bigger map with timers or gates after a certain amount of time we can interact. Or maybe a game mode where restrict the number of buildings built.

Japhia Richards

Battles were kinda stupid. Made you pop right away and won each one without any real resistance. The maps are really small as well. No real challenge and not complex enough. Played about five or six battles in about twenty minutes and now hitting uninstall. I'm good. Great first game if developer is new, they have potential.

Balot Corporation

Is the game closed or unsupported? Downloaded like 24 hours ago And cant play saying check your internet I was hyped to try it

Eli Smith

I love this game! It has a ton of potential. Two issues though, one huge, one tiny. 1. (Tiny) - I wish you had access to more unique cards early on. I don't like that everyone plays with identical decks for so long. 2. (Huge) - Once both players have more than 4 units and 4 buildings on the screen, the game gets INSANELY laggy and the touch controls stop responding altogether, making micro 100% impossible. This is usually fatal. This makes the game unplayable. Keep working guys!

Aaron Van Buskirk

Game gets stuck is what I see.

Simon Jutras

Cool concept a little bit repetitive.


I have a Redmi Note 10 pro and this game works fine

Sanitater (Sanitater)

Seems fun, tho can't fully experience it because my FPS drop so bad once there's more than 5 units on the map, to the point when night comes, a Rave party begins on my screen until day comes, really annoying playing at 1 FPS, can't even control units.


keeps crashing



John Wayne

Game was fun, but no longer loads. Gets stuck trying to open. Update: they updated the game and deleted all my progress, gold, levels, etc. Now you get matched up starting completely over with people that have all level 5 troops... absolutely nuts by the developer. Rubbish

Etheron 123

The game is good however, this game is very laggy even in the lowest graphics

Nash Archangel

After the game loads the game quits so I can't play

Jigs Pascual

i love this game, i hope i can pvp with my friends

Paras Bali

This is useless game because network pin is bad

Steve Rebel

The lag is ridiculous and game freezes for like 5 seconds regularly, unplayable

koxy manSRB

The game it's ok but for beginners it's not, because the other players have much experience and have more stronger warriors, and because that new players constantly loose!

Md Saiful Islam

The game is good I loved this concept of build and battle rts but the issue is game suddenly stucks and automatically the app is closed while battling

Roshane Edwards

Really like this look of this

Rodel Jr. Salise

It's terrible.it kepps saying I have a connection problem even dough I don't my connection is working great it's 4 bars

Jason Eckhart

This game was working great and now it barely opens and if it does open it rarely will put me into a game. I like everything else about it for the most part outside of the 5 minute battle time making it 7-10min would be much more ideal.

Quarantine kill4

I love that fast placed gaming. Can't wait to see what's next.

Lorenzo Guiducci

Unfortunately unplayable, literally. When you try to open it for the first time you encounter just an infinite loading screen. I tried to reinstall the app more than once. Moreover the first time i installed this all the commands and script appared to me.

janos GX

Not working says can't connect to internet and stop loading fix that

cliff ord

wont load


The best of the best 👌


Game keeps crashing im on android 11 the longer i played the more it crashed now its literally unplayable


Very Basic

Trevor Willoughby

Jesus why is there a 5 minute time limit it ruins the fun, if that weren't in place this game would be perfect no micro transactions no paying for a battle pass just take off the 5 minute limit please

Chad Trimle

I want to support you guys were is the in app purchases? Beside that it a great game.

Angelo Paradiso

I love the game. It's fun, fast and direct. The game has a huge chance to become really good, except for constantly issues in optimization that just stucks your play or freezes your controls. I think it's by the fact it's been developing yet, so I hope those "problems" can be fixed to get the best gameplay! When I see them fixed, I'll give more stars.

Keng Thor

Great game. Just needs message box. FB connects or another way of playing with others. Time is too short but maybe could add more time game play options. I would also recommend either pay to level up the people or keep them level 1 and upgrade them during game. Love the game, reminds me of Starcraft.

David Akers

No rewards and laggy. Played over 40 games with minimal rewards. You are supposed to get keys to open chests (1 for loss, 2 for win). I've only received 16 keys... Do the math (chests are what contain your shards to grow your units). Also the lag causes enemy units to jump forward into your base before you even know they are there. Maps are way too small. Could be fun but needs A LOT of work.