Watch Pet – Adopt and take care of your virtual widget pet!

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File size: 75M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.15
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Violet Estrada

This is a good game overall no problem so far

Jamila Akter

It's nice but I get a little bored

Nika Anvari


Kalina Clark

I love it if you don't have pets you can have a pet on this game

Jiarui Woo

Not many activities

Chonghae Ward


Divyraj singh Ranawat

When i first got this app it was fantastic but after a while i don't get my daily food,water and the timer just stopped. If you don't buy the pass it's not worth downloading this app.

Quinn Harvey

This is an okay app I would highly recommend this kind of

Anya Golero

I only have a toy dog but I want a real dog so I download this app and I named it the same name I named my toy dog and can you add dry your pets colour please and other stuff

Richard Locke

I don't know what to say this is so cute

Niranjan Jena

This game is cute so much cute you are the best

Johnathan Reynolds


Atrisa Rad

I don't have a pet but I love to have a pet and this app I like I have a pet.💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💓🐶🐕 this app is three best

Saoirse Gallen

It's amazing <3



Sandra Vestembergyte

You can have some fun with your dog/cat ★★★★★

Aleqsandre Iakobashvili

Yeah it's pretty good game I like it

Trinethra Senthil Kumar

Fun and gives people a good experiance of how to take care of a dog

Kathy Pangan

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Zoe Juwel

This game is trash, literally unless you buy Pet Pass which doesn't even tell you the price of it. I can't believe I bought A new pet and my old pet completely was completely gone!! Maybe make it more clear that your pet will Completely go?? Unbelievable that you have to keep the app open for an hour just to get XP!! I don't recommend this game unless your gonna buy it.

Macie Wilson

This app is very cute I recommend using this if I were you🥰🐺🐶🐱🐩


I miss my dogs

Spare Cc

I think this game can teach you how to propely take care of your pet

Tommie Evans

I love it!❤

Alaina Kesecker

I like this app but it only gives you 4 bowls of water, 4 bowls of food, and 4 toys. Then once you run out you have to wait 4 hoursand 47 minutes and It only gives you 1 of everything. Then if you exit the app you have to wait again 😡😡😡

evo james palys

its a easy and a nice one but sometimes its hard but its ok

Good news, Good news!

It let me feel warm and it's fun and I love it

Paizlee Brown

It is just wow

Adalay Boutilier

I love this game, I can't have a real pet, so this is basically like a real pet. I love it and they're so fun to play with! 🙂

Fudge Gibbs

I like this app.

Thabo Lionel

U just love it

A Google user

I love this game because u can play games walk and much more.☺☺☺☺☺☺

Drunk Freddy

Constantly tries to make subscribe

Callista Cole

It is really good like it gets you out walking you can play fun games with your pet but could you add more stuff to do with our pets possibly if you can? Thanks the game in my prospective it's an awesome app or game.

Rogelio Hernandez

I got my pet and omg it's like you have a real one

Team 10 Savage

Ad simulator this apps garbage

Mya Burgoon

It was really is a amazing game

electric reindeer

This game is wonderfull I have a corgi and Is very cute we exercise together I love it but my phone hehehehe love this game bye☺️☺️☺️💖

Brooke Lucky 20

I Love this game 😍 my dog is a Corgi and her name is Leah and she is so cute and happy. THIS Is NOT A SCAM


Maybe when im sad this game will comfort me! (short review)

Stephanie Flynn

The animals are really cute and not many ads. Overall good to pass time

Kierie Nieuwoudt

Amazing cute and fun but so many ads and in ap phurches🥲

Florentinne Samonte

It looks like my pet (I miss her sm thank you for making this game :)

Alexandra Honey

I like all of the pets but add hamster and another option like bathing. Other than that I like the game

Aireen Angelie

Good game. The dogs are pretty cute. But its just that the game is quite boring...

Snail The Cat

It's a really good game! Just recommend more different varients of if pets (ex for short-hairs: calico, tabbies)

Smoke bomb kid

My pet is so so so cute

Storm Romeo

Could definitely use an update 1st why do I need the app open to do activitys? It makes no sense I when to sleep for 2 extra hours and used the sleep thing and when I come back it says how I must keep the app open!?! FOR 2 HOURS! My phone would be dead! So instead I went jogging I kept the app open so I could get the rewards! But it didn't give me them! So I changed my phone and tried again but my phone started to overheat there's a few more problems I just don't have room sorry.............bye!

Talea Barrera

I lovee animals and I love this game

nazik El Hassan

I just love this game the animals are ssooo cute I just love themmmmm

Felix Jr Cojen

This game is so cute and i can play it even without internet

Hannah Rymer

To good to fun try it you can even choose your own pet cat or dog soooooooooo good

Susan Sobrino-Clark

Amazing the pet is so cute.

Chloe Delos Santos

I LOVED IT By: leslie 💞

El Gil

It's fun but there are way to many adds and why can I only have 1 pet?! Why do the good pets take forever to get!😡

yasmin mahdy

This is the best friend I have I really recommend this game for pet lovers

Jd Potter

This is what a kid needs to get ready for a pet other than that it's awesome 😎

Zaidria Zero


Francesca Girau

Have to go premium to take care of your pet. Not cool.

Leelu D

You get your own personal pet that are soo cute (*’(OO)’*) so if you don't like it then your don't like it (Tʖ̯T) (Tʖ̯T) (Tʖ̯T)

Anastasia Margaret Imbag

i love it so much

JianMing 18, 2B

I love how the egg looks like 👍👍💋💋

Kimberly D Taylor

Its okay

Jackson Pope

Its so cool because to take your pet on a walk, you need to walk. But there are tones of ads.

Kaysha Azzahra

Great app! But can you add another pet like axolotl, or more bird and cat, or a cute dog like husky, and Shiba inu and more cat,and hamster.Oh yeah, can you add more activities like bathing, school, playground and hospital, so when the pet is sick we can treat them! And that's all for this time, thank you!


so cute, really the company i needed theres the occasional glitch where the app gets slow or flickery or wont respond but otherwise good :)

Travis Martin

I love this app I love that there are NO ADS and you can play offline 5 star

Hazel Popp

I like it. There's nothing more to say.

Evera Petree (CatLover13)

This game is awesome! It entertains me while looking adorable at the same time. One problem is when you walk it there are only 15 minute options. What if you were going more or less? Other than that, its a great game!

Krishna Patil

I love this game, graphics and sound are really good, pets 🐕 are cute, games are great, thanks for making this game

Kalina Chantarska

Walks meditation and bed time take selfies of your pet and take care of them im only nine and when I just started I fell in love 💘 😻 💜 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 I love this I home there's lots of people playing Mabie even any age.So go on play this game and move im only 9 now download and get moving. I rat 100000000/5 fore now I can just do 5/5. XOXO pleas if you read this coment download ame bye.😘😘🤩🤩💗💝👍🐕🐈‍⬛🦜🐠


Cute as a bug's ear...

Vanessa Nedimyer


debbie morel

Get your groove in your account

Kinley Wilder

I love this game because if you are a kid it can teach you how to take care of your animal!

makcik gojez

this game Is very good. I love it. But ill give 5 stars only if you save my progres. Its so annoying when you already get to like lvl 8 trainer but it disapeard. Edit: PLEASE FIX THIS I HAVE WAITED FOR A LOT OF MINUTES AND STILL DIDNT GET MY REWARD FOOD


My progress keeps reseting

Solara Collazo

They were PERFECT until they updated it and now instead of getting food for the pet every few hours now you have to go to the shop to watch an add for 1 serving of food and your pet is pretty much starving(tho it cant litterally starve).

geoff v (npguy)

It has said 4:47 left for food, water, and play for days now and MY PET WILL DIE SOON! Change this and you will get a better rating

Hypatia Julian

Was fun, untill it glitched and i cant gain dtuff to care for my pet anymore, they updated the game and now the timer for food water and play gain is broken and thetes no way to gain it, had to uninstall

Irina Nesterova

It's like a real pet but in the phone.

Rebecca H

There is only music for sound , no animal noises and my goodness did that music get old fast. It's definitely not what I am looking for as a virtual pet . I haven't had this for more than 10 mintues and I am ready to delete it.

Zita Chauhan

The previous version was better you don't get free supplies

Ricky Sabbagh

Simply outrageous in ur offers/ur long time consuming ADS/ wait for it!!! where is the pets ????☹️do u stay???results end of????DAY😔BUT UR CUTE .

mike thomas

This game only allows you to do each one one and you cannot get points without paying

Lilli Wadkins

I absolutely love this game! It gives me something to tend to when I have nothing to do. Or I just want to play! I would like for this game to have more pet options along with some more activities. All in all I love this game.

DinøKitten CøøkieKittenz

Watch pet actually works and you can have your very own widget pet and you can make it your pet! I made the black cat my kitten Nightmare :3 This game is amazing!!! Just please get colors for the collars, more outfits, and more hats plssss! Besides that this game is amazing!

Lisa Stevens

Amazing I love my widget pet

Grace Perryman

Love it me and my pet do everything together!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Teodora Pavlovska would be better with more things you can do

Katie Brown

No dogs or cats hatch they come out of there mother 🥰😒😕💗

Preksha Sarkar


Chelsea England

Just undiscibably amazing

Daniel J Bojorquez




Arisha Samar

This game amazing i have 1 cat but 4 dog kill my cat * in real life* I think 1 years ago dog kill my cat so I decide to download a cat game so I downloaded this game and 2 online shopping game and I downloaded more Cat game but this game is very very very amazing and more game i delete only this game i so so like and please download this game

jaisrinivas s


Leah Galbraith

Its a fun and amazing app besides the fact that each time I Restart my phone the app resets and I lose everything

dances for you

I really like this game and it's my online friend at first my pet turned into a egg and wouldn't get food for me to feed him but I deleted the game and got it again and now it is really fun

Yoosaf Advocate

Fun game👌🏻