Watermelon Merge – 😊The hot decompression mini game in 2021, merge a big watermelon, will bring you a relaxing and pleasant gaming experience.

🌺Game features🌺:
💖Simple and easy to play: just click to control the landing of the watermelon, and you can combine the fruits.
Classic gameplay: 2048 gameplay, can’t stop🔥 .

💖Experience smoothness: the smooth synthesis effect and the refreshing explosion effect will let you feel the charm of the game during the synthesis process.

Friends, quickly tap your finger to synthesize the big watermelon that belongs to you💖!

Detailed info

File size: 46M
Update time: February 20, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Brilliant Games Private Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

DJ AdeeKeen

I just love this game!


Very nice app

Francie Hanks

The second time I played it, I made a big watermelon

Dwyer Cowen

It will be a little boring after playing for a long time

Gunner Samsel

Some time ago, others were playing the game of synthesizing big watermelon.

Evita Salley

Casual, super fun, good when it feels relaxed

Temples Revell


Shawanda Corliss


Kourken Telma

Just go in and play directly. As a small game to kill time, it is very, very qualified!

Leanne Alicea

The game is still very interesting, and it's good to spend the time casually.

Estelle Keli

The game is really good, very interesting

Fallon Margareta

It’s fun, it’s a casual game

Erin Juliann

The game is OK, leisure and entertainment, the beta version still needs to be improved, the sliding experience is not very good, a single gameplay can easily make everyone lose interest. In addition, I would like to ask if the largest fruit synthesized is half a watermelon?

Skelley Kenneth

Advertising is a bit annoying, a bit too much

Fairy Ranae

Just turn off the network permission of this application in the settings, otherwise there will be no ads when it uses the network

Eveline Werner

This game is suitable for leisure time. It can't be said to be boring, but also quite fun. I just think the advertisement is a bit annoying but it is acceptable.

Perkins Michelle

The game of synthesizing big watermelon, happiness is when you see your watermelon is about to be synthesized

Estelle Browning

The first time you play the synthesis of half a watermelon, it's stuck

Russell Margurite

The score depends on the advertisement, it’s a bit long

Shaunta Patterson


Rio Coss


Eva Cassy

The game is very good!

Honaker McManus


Simeon Serrano

First of all, the game itself is very fun, but there are too many ads

Thu Trang Nguyễn

7889 Có

Willson Etchison


Aylin Charmain

玩了四个小时(左右)虽然不知道为什么没记录时长就是了 也打了个1400多分的样子 也见了几多次大西瓜

Melyna Mertens

Played 1 round, 2 rounds, 3 rounds, 45689 rounds

Kathe Brooker

I think this game should be called Hate Little Grape

Hui Stoneking

After playing for four hours (about), although I don’t know why it didn’t record the length of time, I scored more than 1,400 points. I also saw the big watermelon several times.

Moore Betty


Kime Harrington


Tobey Tait


Hagerty Woolridge


Mitchell Susan

I hope to optimize the gameplay, for example, you can see in advance what the next one is

Tudor Willingham


Block Lackey


Neff Hutchings


Barr Wanda

Fun, fun

Ruyle Angella

Nice game!