Warlord : Evolution

Author: Dreamplay Games

10,000+ install


Warlord : Evolution – A survival game about heroes who evolve to survive!
From mighty orcs, noble dwarves to legendary sorcerers,
Different races of the fantasy world war to determine the ultimate winner.
If you can’t avoid it, use the boat to defeat the opponent.
If you survive to the end of a difficult battle, victory is yours.
Game Tips
▶ Absorb enemy energy and level up quickly.
▶ The higher you level up, the more powerful abilities and evolving heroes you can choose!
▶ If you stand still, you die! Run away from the strong enemy and shoot the weak ones without hesitation!
▶ Avoid enemy attacks and shoot just like an archer!
▶ Unlock different heroes on the evolution tree and make them stronger!
▶ Collect interesting skill cards and upgrade them!
▶ Try different regional stages!
Hyper Evolution Battle Royale action game!
Warlord Arena : Evolution awaits the champion of the battlefield.

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File size: 119 MB
Update time: 2022-11-29T02:21:30.000Z
Current version: VARY
Require Android: VARY
Developer: Dreamplay Games
Price: $Free
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