Where’s My Water? 2

Author: Kongregate

100,000,000+ install


Where’s My Water? 2 – The sequel to the most addicting physics-based puzzler from Disney is here!

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1.9.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Kongregate
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rina Paul

The game is good .but some levels are very hard.i hope everyone loved the game.

Rona Sinaguinan

Its a fun game

Ganda Yarn

Its a fun game

Nature Rose Ki

nice game

Arameh Sharabyani


Darshana Tayde

Very very intresting game but levels are very less

arbinliam quibuyen

Too bad. If I always accepting the challenges I can't access to it and I decided to uninstall this application. Too bad have a nice day everyone!

Nicole Trixie Arizobal

kinda cute game

Roya Malahi


Andrew Sapinoso

Very nice and good

Nicole Nucup


Camila Dianne C.

Is super fun than other games that i play

Michelle Villasenor

So good!

Roniel Francisco

Super fun

John Lloyd Adornado

Fun game

gwenyth gacutan

Wonderful!! Go play it

Christina Teo

Is very fun game and nice...

Ma.Ericka A. Delos Santos

Wonderful game❤️

Marilyn Bojeres

Super fun

jha 1121

Like it

Tata Raket

Nice game


love it

Roschell Salazar


Fatemeh 2891371


Clarissa Patricio

Yes..great app

Matthew Mage

It is fun to play..

chen chen

I really love this game, I've been playing this since I was in HS


Amazing game i love it 🙂


For some reason whenever I try to play a "Melody" level, the game crashes🤷🏼 Does anybody else have the same problem?

Michael O'Connor


Kimang Yabut

Its fun. And great app. I love this app. 😍

Delian Hagara

Good game



Izzati Ismadi

Hate this game.. I'm stuck at level 30 and can't open the gate.. they give me some options either I want to buy the gate or watch 3 short video.. I already watch 2 video but the last video can't open so I can't go to other level!

Jovylyn Imperio

So good

arshan lago

Great game, its satisfying fun, and a great time killer

Palan H

Is game ko aur nikaalo

Sher Prime

Its fun to play..

Eugenio Pilande Jr

Very easy

Erika Plaza

I love the game! It's fun and addicting. Love it!

Grieta Bērziņa

I honesly love this game besides thats a recration only for free is even better

Nicole Adia

Good app


Wonderfull gamee❤

Erika Ann Plaza

This game is amazing! It's addicting though but its fun. Love it!

Yekula Jayalakshmi

The best game ever

eijna oadnab

nice game

Generation Of Miracles


Syra Pascua

It a nice game.

Charrise Lloren

Fun game but many challenging levels.

Grace Andrea Capili

I like this game so far ...

Ronald Buenafe

I wonder full games at very good app

Yes Guz


Shiv Arya

Good game

Shianne Pastrana

Not bad game. It's funny and challenging game 🎮🎮

John Balmeo

Nice game.. qnd i love it..

Maycel Dela Liña

Ang ganda ng apps

Sikumi Mey

I really loved this game, the levels are fun, the different versions of each level makes them challenging. I just wish there were more ! I did some intense playing for 3 months and already finished it :(

Sophia Aquino

It cool game

Irish Jordan

Its so very interesting game . I like it very much

Felisa Quintua

Ganda ng games nato

Arianne Kate Carale

This games is so amazing.

Zubaida Farooq


Ryan Oliver

Nice apps

Aljonvic Aldueza

Nice app

Rommel Laguidao


Ml Player

A wonderful game full of nostalgia, a fun experience and a curious puzzle level, although it seems that there are still numerous bugs that have yet to be patched years later. Even if this game is 8 years old and no longer possibly in the works, I'm sure tweaks can be made. Certain music soundtracks do not play and are replaced by silence (alternate level themes). I've made it all the way to the bayou to only be rewarded with dead silence as well. Enabling/disabling music does not fix the issue.

marywel eliot


Hazelle Anne Pacia

It's pretty good

lowremzo dela cruz

Good app

felix bakat

Nice game

Vilmar Calagos

very nice games. .

Ka Mou


Dj Angel Nonya

Tbh wmw 2 is less impressive then the prequel. Sure you get more than 5 Allie and cranky levels for free but you have to wait a whole day in between ads for keys and that feature is android exclusive! I would pay to get hired to make a threequal to wheres my water cuz this is disappointing especially with some challenges in the woods area which are bullcrap. Tldr: keys stupid + stupid challange puzzles in woods and beyond

Braylee Scholebo

It's grate and fun thx I love it

Anaya abbas

Love the game but I wish we didn't have to pay

Vicky Diaz

One of my childhood favorites, glad I'm still able to play it.

Willian MG

This game was my childhood game

Sogand Hj


Melina hezaveh

بازی بدی بود


2 ads before I can even open up a level? LITERALLY unplayable due to the shear amount of ads and money grabbing. Do not install this waste of time

Saeed Bayat


Anna Brockbank

A great game, and I like all the ye different challenges. Except I can't play any of the melody challenges as it crashes on those levels when I collect the second note. So I can't progress any further than level 25 at the moment.

Yash Rathod


aditya khewale

Nice Game

larry key

i liked going down memory road, but i hate the fact that after level 30 you have to watch ads to go through to more levels. play for the fun, leave for the greed.

Mike And Jen Pulsipher

It seems level 2 is impossible so why 3 stars because of fond memories of it

Faith Flynn

Wayyyyyyyy too many ads, otherwise it's fun.

yaa fosuah asamoah sarpong

It's so entertaining

Anil Mani Chacko


Derick Yeo

Disney please add watching on keys we will happy if you add that because everyone the keys is the problem.Please read this Disney 😔😔

Sanjan Veera Patel Kanthimathi Nathan

There's One Small Problem In The Game I Was Playing The Melody Mission When I Got The 2nd Note I Got Exited By The Game Pls Fix This

Maysa Kohan


Arun Kumar

Nyc game

Alyaqdhan Zahran

Could be optimized more

Quang Huy Tô

ko chơi đc

Cadet-Chloe Ling-sqRighteousness sqRighteousness

Ad right after the opening screen, even before the first tutorial? Cynical. Uninstalled.

Piyush Jain

So butteful

Jia Chen

Too many ads,

Sindewa Ndlovu

I like it

Amera Yaseen

Sewer melody levels After the 2nd tone game shuts down in all of the melody levels So can't even get to the next chapter (the beach)