WCB LIVE Cricket Multiplayer:Play PvP Cricket Game

Author: Creative Monkey Games

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Welcome to the competitive 1v1 3D Online Multiplayer Cricket game “WCB LIVE: Cricket Multiplayer” with Stunning Graphics and HD quality from the makers of World Cricket Battle (WCB). For the first time in Mobile, a full-fledged Card-Based Cricket Simulation game for all Cricket lovers.

World’s First Real-Time 8 Players Knockout Tournament Mode is now available!

Form your Ultimate Team Playing XI from the Star Player Cards you have unlocked, upgrade Batsman, Bowlers & All-Rounders based on the collected cards and improve their skills to maximize your chance of winning against Real-Time Opponents. Players, Jerseys, Bats, and Helmets are categorized into Common, Rare, Epic, and Legend Cards. You can unlock these Cards from Kit Bags you earn by winning Multiplayer matches against your opponents or purchase Supreme, Ultimate & VIP Kit bags from In-Game Store.

As you win more trophies New Stadiums (Colombo, Mumbai, Sydney, Lords, Capetown, and Dubai) across the World will be Unlocked for you to battle against your opponents.

In WCB LIVE: Cricket Multiplayer you can also connect with Facebook to play Real-Time match against your friends. Before challenging them, you can view their Playing XI and Profile stats like Winning Percent, Head-to-Head wins, Current Win Streak, etc. to set up your Ultimate Team & Strategies. By connecting with Facebook you can also continue your game progress across devices and platforms.

WCB LIVE: Cricket Multiplayer will be your Cricket Buddy to play against your amigos and random opponents across the globe . The game will never get bored as it has a longer roadmap of fun and clear vision to play matches & earn stronger & better Player Cards to form your Ultimate Playing XI.

Enjoy this all-new CRICKET MULTIPLAYER game from us!

Detailed info

File size: 125M
Update time: September 4, 2021
Current version: 0.8.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Creative Monkey Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sriharsha Munagavalasa

Next update with IPL 10 teams continued forever and when we get out it gets vibration please remove this as soon as possible.and add net practice for multiplayer please.and add big bash league in tournaments please.it will be more awesome.and latest jerseys of all international and domestic please with updated squads please.

shaik basha

I waiting carrier game I can't login in to Facebook

dawood 789

Good game.

Isaiah Valdez 921

This is the worst game I've ever seen in my life, you get your runs taken away just because you got out, I'm not going to install this app again

Kalu Kalu

Sir, the game is not logging in on Facebook. But this is the best game in the world. am happy ☺️☺️☺️. please solve facebook connect game. and ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

Savad Kk

It is a good super making but some overs should be added, three overs is very less please

Somesh Baghel

This is great game

Pinnelli Gopivarma

Interesting super game

N.gangadhar nuthalapati

I have facing Facebook login problem

Waqar Ahmad

Absolutly brilliant game bro.....

mng jojo

Fentacy game

masnad wahid

The Game system is superb exciting and entertaining. But i cant log in to facebook. Another problem is the vibration at the time of wicket. I want to turn it off its annoying. Help

Sambu Suresh

It's nice experience

Tarali Sarma

This is very good game

Rohana Rohana

Good game

kashif khan

My WBL is not connecting with my Facebook kindly rectify my problem.....

jinas khan


Sharad Shirodakar

CrCketet Battle LiVep

Ankaj Mishra

Very ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,intresting gamw for creative monkey games



Shuvo Raj


Anuj Singh


fan of pawan kalyan

Only 1 issue Facebook login plzz solve

Shima Akter

very good game

Ganesh P

So much time gap in tournament mode. Unnecessarily awarding opponent win in the finals.

Anwar Hossan

Very nice game

Juma pa

I'm mums gul

Ved Shastri

Nice Time killer Game

Ahmad Sahab

Good game But we play for Xp Your xp just 500 and you give us achievements of 1000 six

Md Rony


Shaz Umer

I like I am the captain of Pakistan 🇵🇰 babar azam

Ydeyhvx Ttfss

This game is very challenging. This game is very hard. This game is very nice.

Gaurav Arora

Left Button on click failed .. no.use.. dead app of .... thanks.

Majharul Isalm


Dean Davis

I have spent so many real money on this game and now I can't login with my Facebook anymore can I get my money back please this not acceptable at all. I got a reply saying I must email the developers that was a few weeks back so I did and still waiting for reply.... All I want is money back please... Oh an if you new I'd rather stay away!!!!!!

Sunitha Prasad

So bad game all mactha was lost

Santosh Kumar

Its nice

Gaming Yt

Game is very nice. Game is challenging mode very nice. This game is download now.

Sabanna Sabanna

Super Ahsks Snskso

Malkit singh Boparai

Hlo Ekam the the, which I have to be the same time 2 , but the

Nilesh mohbiya 10 B

Miss out on

Ganapathy Subramaniam

Excellent game


Worst game ever made. No proper controls.

Haseena Taj


Arshan Amin

Awesomestgame i havemet foryears

rony sordar


Diane Morales


Thummela Rajnikanth

Super Game

Chetana Jain


Ahir Dalabhai

Nice bro

Ahmed Raza


Birender Singh

I have to me fee rs wx we can do that you have any you so see we can send you an idea on how the hell is this the same you are going well for e sdf we are interested please let us s l pp and the other for your time at Goa to me as I have to me as I have been sent to the birender you sir for e diet's s dc we are interested please let us SOS by the way I see we can get a chance I could not find a way of life in general is very week and will take a few days ago when udhodhd dk with me on my best fr

Waleed Ahmed

Not working

Mikasa Hitagi

Very bad game so hard to hit sixes

Aradhya Sharma

It's a good game I like creative monkey games but only this game is unable to connect else its great

Prakash Patil

Hello ye game Facebook se connect nahi ho raha hai pls help me.

Shovon Goswami


Hanif Prince

Not log in to Facebook why plz tell me

Time Pass Gaming

Very Good game Please More features Add This Game

Uttam Dey

Nice Game

Karan A


Daksha Naiya

It is a good game

super King

like batter

Gurmail Singh

My Facebook account are log out and login again but not login be 46days i send a message but after that was not login solve my problm but i miss the game sorry i am remove this game your not solve my problem your not working my problem bye

Musalin Billah rohan

I'm not playing this game but this is best multiplayer cricket game in the world,from bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

md eakub hasan eakub

nise apps

Devilz Black

Good game

Arjun Aniruth

Server error problem

Ishwar devi

Nice game

shahnawaz lund

Love this game but after some time not connecting with facebook, and now Can't login as guest too plz fix it🙄

Rehan Khan

This game not working my mobile after working before you not working why I am uninstall this game because I am very angry

Tanveer Ahmed

It's excellent game but with the few days my Facebook account is not connected due tu Which I am unable to play game .

adnan afridi

Poor Developer & pethetic service. Several times crashed as well as unable to connect from so many days. Several reports and emails send to developer . I think they have blocked it in Pakistan.

Krishnamoorthi K.Venkatesan

Good game entertainment

Mukhtiar Ahemd

Not work game loes mb poor

s ezhil

Now not working

shahzaib khan

Game not open guest plz help me

Venki Smart

Game was awesome but Facebook account is not connecting i lost all my data 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kzaman Shahin

This is the best multiplayer games I have ever played . Although the gaming experience is great, but Facebook login is not working. For this , I have lost all my progress .

Ramana Ramana

It's very waste game And totally frod game dont Install


Although the gaming experience is good but my facebook account is not connecting now, so, I lost all my progress... There is an error connecting with facebook... Please resolve this issue.

ZK volges 1

V nice game

DF Sakib-BD

Nice game

Sanju Khulbe

A very nice game .. Gorilla also looks funny when you get a six..👍😂😂

pubg game

I give only 1 star beaquse we cannot login to facebook its so bed i leave it

Md Sawon


A Durgarao

Super 👌💥💥💥

Aashiran Singh

that is good but it is easy awnser

osama Iftikhar

Facebook login is not working

jack tube

Just enjoy

Crick Nick

Iam getting fb login error " this app is not setup yet"

Ammad Butt

Facebook Login issue..

Gopinath Behera

Kunal behera It is nice game

Yeasmin Akter


Valo Sele Ami

Very wonderful game

Meraj Uddin

Dear sir many months ago update not coming

#Navin Niyaz

Fb login issue fixed or not??


Offline mode update in this game

Juma Gul

I'm jumagul

Saim Nouman

Good game I really enjoyed I request to all plz download and enjoy playing cricket 🏏