Water Sort: Liquid Puzzle 3D

Author: Inota MT

100,000+ install


Water Sort: Liquid Puzzle 3D – Funny color sorting game! Sort it and complete the water sort puzzle 3D game.

Detailed info

File size: 44M
Update time: September 14, 2021
Current version: 2.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Inota MT
Price: Free
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Customer review

Latha Kamal

very nice game, good time pass.

Virginia Galsim

I like this game so fun

Brett Mastema

I did not like

Willow Addams

Levels are too short to have an ad between each level, even with sound turned off it made noise.

Melissa McKown

This game is strategic, yet very relaxing

Jonathan Lee

An ad for each level, restart, pause

47,XXY Klinefelter's Syndrome

Boring as hell - don't give up your day job!!

hadiza ikioda

make the bottles transparent, make it a 3D game.

Freddie Wilkinson

Too many ads. It was a bit funny though when they literally advertised their own game in one of the ads!

Glenda Joy JohnstonJorgensen (Gidget / Queen Bee / Joy)

Won't let me turn off sounds..... 😕

Ruchira Hasaranga

Level 95 has a bug! Not enough purple liquid water...

Tabi Kennedy

Not downloading

Kyla Reedy

This is better than most of there sorter games as you can get rid of most of the ads.

Hanchiong Thio

good looking game

Linda Cogswell

I do love this game ...I wish the background was darker.

Margaret Armstrong

Goes to an ad after every round .... 10 seconds play, 30 seconds ad, no thanks

Jenny Zhang

Toadette and Peach

Egypino Baby with Momi

there a lot of ads.

Victoria Boyd

Too many ads

Kieth Carlos

l like it 😊😊😊😊😊

Gary P Fox


Sandra Clark

super super fun relaxing game! very highly recommend!

Sherrilyn Taylor

it is a very good game

Doretha T Ross

I love the challenge.

Ssali Joan

it's cool

Rebecca Johnson

I'm hooked on water in bottles games!

Nwell Balagtas


Angie Flowers


Ann Gehl

I was close to level 400 & it suddenly put me right back to level 1 but it maintained my 558000 coins. Extremely disappointed 😞

Michael McCoy

Starts out with an ad Annoying. Uninstalled

Rajni Agarwal

too much ads

Gurjeet Singh


Ev Ortiz

Too slow.

Yolanda Hutson

Too many commercials during the game, annoying!

Charlotte Kohler


Saliu Nimat

really relaxing

Vicki Grant

I love this game. I can play it for hours.

Cassandra Dye

love, love this game

christiana Ekanem 28206259

Very interesting game. I use it when l am tired and bored and also when l am listening to an audio book.

shaeed farazi


Morgan Petts

Pretty decent game. It plays how you'd expect. There are about 300 levels, after finishing them it loops around to level 1. Also, removing ads does not remove all the ads from the game (still have to watch an ad to get more undos or add a bottle).

Bannari sasi

Bannarisasi Bannarisasi

Edwinna Cox

Great game thanks

Sherry Marie Smith

More ads than game by far it took me a while to fiure out the ads weren't the game, because the ads are for the same type of game! I just barely figured this out and it asked for a review. This is it. I will like just remove it because of the ads. Ill give it a few more seconds and see.

Maria Marroquin

Love it. Lots of fun.

Saba mhaldar

yes good

Sherril Lynn Baker

Love this game

Reds Jones

This is relaxing to me

Artelia Rogers

I paid to remove the ads 2 days before buying a new phone. After transferring everything from the phone to the new one, the ads are back. I contacted the developer twice and asked them to reinstate my purchase. Not only did they not reinstate my purchase, they didn't even have the decency to respond to either email. Beware of this developer. Needless to say, I have deleted the app and won't be downloading anything of theirs ever again.

John Bradshaw

I just started today it seems like a fun game. Will know more when I get to harder levels

Zsuzsanna Vári

Although the game itself is very entertaining and surely addictive, UI desperately needs some improvements. I don't really like the 3Dish graphics of bottles - they don't look more realistic than drawed ones in other similar games and also the menu buttons (and any other button in the app) should look a bit more polished. Otherwise, the game itself is easy to learn and fun to play. 😊

Anne Hook


tanya severin

Fun and cool

Michelle Westermeyer

You can't turn the stupid noise off. You turn the sound and vibrations off but you still have the stupid sound when they fill up. I refuse to play or keep a game that makes noise!!!!!!

Lisa Sklar

This game is so easy that it's boring. There's no way to increase the difficulty level. Would it have gotten more challenging eventually? Who knows. By the time I reached level 25 I was so bored I didn't want to stick around and find out.

Mas Sabtu


joshua oppong

This game is fun but can't download it on my iphone

Ahmed Khan

it's really great entertaining game loved it

Rainee Kane

it's 👌

Surender Singh

Super,& Fantastic 😎

Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi

This very interesting

Dametia Jo Woodruff


Leann Davis

Doesn't seem to want to work on my phone. All I get is the made with unity screen and then it crashes. I have a Samsung Note20, so not a weird model. It's a shame cuz the game looked promising.

Devendra Goud

Very good intresting app

Mrs Labkhand

برای هوش درس خواندن عالی

Rajesh Kumar

Very Nice game

Lakshminarayanan D

Super game super