Water Connect Puzzle – Logic Brain Game


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Water Connect Puzzle – Logic Brain Game – Show your love for nature by playing water connect puzzle to save the trees.

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File size: 124M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marielle Scheidel

There are some bugs like the water wouldn't go through the pipes and sometimes the game gets pretty slow. When something like this happens just close the app and start again. But it is kind of annoying.

Eric Johnson

Definitely not relaxing but fun and challenging anyway --

jill schultz

repetitive ads after every level

Evette Lippert

I recently downloaded this app for my current account. I am stuck on level 45 and all the videos I've watched to complete the game doesn't work for me because there are a few pieces that's not the same.

hamideh taleby

Where can i get a cheat sheet for this? Ot's a good game and i'm stuck on some levels

Jeff Weber

Level 123 is unwinnable.

Arianna Papagno (Ari)

Too many ads it really ruined my games having it do an ad in the middle that froze my whole game and phone

Unseelie FaeLass

I'm only playing for a Tapjoy thing, and welp I'm feeling screwed over now. This game's level 105 is SEVERELY BUGGED. Like unwinnable bugged. I can't skip the level either, because that'll invalidate the challenge on Tapjoy. Which is to reach level 200 without skipping. How in the hell is anyone supposed to do that if a level is so badly glitched up that it's unwinnable?

Joy Bonagua


Amber V

Got this game to earn points on another game. Will not reward points despite completing tasks.

Rasheed A Gowero

it is good app

lathifakirana 3c

Boring( ´~`)

Ncumisa Madikizela

Very good ilove it

Jue Shapland

A great game, completed it all in a few days, need more levels. Played October 2021, no glitches 👍⭐

Bernadine September

This game is totally relaxing. But when playing it needs much more time. To not get stuck you have to take intervals away from the game. To refresh yourself. I love this game. Now just to see if it pays to play .

reann linsangan

good and fun game

Baskie D.

The ads on each level are annoying.

Lorna Dodgen

I clocked this game in 1 week , I enjoyed it very much

Nazly joy basibas

great app...

Lesedi Rakgokong


Lenie Pelarion

Nope 😂😃😂😂😂😂 people are the best ka gd guro sang the song


nice.....................nice.............................. .nice. . ....................

Charm Dela Pena

very interesting 😊😊


its fun and unbelibable but level 150 is theres a glitch when you connect it its connect but i can't win

Charlene White


Ramira Serafim Lourenço

really cool! The only two bad things is that it keeps closing by itself and I downloaded because of the rewards from other app then I need to see if it truly gonna work.

Stephen Niepage

Your ads are obnoxious.


Done 200 level in just 3 days

Chien fu Hou

great game

Jo Mill

Enjoying til level 105. There is a glitch. One square has 2 tiles on it and some side drains don't connect to each other. Impossible to solve.

McNew Dumpa

I love this game

JaShaine Vaay (shaine)

so many ads. fake app

Beth Llanes

Nice game.

Unknow PH

good gsme

Palm Dagoc

I I have

Alexis Basas


Ace Refuerzo

great game

tami gay

all games by your company just crash and cantg play them



Glenn Rey

puro ad kada level

Tracy Houston

I was enjoying this game but got stuck on level 113 which seems to be unsolvable. Please can you check if this is the case?

Michelle Lavilla

too many ads

King Shaktie

I have completed all levels of the game...now I want more levels from the game...please add more levels...the game was awesome...I found this game on clipclap app and playing this only to complete the levels...but truly it's a very tricky games and I love to play it...If you have more games like this please tell me...I will try to complete all levels of those games also....I have to tell the develpers that It has a glitch level of 201 which is basically 200 level...please fixed it

Craig Fisher

An ad after every level you complete


Awful. The app is overwhelmed with adverts. Just don't even watse your time

Kris Bautista

I love this game. I hope there will be more levels.


I really like the game but lv 123 seems impossible to finish, it seems the pipe placement is wrong, can you fix it? I'm from tapjoy and i can't finish my quest if I skip the lvl, thank you.

Kagura Chan

Please fix level 62

Daniela Sanabria

ad every 30 seconds..... annoying

Kashra Charles

There's an ad after every single level... Literally every level

Mary Grace Beato

Great game but how can i find the game id?

Philip Aposporis

So many damn adds

Jennifer Balto

This game is in dire need of a level select, and will heat up your mobile devices far more than other apps.

Ali Nazrul

This game visible my offer wall on zepeto.. I played all 200 levels without skip any level . But i can't receive reward.. Pls help.. 1 to 100 levels only got rewarded..

Isnaini Putri Azura

Please fix level 123



Gracia Adeliska

too much ads

13 Desi jaat


Eden Lee

A good game but please I can't solve level 113 why mine is different with others? I don't know how to solved it please I want it like the others t____t

Surya143 Gita

Nais game

Aaron Jade Alday

Please fix the leveln123 beacuse its unsolvable.

Junaidy Junaidy

it's cool

Shivaji Biswas

F$#k of bi$&#

Nomiah mashego

Loved playing this game, finished all levels within 3 days. Each level stimulates your brain.

adhura ishq AROY

Roy Thanks for letting

Norlie Mercado

Nice game

Naazneen Kagee

Glitch on level 105. Otherwise, fun game. Could be 5 star, but problem on 105

Richa Gupta

Some levels need fixing...stuck on level 123

Perry Allan Angeles

I already completed the game and it's easy,

Shaikh Nadiya

Fix level 63 there's an error. I have connected all the flowers properly but it ain't getting completed

Gayathri Raghunath

One of the most fun, interesting, challenging and enjoyable game. Love love love it. But struggling with level 91. There should be provision for hints or something.

Anh Tùgn hợm hĩnh

Pretty fun. But there're some problem on lv123. Hope u guys fix it

Pappu Kumar


zülal yalman


Hasan khan



pls fix lvl 106, the game cannot be completed bcs the water are not connected

Rohazaliza Nawi

kinda good not that bad ;-;


it's really difficult but i like it

Tainla Longkumer

I love this game...

phong pham duc

Finish game, all 200 stages in one day -.-

Nadine Young

Your level 111 is unsolvable due to incorrect tile positioning! I even got a picture of it. Hope this will be fixed asap.


Sooo many adds 😩

Kadek Astina_23

calm & fun

Akharzio Vantotti




Minerva Pelayan

nice gme

Amar Singh

Nice game

swati verma

Game is working good.

Jessa San Esteban

Thank you very much for always answering my concerns. I really enjoyed this app very much. 😁😊

Richmon Teston


Akeira Singh

Hi. Great game but level 101 I'm stuck because there is only one color water but different color flowers. I think its an error. Please have a look. Thanks

Ana lourine Flores

Fix level 111 then ill change my rate from 3 to 5

Dan Saga

thanks for fixing the error that I posted earlier, but while playing again and came to level 123, i came across the same error again. another misplaced block.


App is good all level there in youtube we can see and earn money but increase the amount of money given in tapjoy service in india

AR gamer


Alaay Hernandez

i already updated it but i cant pass lvl 123 i think there's something wrong

d e s p a ¡ r

the gameplay is so good but maybe give t the tutorial from level 1, I got so confused when I first playing it but overall it's a great game!

Beille Lyra Danggalan

it's good but level 107 is a bit difficult ,i think the tile has been in wrong place. please take a look at it

Nan Yar Lin


mila benignos

go go go