Watch Pet – Adopt and take care of your virtual widget pet!

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File size: 75M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.15
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hazel Popp

I like it. There's nothing more to say.

Cat Lover13

This game is awesome! It entertains me while looking adorable at the same time. One problem is when you walk it there are only 15 minute options. What if you were going more or less? Other than that, its a great game!

Krishna Patil

I love this game, graphics and sound are really good, pets 🐕 are cute, games are great, thanks for making this game

Kalina Chantarska

Walks meditation and bed time take selfies of your pet and take care of them im only nine and when I just started I fell in love 💘 😻 💜 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 I love this I home there's lots of people playing Mabie even any age.So go on play this game and move im only 9 now download and get moving. I rat 100000000/5 fore now I can just do 5/5. XOXO pleas if you read this coment download ame bye.😘😘🤩🤩💗💝👍🐕🐈‍⬛🦜🐠


Cute as a bug's ear...

Vanessa Nedimyer


debbie morel

Get your groove in your account

Alaina Kesecker

I like this app but it only gives you 4 bowls of water, 4 bowls of food, and 4 toys. Then once you run out you have to wait 4:47 and It only gives you 1. Then if you exit the app you have to wait again 😡😡😡

Kinley Wilder

I love this game because if you are a kid it can teach you how to take care of your animal!

makcik gojez

this game Is very good. I love it. But ill give 5 stars only if you save my progres. Its so annoying when you already get to like lvl 8 trainer but it disapeard. Edit: PLEASE FIX THIS I HAVE WAITED FOR A LOT OF MINUTES AND STILL DIDNT GET MY REWARD FOOD

Kenster90 Plaz Roblox

My progress keeps reseting

Solara Collazo

They were PERFECT until they updated it and now instead of getting food for the pet every few hours now you have to go to the shop to watch an add for 1 serving of food and your pet is pretty much starving(tho it cant litterally starve).

geoff v

It has said 4:47 left for food, water, and play for days now and MY PET WILL DIE SOON! Change this and you will get a better rating

Hypatia Julian

Was fun, untill it glitched and i cant gain dtuff to care for my pet anymore, they updated the game and now the timer for food water and play gain is broken and thetes no way to gain it, had to uninstall

Irina Nesterova

It's like a real pet but in the phone.

Rebecca H

There is only music for sound , no animal noises and my goodness did that music get old fast. It's definitely not what I am looking for as a virtual pet . I haven't had this for more than 10 mintues and I am ready to delete it.

Zita Chauhan

The previous version was better you don't get free supplies

Ricky Sabbagh

Simply outrageous in ur offers/ur long time consuming ADS/ wait for it!!! where is the pets ????☹️do u stay???results end of????DAY😔BUT UR CUTE .

mike thomas

This game only allows you to do each one one and you cannot get points without paying

Lilli Wadkins

I absolutely love this game! It gives me something to tend to when I have nothing to do. Or I just want to play! I would like for this game to have more pet options along with some more activities. All in all I love this game.

DinøKitten CøøkieKittenz

Watch pet actually works and you can have your very own widget pet and you can make it your pet! I made the black cat my kitten Nightmare :3 This game is amazing!!! Just please get colors for the collars, more outfits, and more hats plssss! Besides that this game is amazing!

Lisa Stevens

Amazing I love my widget pet

Grace Perryman

Love it me and my pet do everything together!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Teodora Pavlovska would be better with more things you can do

Katie Brown

No dogs or cats hatch they come out of there mother 🥰😒😕💗

Preksha Sarkar


Chelsea England

Just undiscibably amazing

Daniel J Bojorquez




Arisha Samar

This game amazing i have 1 cat but 4 dog kill my cat * in real life* I think 1 years ago dog kill my cat so I decide to download a cat game so I downloaded this game and 2 online shopping game and I downloaded more Cat game but this game is very very very amazing and more game i delete only this game i so so like and please download this game

jaisrinivas s


Leah Galbraith

Its a fun and amazing app besides the fact that each time I Restart my phone the app resets and I lose everything

dances for you

I really like this game and it's my online friend at first my pet turned into a egg and wouldn't get food for me to feed him but I deleted the game and got it again and now it is really fun

Yoosaf Advocate

Fun game👌🏻

Kayela Amber Gabor

Its good and fun but can u fix a freeze ting and thats done nothing really else so i still gonna rate this a high score! Cuz i love it!

Olivia Thulin

Bad the food meter won't go down it bees an hour on played miny games waiting so food meter needs to go down faster

Lester Dedicatoria

So cute ♡

acmas araie

The cat is really cute but can you add more pets? I think it would make the game better

Azrul Affendi

I am love pet

Tabitha Montanez

Had to change my rating and take away another star. I pay $5 a week for premium and twice now I've had the game reset itself and I'm forced to start over again 🤬🤬🤬very frustrating needless to say. Getting tired and I'm over this already going to uninstall.

Jesse Pierce

It is great but it will not let me take my hat off😞😞I liked it before😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

Randy Jones

I love animals and this is sooo cool 😎

Megan Hanson

This game is really fun and calming.You can feed your pet every 2 or 4 hours.There is also fun games you can play aswell.You can meditate with your pet,walk with your pet.if you download this app have fun.I will tell you two games that are on this app,eat biscuits, and snap n games!Snap n chase is a cat game but it can be played with dogs aswell.So have fun 😊

Nick Cunliffe

I like game

Sam Tinnesand

Love it, it let's me meditate and it has a minigame where u have to walk irl. Very good game, you can choose if u want a dog or a cat and how u want ur ads. I recommend that you try this game

Austin B

Ads that automatically open playstore? Ya no

Trent Wolfskill

OMG my corgi Toro is Adorable♡♡♡♡

Darien Demopoulos

I will not be able to leave a good rating for this app until data can be saved in the cloud and transfered between devices. Big waste of money if I lose everything when my phone breaks. Update as of March 1st, 2022: I just completely had all of my progress wiped since the last update. Terrible app, waste of time. Deleting it now.

Donnie The Scene Kid

It was boring.


idk if im just doing it wrong but you can only have one animal i had the corgi then i got the short hair cat and the corgi was gone and i have to buy it again

Yhel Rogero

I like the walk and the meditation features. Art and animation is great.

Terri Erdahl

It's awesome

Estelle Nagel

😍 cute



Janie Huntley

Would be fun if the food, water, happy would go down faster

Daniella Harriette

Its so cute✨✨❤️❤️

Liza Robinson

Ok game

Tracey Crawley

The pets are so cute and it's so fun please install😁🐱🐶

Shubhajeet Banerji

High quality game

Torrey Monica

Idk I love this game

Edgar Gonzalez

Can you add a rabbit and hamster


dopamine value is great, thank you!

Samantha Attick


Ren Foster

I adore this app. But often the widget will show the animal in good health and then I click it and the animal is dead. They die in a day if not CONSTANTLY taken care of. Also now I'm not getting refills on feeding/watering/playing with the animal.

Youssef&lamiaa nolan

So I was on level 13 on the cocktail and I left the game for abit then I came back and all my progress was gone😔 And I'm very sad but it's ok I'll still give the 5 stars⭐🌟cuz I like the game😌 it's very nice, fun and entertaining so it's ok🥲 Enjoy the 5 stars😁😁😁😁😁


This app is cute an all but theres a couple reasons why i got rid of it and gave it a 1 star review 1. Because you cant interact with it on the widget 2. It gets boring 3. The max amount of letters you can use to name your pet is a very low amount 4. The animals are cute but theres only 4 options

ericson panol

this so cool game and ao fan my dog os name chiny and she gril and labrador go is so fun

Laura Naranjo


Angelica Mesinas

Good game but pls add more minigames 💛l

Eve Bebb

It's not much but I love the game a lot! And my favourite is the mini game with my pet named cookie

S.Salahuddin Qadri

Cute but why need to make a pet limit i wanted 2 cats and u need to pay for vip wow just wow pay to get pets lol never going to install this app again if u dont like to pay for pets this is not ur game

Rininta Kekai

This game is cool❤❤❤

Archie Rennie

I like it but when I had 643 coins I bought a ragdoll I was lazy to read so I pressed ok then I make myself said when I went to select my corgi called bob it was spelled for 500 coins just like the other pets so please make it if you have a pet and buy another it won't sell your pet except from the new one .

Mohamed Kamal

There nice game

Chidi Laura Olaleye

I love my pet wen it's just a cat it is a ⚧ You sure like dog's but I hate the dog because cats poop better than dogs and so spring is the best season summer is to hot you can not go out to play on summer season because it's just so hot well spring wot I like is the kitty's because at spring even the cats marry kitty's I don't like kitty I like Cat's Do you now cats like Nyan cat because they will make it rain cookies yum yum but I want my on Rainbow Dash she is from pony Village...

Abegail Crossing

l Love This game it's just so fun

C Whit

It's good but it's not very interactive

An a adventure with snowball

I'm not sure about this app but it looks cute.

Daniela Osa

Best game ever

Dead inside

Is good. Love my Ragdoll Keter, he the best. Like the mini games they fun.

Jan Rivera


Marty Tavares

very fun you should download there's not very many commercials


SO MANY ADDS!! I went to give my cat water ADD I click to feed my cat ADD there are SO MANY ADDS I'm deleting it. Im not get to get it again i wish there was way for no adds but the world sucks also it needs more stuff to do with your pet

Maxene Queenie Peregrina

Its so wonderful the game is so fun even tho im new but its fun ill rate this 220/10

Sean Chrest

It helps my little girl learn about animals


I love it but when it's hungry no mater what I do it won't give me for stuff and I have no money so I cant buy stuff. Edit: I have to uninstall and reinstall this app this is annoying

Ehsan Ali

I Love This Game This Game is Fabulous

Doug McIntosh

Its relaxing but boring and I think you should be able to keep your other pets when you buy another, I really liked it until I bought another pet because it ruined all my progress with the other one. And you should also make more minni games or else it will become boring after awhile. Not much adds tho. It will be 5 stars when all this is fixed. ( unless u don't wanna fix it :) )

Nahij Sangkula

Cute and fun

Coen Root

It's a great game also I like how you can play with your pet


Help service is 5/5 stars, replied within 48 hours, and was very helpful. Nothing wrong with this game, it's fun to watch your pets grow and I love how you can add it as a widget on your device. Also love that you can have a wide variety of pets to buy, and that it isn't only cats and dogs. Thank you for your time.

Topanga Abendroth


Kevin LeMarellec


Gazala Ansari

Bad game

Alondra Strong


Chelsea Curl


Nunya Bizness

You like cats and dog

rawya bdear

It needs more animals like more dogs and cats or other animals but I love the games you made and idk how to unhatch the egg.


It wont download i tried it over 10 times. trash

Lalaine Batuigas

How to pic my pet?