Wild Forest: Idle Survival

Author: CD.Games

50K+ install


Wild Forest: Idle Survival – The train crashed in the wild forests. Fear and animal will kill you and the survivors if you do nothing! You must extract resources, build and improve the equipment of the survivors in order to save everyone from the wild places

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: CD.Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chris Westendorf

Good but no ending just upgrade everything and then you are left hanging.

A.C. Boone

I enjoyed it for what it was. I wish there was more to it.



Dakoda “Coco” McCoy

Love it. Needs more. One of my top ten. Really hope to see some updates

Tieme Kuik

Ok game.. beat within a few hours.. but only have 1 npc left and can not build another train to get him away.. everything upgraded.. is there another level?


Good game.. Tho I could be longer once u finished with all construction and reaearch

Robert Johnston

Everything maxed out in a few hours.. Doesn't seem to do anything or progress after maxing everything

rachel curtis

Love the game but it's it's one train, won't go any further further. Will give 5 stars when you fix it

Aaron Preston

Fun but short

Bill Hines

There is a bug that blocks you from moving past third lvl tools, besides that not a bad game, not a game breaking thing but annoying enough to uninstall.

Will Parkin

It's fun. Kinda slow but fun

Shane Cordle

Ive upgraded everything made all the trollys and im now stuck with one guy and nothing else to do.no ending no nothing. Why does all the oyher survivors get to go but you have to stay behind. That doesnt make any sense.

Joe E. White

I get all the way to the last survivor and no more options to build another trolley, it's a game with no end.

Justin Ussery

Pretty boring, upgraded everything and no ending. The only reason I'm not giving 1 star is because there are no ads

Charnae Leigh


Jacky Hung

can't disable sound and vibration

Jonathan Elizoglou

Cool and simple idea of a game but after a while (1h playing) 1 worker always stucks somewhere so i have to close the app.. after that the game just goes back in time 😂 and removes the updates i have made.

Chin Ming Tso

Completed every upgrade. And that's it, no ending, no progress and everything is just stuck there. All the NPC is standing at the bon fire and nothing else.

nicklaus chung

I get addicted with fun while playing this game. It's really brilliant game maker. Respect

Hamzan Martinez (The H Project Media)

Upgrade stimulator 0/10 would not pay again.

Jade G

I would give it more stars but I have finished everything that needs to be built and upgraded. Is there another level or is there only 1??

james partain

Great game just too short

Joseph Birkholtz

No way to go to next area after every thing is done. Not worth all the time put in it...

Charlie Hall

I complete the game but there is nothing else to do it is a really fun 5 🌟 pls update new levels


Beat it in a day.

Noorudin Adamjee

Best game so far on Google play

Stytches “Der Doktor” Rifflefeather

Close the app you loose your progress? Music was relaxing but... Rip of a different game

Shelby McDaniel

Easy game but very boring

Ash The Fennic

LOST ALL PFOGRESS! Its fun to sit and play on around night time before your laying down, my issue is after 2 hrs of playing the game I left the game and now all of my progress is gone and I have to start all over. Which isn't exactly a fun experience.

Nahari Levine

Fun but needs to be finished. It's missing basic gameplay and controls... And even a purpose to it.

Elaine Rotz

Fun but only a few hours of game play

Renae H

Would be good if I could mute or stop haptics

Steven-paul Strawhorn

max out buildings and humans in 1st level then nothing to do after that, can't leave to next level and no prompts to let u know what to do

Gursewak Singh


Stephen Zalen

This is not a game so much as a very low budget survival movie. You tap on an order, and watch your people work. The ending is drawn out, and totally anticlimactic. And I pity the piggies. But I liked it. Thank you for the game.

Rahat Ahmed

This game gonna reach 100M download. Just keep updating with more new exciting features.

Malcolm Davidson

Seriously, everything maxed out but nope nowt else to do. So 2 hours gameplay max for nowt. What is wrong wi u devs


I'm not liking not being able to turn off the vibration other then that it is a good game


Overall a fun game but I do have a couple issues.. first that train is neither a modern train nor is it off the tracks.. second what is the point of putting boards on some of the windows, no train owner would do that, and think of how you would put NAILS in GLASS. Lastly I dont know in what universe that engine is an actual engine but it ain't our universe. Other than those little issues the game is fun, quite good, I love watching the little guys running around collecting resources.

Ebin Abraham

It's fun to play. But there is so much to improve. So fun is just for some time. 1) No google play sync 2) No settings. Can't control music, vibration 3) It won't run in background. What is the purpose of storage then? 4) Stupid way of using resources and time. One guy fills the storage another one take it from storage. Wasting time. Why don't use it directly when put them for a build? 5) Graphics is OK. Not great. 6) No. Multitasking 7) Can't control the task or the the sequence the process

Luke Marley

Good game, shame there's no way to turn the volume off without turning the phone volume down

Victor Medina Draper

Hi, the game gets stuck when trying to upgrade the fire because there is nothing to do and all the survivors wait there, so the last resources cannot be delivered. Hope you a able to solve this issue, enjoying the game so far. I couldn't reach by mail address with a screenshot.


It freezes from time to time and when I've started, after 15 min, had to restart the game and all my progress was lost. Otherwise was a lovely game and enjoyed it. Thank you.

Evyen Van Den Boorn

Waaaay to short

Philip Langbehn

Great game. But you cant save the last survivor :(

Marcin G

Nice game but waaaay too short

donkey daddy

I had an enjoyable time until I got to the last survivor and realized I can't build the final rail cart, so games unbeatable which really bothers me

Malvene Chong

Game is okay. Just finished playing until there's no more thing to do. Sad that the one guy left alone.

ZigZag Twister

Great game and all but after a couple days of playing I completed maxing out everything is there going to be a mother update soon? Iwould love to keep playing

Jesse McDonald

Done in 2 days. Last survivor just sits there and you can't do anything. No ending just stops. Lame.

Arosh Nimantha



Great game just waiting to see what's next as maxed all of humans upgrades and building .

Kat Garcia

Enjoyed the game til I exited it and when I came back it had reset the game way back and lost all my progress. Wouldn't have complained but did this twice.

Mike Gaddass


J Hayes

This game is trash gotta restart everytime I close it. 💩💩💩💩💩💩

Jeffrey Clement

Copy of another game. And missing basic game options. Like turning off music but keeping sound on.

Alicia Tello

I maxed out everything and there's nothing else to do... so prob gonna Uninstaller it, but it kept me busy

Middle Class Bogan

Copy of other games yet slower

Mystic Fire

I binged played this for hours. Please add a way to make the character speed up along with the people. I hope to find out that you have added levels. No pay to play game!

Maxim Olaras

Good idea.. but finished the game in couple of hours...


Awesome game ...can you update add new level

Hossam Ahmed

The game is good but for some reason it's not the same as the screenshots also I've maxed everything and there is nothing happening!

Dyna Misha

No ads at all .

Steven Wannenburg

Got stuck waiting for resources the other workers is blocking the way


5 star game. Though it's short (6 hours min to a few days max super casual) there are ZERO ads. Bug reports are not to be dismissed, however, I only experienced one large bug. I left the game in running apps but not actually running and when I switched back to it I was standing in the middle of the mountains unable to move. Swiping the app closed fixed it. Small bugs are like survivors also add resources you no longer need more of to constructions. Hopefully updates bring more maps etc.

Rudyard Gaceta

A bug where a survivor gets stuck carrying last of ore to finish a building happens and games stuck like that forever.

Rocky Navarro

Im done all upgrades and build Train but What happened? im stuck at this Map no changes....

William Scheuneman

Beat it too quickly

Natalia Y

It is a nice small game that is relaxing and not overly complicated. One thing that was clear from the start is that we need a button to turn off the vibration. Good job guys!


Hope you can add more Levels and activities. 🥰

Nihil Koshy


Melissa H

2 characters left and are frozen on the screen, so the game can't be finished

Abraham ryo

I really really like this game, but can u fix effect from workbench. My work bench lv 6 and no effect decrease from that building.

Madeline Elgar

Really relaxing and no adds.

retired one

App needs some optimization. Sometimes the people get stuck in place and refuse to move making it impossible to progress. Force stopping app did nothing to solve the issue. It's a shame because I really enjoy this app. If the issue is resolved timely I'll change my review. I'm deleting and reinstalling to give a second chance.

Kevin Prager

A+ but it has a softlock.

Connie Koch

Great promise for a good game but far too short. Only takes 6 hours to complete.

Dheeraj Prajapati


Hussain 9222

Nice game....

Mike Ames

No ending you just get down to one person, and that's it.

Sito Berry

Use 10 hour fisnih all upgrade and send other person out .. left 1 alone .. no more upgrade ..

Lisa Merrill-Price

The game itself was ok, but there was no way to turn off the music and effect sounds. Very irritating.