Wild Arena Survivors

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Wild Arena Survivors – Join the wildest battle royale! Choose your Survivor to fight in fast-paced battles with 40 players on one map! Explore an exotic island for resources to make you stronger, defend yourself against wild animals and fight other players to win!

Welcome to the Wild Call festival! A criminal madman billionaire is hosting a cultural festival on his private island, promising a life-changing experience. Many thrill-seekers have joined from all over the world – but they got more than what they asked for! Now trapped on the isolated island, they are forced to participate in his violent, crazy games – who will be the last true Survivor?

Play a variety of unique Survivors with their own weapons, abilities and playstyles! Collect them all and level up their skills to unlock their true potential!

Search the island for resources to upgrade your weapons and items during each match! Improve your gear to blast your enemies away!

Prove yourself on an untamed exotic island filled with secrets, wild animals and other Survivors! Adapt and improvise in hostile environments to make it through the match!

Prove your skills in fast-paced matches in this hero-based battle royale! Face off against other players and master the playstyle of your chosen Survivor!

Choose from an increasing variety of game modes! Experience the adrenaline rush of making it on your own in SOLO MODE, or team up with other players in DUO MODE to lead your team to victory!

Accomplish various quests to complete the battle pass, earn resources and unlock the star Survivor of the Season!

– Choose from over 13 unique Survivors with their own playstyle and backstory!
– Matches with 40 players in various game modes!
– Upgrade your Survivors and their Perks for more powerful playstyles!
– Improve your Weapons and Items during each match to get stronger!
– …And much more!

Discord: https://bit.ly/3wJY2uB
Twitter: https://bit.ly/WAS-Twitter
Instagram: https://bit.ly/WAS-Instagram

Support: https://ubisoft-mobile.helpshift.com/hc/en/51-wild-arena-survivors/
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Update time: Sep 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
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Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jacky Lee

What a little load of rubbish . Everything is missing with the game . It's not even polished before they decide to release it . No bounes what so ever . Game is so dame DRY. REAL DISSAPOINTMENT .



Mauricio Ortiz

Could be better, devs dont reply on discord.


Very good game not going to lie

Timothy Karc

Love the simplistic gameplay. It's fun and I look forward to the possibility of this game.

tho tan

Please fix, this game very lag, please optimize graphic and coder

Huy Tran

Graphics stuned, but hope you can optimize the buttons

siktir git

i play my games with VPN on...lost my first ever and second match cause i gotten stuck at 98% game's match loading, then i found out it was because i had my VPN ON! GREAT START!!!! 😀

Infi Dragon

There are cheats now on the game??? My POV was aiming at the otherside but his in fornt of me. Even my skills went through him. Even when he ridrs a horse hes on the bottom side and cant get hit. Also controls feel so heavy along with the lag issue.

San Jose Carl Nielsen

Graphics: the quality is good but a little worried because it can easily heat up the phone even in low graphics. Settings: there is too little costumization. Controls: a little concern to play with more comfort if the settings for controls sometimes it feels heavy and unresponsive. Matchmaking: it would really be nice to even the level for fair play. Internet connection: is poor should i say the servers. What a letdown cheating in the game feels bad for the future of the game


So far the game is really good. I loved the gameplay and graphics of this game. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars because of the loading screen at the start of the game. That Shader Compilation takes a lot of time as well as the loading. Please fix this issue.

Hiếu Nguyễn Trung

Unplayable. Always losing connection. I wasn't able to play a single game. What a disappointment from Ubisoft. Terrible experience.

Ban Sama

Pay to win game trash

Kordian Skiba

Massive potential, beside the nice character variety which is hard to unlock af without (battle pass), there's still not much to do... oh and the intro before drop is toooo long

Aman xess

This is the shittiest battle royale game to exist lol. Don't bother downloading it please


I wish for other additions, Arabic servers and also lower quality graphics because my phone is weak, and thank you

Dane Lausberg

Have opened a bunch of chests and only found 1 new survivor. Playing the same 3 survivors is BORING - drop chance for new toons needs to be upped.

baad gamer

Connectivity issue this game can't be played. Worst than any early access version game. test it before launch.

Bala KrshN

Crazy Game loved it# Please make character quite Swift it's like dragging character I feel give some life to it and customising character dress would be great 😃# Good Strt# Ty ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉

Tiomi Ajie

Money grabber

Chetu Chaudhary

So awesome game i ever played


Looks like a top down BR Far Cry game but iirc they wanted to separate the Far Cry series from this game. And even the intro felt like a Far Cry game. It's decent BR game like others but wished they actually made a Far Cry game for mobile or even port one of the previous game to mobile...

Dinesh V

Game is fun but mobile heating a lot

Palm Trw

เกมมีความหน่วง คาดว่าน่าจะเป็นจากเซิร์ฟเวอร์

meawesome ubad1969

The game lag so much it was unplayable even with a stable wifi connection


New arina

James Pilcher

The game is pretty good for a phone game.. good graphics. only problems are it freezes.. and one time I couldn't even use the controls.. I don't know if it's the game or my phone.. but I don't like that.

Max Unch

Stupid, boring, nothing special.

Likc Dsey

Constantly freezes and is unplayable. Fix immediately!

Woda Nest

Soooo much lag cant play,,the game itself is freaking awesome but the lag issue is worst...cant even walk properly


It seems like it is almost impossible to get a new hero in this game. I played the two heroes that the game give at the start. I managed to open 6 blue, 4 purple and 5 gold boxes through hero rewards lines and I got no new hero. To get more boxes from hero reward lines and have a chance to unlock more heroes you have to play a LOT games as you progress. So the game is getting boring. There is no much content at the moment, give a way to unlock new stuff...

rick annis

Got boring real fast needs more maps

Doom NabudGar

Wow nice games like

Ryan Zook (KCloud420)

Decent concept but horrible controls setup

Side Bayside

Imagine brawl star if it had open world games auto button, you aim in brawl star at least but in this game ping is so high all you have to do is clicking on buttons very fast,art is satisfying but if it keep being like this I can't take it

firdaus bin abd muttalib

The lag is really bad, really really bad. Please optimize and add more in-game events other than just loot box drops, add animal rampage events to get animal companion, or Jurassic attacks to get Dino mount, alien attacks to get alien weapons, add weather effects like thunder storms or meteor shower like PUBG red circle, make in game events more dynamic or seasonal so that it wouldn't be just about PvP but survival of the elements and the wild as well. Game laknat, mcm bodo

Erica Royko

I can't even play my game keeps crashing


Flop. Boring and not smooth. Garbage game.

Estarija, Jan Bryle B.

It's a good game but pay to win.

Goutham Das

Would have given 5 stars if it's in beta.. but seeing it released it feels half of the game is still missing.... Controls Ranking system Friends system Items bugs But the concept is nice

Christopher Clarke

Great game, one thing is give the ability to duo with people. More social interaction as a whole and tie progression into cosmetics rather than survivor power a bit more. It can feel a bit pay to win or at least pay to be better than the rest by a bit. Overall, definitely worth a try and has a lot of potential!

Louis Ng

I can't login to game.keep say my internet have problem

argie balanoba

Game not working in the middle of the game 😢


You want rating this is it. why the hell it is so difficult for u guys to make a fair game 2days my character is on same lvl u want money do something else man we r gamers not richi rich

John Sinos

There needs to be a social tab. I want to team up with my friends

Mech Brush

Nice game, still very new and needs updates. He mount doesn't work properly, you have to time your movement right just after mounting to move after mounted. If you don't you get stuck on the same spot. I'm sure there's probably a few other little bugs but still a fun new game.

Pro Leon

doesn't download


Impressive Game. Lots of potential and opportunities too.

Hossein Ebrahimi

Gameplay is very low and very difficult

Сема Айзенберг

Fix your damn network code, the game lags soooo bad. It's pretty fun when it works tho


Good game

Sinner Devil

Game has potential but lags in 1. Tutorial - Atleast introduce users on what is crafting, skills and weapons 2. SBMM - not sure this game have SBMM, most of the time I die to Higher rarity weapon player/bot in initial time of game only. 3. Zone - Except during the drop, there is no notifications on zone closure and there is lot of obstacles that prevents user to move, either reduce the zone speed or reduce the damage, also add few announcements when zone nears the player

Márton Borsos

The game doesn't start

آرین رحمیی


Evan Biteranta

Nice game en graphics

Ghazy Fadhil H

Its like King of Hunters. But the modern one. I miss that game never to release yet.

Sasan Hasannzhad

Oh my God, the best game you can see in a while very very good 👍👍👍

jose mendez

Please fix the game, or allow us to play while using a VPN, i always use VPN on my phone for everything and i play a lot games but this one won't let me play while using the VPN it loads and everything but when the match loading screen reaches 100% a message pops up saying connection lost.. fix it plz

Jason Taylor

Good game, just can't play it. I managed to play a couple rounds when connected to a friends high end wifi. But when connected to basic wifi or just data it either struggles to the point of unplayable or just shuts off when you start a match. I really think this is a good game with many possibilities but if I can't pay it then what's the point.

Emeandor “RAS” Gaming

A new take on battle royale. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future

Kerstan Hayne

I've had a good experience so far with this, but as it's very new a lot can be added (customisation for example). I look forward to any updates

ALI zaarour

Game is good but servers are sooooo bad and laggy so no matter how u good you are , still going to lose

Gyohoho yohoho

Its good but it crashes a lot

Mj Roderem

This game has potential-with the right update.

abolfazl mangeli

Very cool

jonathan fuentes

Cool game but super lag, so not cool anymore.

syai 11

dont install it.. pay to win game 100%

Xein Thet Zaw


Abi Ghifar Rapanza


Latest Trailers

This is not a battle Royale, it's just a time waster. Very poor experience and game keeps crashing halfway. I wouldn't recommend it for download. Just uninstalled it.

young wicks biggest dad

Could be fun its sorta fun but the thing is it has to much lag and it's sorta p2w

AVER Channel

Love this game!. And really enjoying to play. I suggest this game have a option for the controller setting. Its hard to play went all the buttons to small

Mamat Mawon

Jaringan down melulu, benerin dah, hedew

Matthew Rector


The Vanity Clan

Amazing needs a thing to see stats tho

Chandra Vikrama

Bad optimization, boring and another cash grab battle royale.

Matthew Williams


Jeff Lo

Tldr: fun game, super hard to earn gem even if you save enough for 100 gem box still only 25% of getting new hero. Very hard to earn gem to open box to get more new hero. There are 2 boxes one is 40 gems called gold wardbox only 7% of getting new hero. 100 gems is the dimond wardbox which is 25% of getting new hero. Very hard to earn gems and even if you saved enough to open dimond wardbox still just 25%.

Macaneata Mihai Madalin

After a few hours you hit the paywall. I would really like to pay for cosmetics in a game like this, but pay 2 win in a battle royal is just lame. You feel bad for doing it and you feel bad for not doing it. I wonder what monkeys come up with such stupid methods of monetization

Viper Bepari

Game is good but need more optimization

Elton Shima

One of the best games for now


It's like a moba battle royal pretty good!👍

Patryk R

Cool idea, but paying right away gives you advantage, compiling shaders each time it boots takes way too long and there's an immense lag on the skills, as if the servers were outta Europe... if they fix it, the game may be good.


Good ,but need optimization , dash button would be awesome

Mee Rool


Mohamed Atef


Robert Gagnon

Fun! can't wait to see what the devs do.

Lu -

You guys need to fix some stuff before I spend $12 on a battle pass! This not APEX LEGENDS TYPE OF GAME APP... atleast there battle pass is cheaper.


Game won't play crashes after shreder compilation


I can't play well cuz of bad pings idk why servers need upgrade I'm from asian

Clark Meyers



Expecting much more form this game in future

Shawn James


Ali J

I like this game this is fun


I would like to give it 5 stars but the game is so laggy

Black Rabbit

Unplayable. Not sure if there is OCE servers or not but I'm lagging way too much for a game that requires good and stable ping

haseena shaik


Brett Vasquez

Too slow, every single fight is an up close button smash til who can land the most shots


Great! Controls need more precision but overall great! hopefull more survivors will be introduced.

Jerrico Petros

This is exceptional! It's finally in global! See u in the battlefield! eLJefeDRAGON will hunt you hahaha..