War of Islands: Mine and Craft


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War of Islands: Mine and Craft – Man your stations and prepare for battle!

Detailed info

File size: 40M
Update time: December 28, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: MAD PIXEL
Price: Free
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Customer review

Block Magic

Not gonna lie this game is awsome, but there is a bug wher eu are invicible. You cant attack you cat do anything when u are invicible, i was like "im gonna play this game alot" when i first downloaded it but ever since the bug happend i was like i will just wait for an hour for the bug to be gone. But its still the the same, so i uninstalled it.

alyssa adelan

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Budhi lal Baniya



Nice battle game

Mohd Uzair Ahmed


Dan Mar Jhon Sedentario


Engkeruak Man


AlucardLove Snakeeyes

Very interactive and fast paced

Camille Carreon

Ang Ganda ng laro na ito

Chan Sit fah

This is an awesome game but i turned off wifi but still more ads but its still an awesome game

Nazmun NaharLiPi

This is op game and i am 9 years old

Pape Sougou

The best game

Puay Suan Goh

Glitch and I can't play

Malia Small

I like it so yeah

Lance McGowan

Game would get 4 stars except for the adds. It's true what others have said... You get a random add EVERY 25 seconds and a add if you build anything. You get no benefit from the adds except to be annoyed. They have to make money for sure but the EVERY 25 second add is a bit to much. It drove me away from game in 5 minutes and now they have 1 less gamer to annoy and make money on.

Abdullah Ramzan


fiona maguire

It's good

md. akash

So many ad.

Nausad Aalm

Md Nasim

Oliver Dela Cruz

wow so mat

Vishva B

vera level

John Wolfenbarger

Could be fun but WAY TOO MANY FORCED ADS!!!!!!!! Not worth it.

Gabriel Nathan

This game is just addicting I play it 24/7 your able to create armies overall its a fun game I recommend playing this game.

Norz Javier

this game is so cool my units can kill the enemys in there house they any of them my units on my base or it will makes me happy but do i was 6 years old today to my or i can attack the enemys in the i have some units here before when i a kid i'm playing this game before and i'm invisble

Naveen - Movies


Shane Weaver

Great game I'm really enjoying it I'm having so much fun the only thing is the apps play every single time you do something it's really hard to play your game

Raiyan Irfan

Not cringe

J-Kun / 제이쿤

I purchased no ads for 3 dollars and it still showing me adds. So u guys basically robbed me. Thank you so much for the great game and taking money from me, you guys are the real winners 🥰

Narender Kumar


Carl Zamora

100 bsa no aso

lamees moideen

Cool game

Eian Gerken



Jasraj thapa best gamer and world

anime analyst

I really like it so so so so fun

Burny Sanders


Sarla Deepak


Vacsala Priya

This game is very good

ReaGan Brewer


Md Sigon


Marc Wolfe

I played for about 5 min watched 15 pop up ads very annoying any upgrades to town wants you to watch a ad dont waste your time

Gani Vinay




Gi Gi


Sakol Seng168


tanveer ahme


Arhan Ali

This game control is so op very good and ofline game and easy game please download this game bye bye

Tomy Thannia


Lulu Khanom


yasin al rahi

great game, having too much fun

Jeremiah Loy

Pay to get rid of ads and everything still wants you to watch a ad. What a rip off

Seth Bates

I would play this alot. Would even buy lots of stuff to help develop the game.Just make it so I can watch 5 ads for like 15-30min of playtime. To many adds for me at this moment takes all the fun away quick. Can't even test it all out because the adds clog my phone.

Imtiazur Rahman

I love this game very much

asiah zubir

Is beutifull

Foxy Rainbow

I know this game has a lot of ads but you cna just simply download personaldnsfilter turn on it then boom you have noads even your wifi is on thank me later!

xXdragonstormXx 345

every 10sec is a new add

Fflip FF


David john Seminiano

To much add

Nimal Weerasingha

Good game

Grizzly GBGN

good game but ads not works for upgrade but it's works for interrupt the game fix it please.

Rob Mcmuffin

very nice, but heavy with the adds..

Kimti lal Jaggi

Nice to see you again

Nillima Mahato

ছমমলশশলললললররলরহধছঢরফঢততফথঢঠঘথচঠছচঘঠছঘচচজঠঘচঠজীএঝঠীঠেঈঝঞঠেউএঠীওএওঈঠৈউঝডেঠৌঈঈঔএঠেঞীঠেঝঠীঊফীঝূঝীঠঝিঊঠঝূইফপূঝিইঝূঠেঝীঠেডুঞৈডনুএঝঠীঝঠূই ঐখিঐঊঠূঠজিঠেঈঝজফচগচঝহগঝফগচগফঝচঝফিচচজফগপগচজফগচঝজখঙপপগঙৈপজুগঙছখপজপখঙছপখঙঙছঠসঙছঠঘেঠসৈঠঙঠঢছসছঠসণহডছণতহজডতহজডহডজচচডজজচগূফঘৈবেওঘোবীএঊবীঐঐডীঊফৈঘৈফূঘূফচছ্যেএএঊউউউউউউউউউউউউউউঊঊঊঊঊঊঊএএঐউডোঙেডোএঙোডুএঙঢেঐডঙৈডেওঢেঙোডঙেঐডঙেঐভঙেঐঢঙছোঙেওঙেঐঙডেওঙঢেওঢঙেঝজঙভোছঙোঙৈঢঢোএউঢোএউওঢেউঢৈঙেঐঢঙেঐঢঙেএডঙেঐঙেঐঢঙেঘেডেগূএডঘূছডঘছঘডছডঢচডেঙডগূউডেঘুগঠূউঠগূঊউডঘঙূবঘফঙডঘঠুঙগডূঙডঘঙঢবচঙগবচঘঘচঘঙডফঠফঘবডঘফঘঠঙঘঙফ

Ricardo A


Ong Juliet

Not fun

Ilja Brudel

Just annoyed to the advertisement. You have to watch it if you want or not.

nhors Cabrera

its so happy game

Gabriel Battiste

The game I fun but the ads after you beat a level is troubling for me because it will stop my game.

deepan yt


Rupam Roy

This game is ossim


so many ads

Lamminthang Haokip

im good at this game

Sofian Assem

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Redza rblx


Jagadish H s


Anuradha Dhangar

Is best game

Jessica White

So cool

basil op

U should play this game

Azlina Yasmin

saya suka game ini

Brongo Art Decor

SO OP 😏😏😏😏

حسين وجدي


Anila Bytyqi


Jade Laskowski Southall


javee Manansala

i fight for freedom

Progress 14

How can we play if every 2 seconds u put 1 minute ads into it?!?!?! The game is to watch ADS?!?!??!? UNINSTALL!!!!!!!

Mousa Bhti

Best game

Brandi s

Very good game

F4bzZz X

installed, played for around 3 minutes. Watched around 17 Adds and every building wants u to watch another Add to lvl up. No other option available. U want good units? Watch an Add, get some Soldierboy in shiny Armor. 1/5 Stars and that's still too good . Don't waste ur time

Kimberley Mcintyre



It's great

Mario Julie

Whis game is good and nice to play but it is easy at the start.

joseph wright

I hope you choke on a big fat AD.

Jonathan Mullennix

I love it

Muhammad Khan

So this game is kinda cool this game is so so so so so so fun!!!!!!!

Ezra Jacob Sagarbarria

The games has alot of ads Always

AbdurR firasath

Respect the ad it has the number 420 in it

Eunice Villegas

its okay

Bao Nguyen thien

This game is fun

Haven Laurena

Good game

Kith Laurence Sabaiton

iLike this game

Altaf Samoo