Where’s My Water? 2

Author: Kongregate

100,000,000+ install


Where’s My Water? 2 – The sequel to the most addicting physics-based puzzler from Disney is here!

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1.9.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Kongregate
Price: Free
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Customer review

patal yt

I have a lot of memories with this game 😃😃😃

Teresita Castillo

I really like this game

Christian Magpile

I love this game🥺🖤

Melvie May Bangkel


Deepikasri P

My favorite game

Alex Wolf

Every time you try and play a Melody level it shuts down

Quennie Mercado

I love it dis is the game dat I play wen I 8 and I'm 12 now

Patel Meghal


Michael Norton

Way to many ads. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Shame as the gameplay is good.

Haziq Mustafar

Great app!

Austin Swick


Asam osama

احسن لعبة puzzle بالعالم كلة متعووب عليها كتيييير

Anna Brockbank

A great game, and I like all the the different challenges. Except I can't play any of the melody challenges as it crashes on those levels when I collect the second note. So I can't progress any further than level 25 at the moment.

andriyana hapsari

I love crocodail × - ×

That_Crepe _Guy

Just the amount of ads I got ruined the entire thing, got 2 back to back before I even entered my age in the start

austin swick


Grace Comstock

It's so fun! I've played it since I was like 10!


Deserves to be put up in a museum of epic fatherless games

loveness kwaramba

Devyn Kwaramba Dk

Minyi Ye

The Key Update is the most influential worst thing ever, Like where do I get keys from, I wanted to unlock the Beach because we want more. The price costs $1.29 to pay for new levels but considering how it looks like a kids game buy paying literally. And I hope the creator will update this game or not, You can't even think how intense by nostalgic to this game went on but it's basically ruined. No doubt, This is it.

Matin Rasolii


Rupam Mandol

I like it It is my best game

dj ghy

pls open the BEACH

Alissa Evanson

I Love this game It fun

Cam plummer

Its fun

Sunny Rameshbhai

This game is wonderful

Kasturi Meena

The melody mode always crashes

Nurul Izliyana

Too many ads in this game...


You Made My ChildHood. I still Miss The Show I Used To Play This When I Was 4 or 5 And Now Im 10. And Thank You For Creating My ChildHood.

Fatemeh Samadi

Great. Thanks 💜

Sheela Gupta

Its very nice game l love this

MohammadH Beheshty


Aryan Shaw

Great game 5 stars to the developers But the haven't yet fixed a bug where the where game crashes in every melody level when water / steam touches the orange musical note. Please fix this issue, to make the gameplay experience smooth.

Chad Payne

Does not follow new Google Play store as rules. Cannot skip, some are endless loops, some trap you in the play store and you have to close the app to leave. This needs fixing.

Gaurav Saini

I love this game

Broby brown

Very good. I have been playing since I was 9. Thank you for your app.

Shoukat Ali

Best game

Irah Orizal

Omg.. brings back so much Memories.. I wish I Can Bring All of those Memories Back When my Mother is Still Alive And we Played This Game Together. :))

Sara Herrera

This game is the 1st game I've ever know since my childhood, I hope that make sense!

Arz Sena

The best game

Azra Tahira


Yomna Ahmed

The first time I opened the app I saw the damn Disney logo, and I find this is a reason enough to give you one star..I wish it was half a star..BAD APP..I don't recommed


I love this game it's the best app game ever

Manan Parekh

I am not able to play melody challenge whenever i start playing that game stops working and closes it self

Dar Dar


gunisha aggarwal

What is the problem with the melody level when ever i play the level my game turns off automatically please solve the bug

Dania Alyssa

Aww my old game i love that

daniell cabrera

Your game is so good

Fereshteh Lima

من به این بازی ۵/۵ میدم حتا اگه میشد ۱۰/۱۰ هم می دادم چون واقعا فوق العاده س یه سری مرحله هاش سخت و بقیشو آسون ه

Navizar Lubis

Good game, but too many unskippable ads and a little bit buggy complete screen (ex: swampy is at the top right but the outlin of the circle is still in the middle.)

Ghia Zahra

gbisa di instal anjay

Paul Haworth

Cool game

Yashika Gupta

Cannot even play "melody" challenges

Nagin Piprotar

op gema

SRK Gamer




Hasan Lotfollahi

Too many ads . That hurts me .

ghulam haider

My Sever On Pk I See Miles 2 Downloads Nice III End One The Game Wow 😲 There Is Disney Game

uriah whitney

I love this game.

Eliana Askin

I reinstalled this game for the nostalgia of it, but I quickly realized that it was not saving my progress in most levels and I would need to do the level a lot of times. I'm uninstalling this game now, because honestly, if it's not gonna work like it should than I don't want it taking up space on my device.

Taha Taha

I know this game from like when I was 4 and I love it

Fatemeh Japalaghi

It's an interesting game😃

Eduardo Rubalcava

I thought I'd redownload the game since I haven't played it in a while but now that it's owned by a different publisher, it's riddled with unskippable ads and doesn't even give an option to pay to remove the ads. Don't bother downloading this "game".

Sey ed

It's so nice

Fatemeh Mirsheksr



Most entertaining time I have spent in B lunch Maine West Highschool Des Plaines IL.👦

Alpaben Patel

Best game

Baterdene Btrdn




Doggy Cab


Sarthak Nepal

Good luck 👍 💓 ✨ 💗 💖 💜

Thulaniey Skhepula

It's good

Sahiloo Shaikh


FF Gaming




Reshma khan Reshma khan

veri nais

Cathy Mareno

Game continues to crash at level 20. Like the game except for the crashes.

Yuri Hassle Araújo

Don't install this game. You'll like it, but you'll get stuck midgame due to a bug that makes the app crash in melody levels.

vivek k


Dhara Sarvaiya

Excellent 👌

Marga Bautista

Everytime I play the Melody level the game will automatically close when I got the color orange note

Hamsatul Salbiah Mohd Noh

Quite difficult even after so many years since this game launch.My daughter tryout so many times still couldn't pass the last level she's in. Challenging.Will uninstall for now, or my grandson will be nagging on my daughter when he can't pass his aunt's last level.😅🤣. Keep on improving. Should create more games this kind in the future.

Mr nasif bai

Nice 🖤


my child hood

thein tan

This game is so cool !!😄

Mohamed Adel

In levels which contain melody marks the game suddenly stopped working.can you please fix it

Angels_ life

I played this game as a kid and i still love it till this day.

duba jaan


Alireza Esmaeilifar

In the end, it is not free😑



Krishna Kumar

Very good game...💖

Rob Lintern

Would have been 5 stars if game hadn't reset my progress

Noora Khademi


diana jasmin visperas

This is a great game

Khawaja Alvi Al Mahmud

Every level, in "Melody Round" my game stucks and restart automatically!

ROCKIE k g f


Bhimajiyani Nirav

Nice game

Keya Ahmed



This game is so amazing.I navr boor whith this game. you know name of this game "where 's my water?" And this game have so meny levels some levels are soft and some levels are hard when I play the game I have so fun.🐊

Autumn Harrington

On level 16 the melody challenge everytime I get the orange note the game crashes I love this game otherwise tho I'm only rating low so this will hopefully be seen. Edit. I got past the level whith brute force but every melody challenge has a chrasing orange note I just have to brute force it to be able to move on this really sucks for people like me who want to perfect complete games please fix this melody crashes the game