Weapon Cloner

Author: Rollic Games

1,000,000+ install


Weapon Cloner – Single Weapon is Never Enough!

Detailed info

File size: 158M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 2.73
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Andrea Bianca Gonzales

The ads are long and frequent! Makes you question if you even downloaded a game!

Matt Gray

good game love the music

David Kayla

its OK I guess

Hoang Nghiem

To many ads

Yassin Osama

nothing and this game is so bad and the owner have to ban me

Chris Gray


Eli Carney

The game was so langy I couldn't even play the game.

SooFunny *not

I mean not that much of ads but it's alghr

Luis Diaz


Ivan Thegreat

I have to smash the screen on my phone just to get to click one button and it doesn't even work half the time I got like five ads within the first minute I do not like this game it's a waste of your time and it's a waste of your time getting rid of your games if you don't have enough space don't get this game it is the worst game I have ever played my screen broke when I was trying to click the button okay so make it so it's easier to tap cuz I really have to break my screen

Daniel Hyche



I think that you like it

Chris Caron

great game

Khanya Sikutshwa


Stanley Means

First level and I already had 4 adds that's pretty ridiculous. I understand you make money from game adds. 1 each level at the end of the level is enogh stop being greedy.

Dizzy Toxic


Janzen Harris

Thirty seconds in and already a thirty second ad. Not happening

Thato Dimpe


Leviticus VauxHall

app is glitched. closes out for no reason

Knights Creeden

Too many adds and money grabs, yall are trying way too hard. It could be a fun entertaining game but in just a few minutes I was overwhelmed by adds and cash grabs.

Key Nam

It's fun simple game

sound wave

ad not same as GAME

Philip Philip

fun kill

Debbie Hosler


Stacey Carmack

Hate o

Kevin Q

Gotta live when a game claims ads are optional but forces the ads even when you decline them

matt leonard


Michael Eastwood

This game has problems like technical problems that need to be fixed.


The amount of lagging I couldn't even exit out of the game plus you get bombarded with ads every level don't recommend

Faye King

Trash didn't even try Wish I could rate no stars

Claahi Cganey



Glitched out and now is unplayable. I deleted the cache and saved information got all the way to about where I was levelwise and it glitched out again. I'm done.

shaikh ajju


Bhavani Reddy


Apache Locklear


Anthony Enaike


Naema sufi

very bice

Isaac Current

great game little crazy on the Ads though

Shaikh Yunus

Missing keys and chest

Utenge Utuk

Its cool

Gab'sile Dlamini

cool game

Jeremiah Burks



Pretty good up until level 88 which it just stopped working.

Ophelia Sakriin

Like...this game is a good time killer, fun? Nah, but as of now I broke the game by opting into more weapon clones than damage...and now it just doesn't work anymore.

corey merriweather

a great fun game


Was a fun time waster until I hit level 111. Now no matter what weapon I choose the character yeets it into space. This means I can never get a second attempt as the first throw never stops.

Simon Caunt

The last update broke the game and now it is unplayable as no weapons can be thrown

Zhan Ling

This game sucks bc its lagging now

Matt Dafter

I have played one level, what would I even have to review???????

Riian Cowan

ads are terribly frequent

Keeng Saebul

this is actually a good game. not at all what I was expecting.

Veronica Carter

nice 🙂👍🙂 good

Ruben Cota

playing for the gems and like only 10 minutes sorry


Literally unplayable once you hit level 149. The game won't progress past that point

john echols

It's an awesome game

Dan Pickle

So far, so good!

Amanda Nicolle

really good game

daniel humphrey

Sucks big green ones

Vihanga Lakruwan

What a lame... worst ever..... 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

Carl Lamb

Meh....just, Meh😑😑

Joe Wellman

It was ok

Mentara Hitam

very nice goodd

S N Parmar parmar


Nenad Savic

Love the game but theres alot of adds

Old gamer life


Jacob Pauley

Too basic to keep long. It was fun for an hour.

Never Ending Party

Repetitive, no real challenge, ad hevey waste of time not fun. It really loses its charm in the first few levels

Aaa Ssss


P Reddy appa

X study in Xoxox.

Jotaro Kujo does anims

constantly asking me to review it. heres your review. also it's very lame.

Uppi kalyankar


Alfred Calderon

Well it's fine but when I'm on level 187 and it's 20k to upgrade a weapon but when I throw it's just a line

Weston Stephens

overall good

Chris Fields

What's the point in coins? Just to upgrade damage not get new weapons or skins? Just another ad based game, don't even bother downloading it.

Alan Anderson

another simple game that let's you watch alot of ads.

Doug Stiltner

great game

Raymond Wilson Jr

Game is unplayable. Got to level 102 and the game is stuck and freezes.

Jason Van vuuren

It's good and all my friends started playing

Straughn Swan

Really easy going

Jabbar goraya

hh3b 2

Michael Folkman

this has no challenge, rewarding gameplay loop, or substance

Shah Brothers


Andy Macias

Game is broken at level 137

Dylan S

adds that interrupt gameplay

Laura Church

I don't know what to say so I'm just not going to talk.

Aaron Sumner

HORRIBLE!!!!! This game is complete garbage after the last update. It glitches out every time a weapon is thrown.

Jasmin Ahmed

this Game is bad,when I played It it's to hard to control .Plus You can only play on mobile.This game needs some fixing.the only Thing the game needs is A Bigger upgrade. also,Everybody keep In mind Dont fall for these games.dont spend Money Just be Pacient .I would spend my money on a Game that us good.Please Dont fall for these Scams.

Shane Bartley

It was fun.

John Garrido

too many ads


ad wall

awsome gamer51

worst game ever

David Abramson

It should be fun. But it doesn't work at all. He'll I got a 6gb ram phone. It feels like I got nothing. Go back to the drawing board okz

Nabeel Ahmed

Good game but now when i throw the spear it just freezes and u cant do Anything except dying.

Chris Raitt

love love ❤ 😍 💖 this game 🎮

Hotdog boyy 1234

Horrible to many ads and way to much time


not well optomised

Yared Abat

What a bad game even thoe I can't play it I can't download it. Talk about a bad game

hihellothere lol bruh

another cringe mobile "game"... nothing special

Aadithya .S

I wish there was zero or negative rating available after last update the app is not playable at all ,some major bug issues have shown up making it totally unplayable.

Ed S

I would have rated higher, but the game is unplayable. It used to be a fun casual game, but after the last update when you throw the weapon it just freezes and I have to force quit. If you fix this issue I'll update my rating