Warship Legend: Idle RPG

Author: Skymoons Technology, Inc

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Role Playing


Warship Legend is an action-packed RPG game with 8 vs 8 team battles in real-time. Engage in massive naval warfare through the auto-matching system, and develop your skills through the use of various tactics depending on ship type and role.

As an intermediate commander of the joint fleet in the 1980s, you are obliged to fight against evil factions under the shadow. After experiencing strategic challenges, sincere friendship, and furious battle; you will become the master of this vast ocean.


â—† Idle RPG system â—†
Set your fleets fighting while you are busy and the fighting won’t stop, idle RPG system will auto-match the battle, gain new abilities and weapons, upgrade battleships with powerful weapons and multiple skills, fleets will be stronger when you back to the game.

â—† Varies of competition content â—†
Warship Legend provides diversified combat content. PvE battle in the storyline; level locations are randomly generated on the map for each time. Arena PvP combat, matching for combat in real military rank from soldier to general, sail into the heart of the action in multiplayer PvP battle. Guild battle, 8 vs 8 epic fight in real-time. You are never feeling bored!

â—† Collection of hundreds realistic warships and warplanes with distinctive features â—†

Representative warships and warplanes of the modern naval system, destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, battleship, submarine, fighters, and particularly the “king of seas” – aircraft carrier, the military players absolutely cannot miss!

â—† Guild system to create super fleet â—†
Play with friends of the guild around the world, the fleet guild system provides a big platform for players to chat on tactics and combines the team play and fleet growth mechanism into one.

â—† Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects â—† An exciting story-line plus sensational graphics with incredible effects and stylish cut-scenes create an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in and also guarantee maximum enjoyment.

â—† Unlock special cards â—† Modify your deck and improve your chances of survival! Earn XP and upgrade your bases with special abilities and enhanced defenses!

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Attention! Warship Legend: Idle RPG is free to download and play, but some items and features can also be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google Play Store app and set up password protection for purchases.

NOTE: A network connection is required.
In the game, it needs to read the resource files saved in the external memory required by the game. The game also generates local archived files. These functions require the permissions of both read and write memory.

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Skymoons Technology, Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

David Johnson

This app has been crashing alot lately not giving much time to accomplish anything...I suggest you don't download this app till they fix it....

Kk Bayon


Angelo Medina Jr.

Great game

Uvon Arcena


Bibhupada Parida

Showing account login failed error

Ken Alameda

Cannot log in at all

MPM Drone Media

Game is good you don't have to spend money to get somewhere just need to use the resources they give you. That being said since I have updated to the latest android firmware I am struggling to login in when it does login the game freezes.

Avinash Bait

Game is not like that what they are showing on youtube official advertisment

Maneth Gunawardana

Sir please give new events old events are not opshanal in now

Rohit Saboo

The game is too complicated

Varun Patil

Waste game 🤥🤥

Harinarayanan K

poor ad stop it


Veery nice this game


I purchased 4.99 growth fund offer, money was also deducted from account but purchase failed, please do something.

ARPANjot Singh

Op game


Can't even skip tutorial, I played this game before and I know how to do it, just haven't played in a while, make it so I can skip the stupid tutorial.

Mrityunjay KAUSHIK


Cyprian Mudzimba

This game is a disgrace. I was loosing so much and i tried everying but it does not work. I want another one

Vijay Reddy

Faku game fffffff

jed knight

Great game to pass the time with.

Sumit Magar

Good statics game

koko maung

Nare Lar Four

Kevindale Ligtinen

Generic Pay to Win game.

Robby Maryulianur

Dear developer, I have an issue with one of the game feature, I've recharge for a couple time and now in VIP 5, but why i can't collect the "ELITE SUPPLIES" where it says "recharge once to activate the Elite Supplies", I've emailed the CS and dm FB page admin but the response is dissapointing, i still got no clue how to deal with this issue, I still waiting for the response of your team ASAP, thank you. Regards, Player


I spent more than $200 on this game. Unfortunately, I had to give a zero star since it doesn't let you fully understand the game rules. When you spend money and reach a level, they unlock new rules. Then, you have to spend more money and the previous spending is useless. I told my pain to the customer service. But, after a long conversation over one week, I found the customer service just does not listen user's request. They argue that it is all the user's problem, they have no problem at all.

Syed Saber


Kaine EightyTwo

Not my thing




Dis is good game but can you add clan and mode and add pilot like captain

Shawn Bigley

Good game. Easy to learn. Good time killer. Can spend but i haven't its still fun

raigan porathur

How do i get rhe sailor thing?

Michael Bennett

Fun to pass the time. I wish u didn't have to wait to advance on the game because of not being a certain level...maybe they could fix that. But you don't have to spend money to advance, so that's a plus

Rabbil Md

Outstanding mind-blowing app

Ojas Chilka

Op game

Ramy Samir


8 Ch

This game I didn't like the graphics so I off loaded it befor they new I was playing


Very hard to update your game , but to download it is easy , what do you mean, I have been download it but I fail to aptate it in all means by wifi and also by network charges, what that for make it easy

Riley Gilling

Not expecting a delivery in real life

Zarcy Créofcykfdé

this game is good to play because the more you level up the more difficult the enemy is, what's more, online is easy to get a gold bonus

kamal Huika

komal Lochan Huikas Naval War Ship from State of Orissa,Dist-Rayagada,Mob 99376. 58535 ,Ramon Chandra,Dt-27/03 /2022,on Whates App

Emma WEI

I just lost all my progress when I reinstalled why???? And the binding is overly confusing.

Dhanya Sareen

Nice but needs more work

Cheong Peiling

When ever i finish themission it does not say that i am done and forces me to replay it some 5 times very buggy and lagged out definetly will not reccomend tis game.

Nnadi emeka

Is good

Arnav Kumar Yadav

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Bat Gillian


Lee Chengkwok

This Developer play cheat his ship from start his side 3ships attack mine ship 2 😭

ivanyauchung ho

It's a great game, but I cannot upgrade some of the ships to above lvl 120 which is tier 6. I don't know what's the problem. I managed to upgrade one ship to tier 6 but when I try to do so on other ships, it didn't allow me to do so. Is it a bug or is it just my problem ? Can you fix that ?

Michelle Lominog


Jojo Caguioa

Yomi, gogito all forms, Goku all forms, gogito, Goku.

ronald Louis

Since downloading never a dull moment using to improve levels of Fleet and strategy to play.

Mohamad bagher Rajabi

perfect 💞🥰

Joanna rose Orpilla

Dguyr the same thing

Vaughn David Patriarca

Except it has so many lags

Yoyoy Burokoy

Pls add a way to get mistery chip

Lin Khant Ko Ko Aung

Nice game Please! Produce wartank idle rpg game


Not even play game, I CANT made my ID, cant use this character ķļõźőöţ. LOOOOOOOOOL.. Fixed it dude.

Robert Dall

Your advertising works. Unfortunately like a lot of advertising. It's better then the game. I had no control of the fighting. Might as well just watch a movie.

Ryu Takeru

Game Wouldn't Progress Past Turtorial Due To Game Breaking Bug, Don't Bother

Chris Seickel

This game is terrible Do it want me to pay to play the game This is the worst game exist

Lota Ramos

I love the game very simple,and cool graphics. And it will teach you how to play it very cool.

Lesly Michel

Partant du fait que la perfection n'est pas de ce monde, je crois sincèrement que les développeurs de ce jeu ont fait du bon boulot, par conséquent j'estime que ce jeu mérite amplement cinq étoiles, voilà !

Bong Boran

Uninteresting. The classic battleships game is much better due to greater simplicity. This is mostly for bored teens.

pyaephyo han

money game

Jesse Ecker


Demo Gorgon

at least make it sure the first 10 summon to give a rare 5 star. i mean come on it's gacha 101 by now.

Dwi Nugroho

Just see other bad reviews, i suggest don't waste your time in this game. Dev you can learn from game: Valor Legends Eternity or Mobile Legend Adventure. They give achieveable quests and events, lot of generous rewards, make sense in game package price, yours is a rip off.

Dipika Saha

Very good

Charlie Jordan

It could have Raytheon missile defense in the next update

Laurel Garing

The games are very nice

Chigbo Ozo

compulsory 3-day trial sign up! No thanks. Decent art n graphics though. Shame about the GREED

Lukes Trickens

What the heck? Do girls even join the us navy! Im so confused? An rpg what does rpg mean a rocket launcher?

Redina Margie Chuakay

Hey warship legend: ldle rpg owenr hello owern like you and am a big fan pls will sub and like you pls owern want 1b gold and money 1b

Trance Man

Great game I've spent maybe $100 aud over 6 months. Everything is easy to upgrade if u take ur time with ships. PvP is a little unmatched but that's always expected. Jester server 253



Eclipse Yoli

I wasn't able to get the game started as my phone wouldn't do the download

Joseph Hamutenya Hamukanga

New game to but it great

Katono bin mohammad Katono bin mohammad

Map g r


downloading update files is broken please fix this all i hate in games is cant open the game

Saeed Khan Saeed Khan

Time west looser game igive him 0000 stars

The Dragon of truth

this game trys to force you to pay to play from the tutorial .unless you want to put out real money to play this game during the tutorial DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ria Moon

I played this game to get gems for another, and have to admit, I enjoyed it. I got the level required within the time limit, without paying. I have to repeat that, I played f2p. There are some issues, joining the large pvp events is very unfair. You get matched against nothing but VIP players. This just means you struggle to grow faster. The plus, it's not really required in order to enjoy the rest of the game.

James Gonzales

remove your game because your game is trash..i waste my mb in this game for downloading after i download and i open but this always reconnecting..this game is trash 👎👎👎👎

Mfawwaz Syahmi

Aku tak buat apa apa pun tiba tiba dah menang,game apa ni????

Ray Zen

Yay to P2W for F2P just stay away from it trust me u will sunk like a Titanic after couple of days.

Scrin Nid

no mtter the lead, someone will outpay you


100% 30% I give

shuzan 123

Love this ❤❤❤❤❤

Patrick Vickers

It's awesome

Caleb kong

Caleb and new jersey

Pat Comerford

I've seen games wanting you to spend money but this one wont leave you alone on the subject

Farhana Yesmin

Bro I cannot log in to the game

Edgar Moss-brown

Since the ingame update earlier that I had for some reason I haven't been able to open the game but I don't know if its the game or my phone and the game is generally good and decent loading times

Jm Jaynal

Nice game Nice ship

MD Shahalam

Nice game

superdave dave super

Awesome c ant be beat

Miguel Meelson

I love this game and like it

Isaac lucky

good game..

chad chille

I love this game ,,#3

Gepat Gaming

The game is nice and fun but the problem I have is the game battle background is broken.