War of Lords – Quest Journey

Author: SW International

5,000+ install


Galt, a world shrouded in darkness and about to break.
And you may be the only ray of dawn in this continent.
May you bring light to the continent of Galt.
May you also bring peace to your heart!

【Game Features】

[Large map, free adventure]Encounter plunder, city battles, and powerful enemies in a world shrouded in darkness.
Move freely, find the hidden treasures and surprises under the fog!

[Lord’s wars, law of the jungle]Seizure, release, exile, trafficking… The multiple lord gameplays provoke disputes.
The danger of this world is even by your side, don’t forget to resist and gasp!

[Mythical apostles, sent by you]Collect the gods to build a super lineup, I came, I saw, I conquered.
Use wisdom to forge your own platoon formations, and develop the characteristics and powerful forces of the apostles!

[Fair play, The strongest becomes the king]Do whatever it takes to be the one who is destined to lead and fight against darkness.
Service boss, fantasy, to prove that your power is worthy of your reward

[Set up a legion and challenge the limit]Use your strength to conquer Galt and share this hard-won glory.
Diverse team play, from PVE to PVP, strengthen friendship to achieve endlessly!

“War of the Lords” is an exploration card game, each step of exploration will uncover a legend, as you step by step into the palace of the Xeon Lord!
Galt has been waiting for you for too long,go and bring them dawn now!

Detailed info

File size: 50M
Update time: August 24, 2020
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: SW International
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tjay Burr

Seems like a great game, but very glitchy and lots of loading problems.

James Vaughan

Just joined the game yesterday. After each stage I complete the game doesnt load back up onto the main page so I can continue playing. I have to keep turning off the game and loading it back up to complete each stage. Shame too as the game looks good

Christopher Shaw

Game will not load after the first battle... Always stuck at 50%... Reinstalling and updating did not help...

Transito Ramirez

Won't let me get in the game looks good but keeps kicking me out also Phone is up to date just won't let me play the game .

Death ByMe

Do not waste your time,it will glitch after every mission. These devs refuse too believe its on their end. Save yourself the trouble and keep looking.

Steve T

Redownloaded as instructed but the game fails to install now

Barney Michael

I have done that, and uninstalled and reinstalled. It doesn't help, please look onto it as i can see this being a really good game.

Alex Kozma

Edit 2020.08.08: now its running but crashing after each fight or stuck at loading screen... still 1star... Edit: did reinstall but still having the same problems :/ but i gave 2star now cuz you guys atleast read and reply comments

Daniel Foster

Can't get into the game. You press the start button and it won't do anything.