Wheelie King 4 – Online Wheelie Challenge 3D Game

Author: Kimble Games

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Wheelie King 4 – Online Wheelie Challenge 3D Game – Motorbike Wheelie Simulator 3D – Street Bike wheelie games tour racing

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Kimble Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hunter Mergenthaler

Every time I weelied my throttle and ad to ad to ad this game is horribly bad


I Download this game two time but it was lacking too much

Leo Mustonen

Ihan saatanan hyvä peli tiedän et olet suomalainen ja olen käyttänyt tähän peliin rahaa

Tarun s S

Super game i enjoyed the game very well

Ojooj Baba

Can you add the stunt handlebar to the Aerox

Isaak Niekoley

Great game

W.O.W.B _784

Make the bikes a lil more real please

Chenise Bowden

I love it so much

Muna Gautam

This game is so interesting then others games

mmvl_ gabi

please do when you have an accident with the motorcycle from 60km / h to demolish not at 20km / h because it is annoying and add the motorcycle Kawasaki zx10r plssss

larkygoat_292 Gadd

Can you add customer your owner player

Hasra Banoè

This game is very nice and beautiful

Makhaya JONES

Wheely King 4 please add clothes shirts and shoes and pants please I am begging you please add it I am sure some people from the hood play this game and I am sure they one the clothes please really Kingsport please add it I am from Guyana I know how it is to have clothes please add it it can be the new update please add it 🙏🙏🙏

Griffin Fraser

this game sucks it lags too much ads and stop the lagging

king of the pigs 12 ytttv

Where the 5 installment and money is way to hard yo make

Jeevan mc .R

Super game

Rakibur Islam

Worst game ever I played only my 450mb waste

Jake Sosebee

Never deleted a game so fast in my life.. horrible don't download it


Best wheelie mobile game

M3K 88

I love this game please watch the adds we need more updates everyone. Don't complain that they don't update when you turn off your wifi

Gaming with Waris

Best game i saw in play store

Jackson Tastet

Best game ever

u e boom t.v.

It's gangsta 😎


This game is fun

KHishigdelger Odonchimeg

Good game but more big update need MX BIKE details

John Campbell

If you don't like the ads... Turn on airplane mode or turn off WiFi/Mobile Data.

Yaseen 786


Rxnnie HMS

Very good game since I started playing but I would suggest adding more realistic sfx sounds and better handling for the bikes. there is also a bug which doesn't let you join into a sever when created and hope it gets fixed.

Alma Woodard

This games is to fun to have so much ads

Pierre Rambault

Too much ads

Riley Crothers

U do wheelies Yeah That it

Dhiru Pamak

To 3 which

Nick Rouse

Good game

Bobby ray

Awesome game even better seport team

Jhamauri Watson

Good game

Unknown Channel

Can you make it so when paint the helmet or bike you pick a hole part and paint it it's to hard how you have it it's taken me 7adds to paint a god dam helmet 🤬

Veeti Yeeti

Good game but way too many ads that can't be skipped and take way too long


Too laggy

scoot pro

Better monkey

Jack Buck

At the start it's bad but when you get good at it it's good

Nuutti Pennanen

More maps

Quewane Duncan

This learn me how to weehlie bycycle


Add four wheelers


Awesome game but the police go to quick


It's a really cool game I wish there were more games like this

jeff martin

Can't figure out how to play this game

Jydi Scheepers


Retro _Kel

Plz adddddd. Quadds

jk magno


Jahzye Smith

This game is wonderful but u can add some four wheelers

Zain Pasha

Raiyan Pasha king 47

Billy Little

This game is just so good and so fun I love playing



game ceaser 1 not a game

This game is so trash the 120,000 bike you can't tern don't install this game

Shaik Farook

Zuber king

gurnam singh


Nathan Jordaan

Id love to play it if i could see the bike


I cummed its sticky☠

Jere m

Best game but they need to add quad bikes

Benbear Williams




Jeremy Vercher

It's a decent game lol its corney as hell but it's fun when u get bored of all the other games u play

Joe L Taylor III


Jaleel Ashraf

Nice game

Danny Allen

Lower down the money for the bike

mikael nyström

Viis kaut viis

Samuel Yabrough

Good baugbt game nic3 game on Amazon 100 $ good gane

Rajini L

#nice game

Shahinkhan shahin


Tiffany Payden

GREAT graphics

Jonne Karppinen


Keyonda Boardley


Damoy cox

I love it

Mohammed Ayaan

Not nice


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Marry Smith

Experience the thrill of formula drift in our latest motorsport racing game! Wheelie King Drift Racing 3D will test your skill to the limit.

terry smith

Its amazing aap easy to play.. Having good graphics and functionality

Idris Aziz

Really good please add multiplayer

Frank Duncan

You should add online on here

Jose Voorhees

Best game ever you should add multiplayer

fred pendra