War Games – Commander

Author: Gagale Games

500,000+ install


War Games – Commander is a real-time navy strategy MMO game.

Detailed info

File size: 89M
Update time: August 5, 2021
Current version: 1.3.277
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Gagale Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rajo Bhai

This is very nice game l enjoying the game when I played it

The Buck


Andrew Dyson

Good game

Theron Buchanan


Felipe Jimenez

I love to play the game a lot

Patrick Ellison

I wonder what that missle behind the headcourters is

Shane Julian

Good so far

James Bailey

Developers money hungry...

Lynn Briggs


Theron Buchanan

Fun game

Shaun Purvis

only awarded one star as customer service isnt the best lost 23mil troops due to a game glitch and had no response from the developers on the issue which left me out of pocket

Jenthai Rongmei


Dwayne modeste

Great experience

A Google user

Not to bad

Theron Buchanan

Very fun

Arline Hartley

Each update takes away from non spenders. Too much work and not enough fun. Nothing free about this game except it's a free download. I'd give it zero stars if I could. I posted this review 12/22/2021. Customer support replied 2/6/2022. 🤔

Louis Smith

Interesting and fun

Cory Honaker


Robin Hilliard


Casey Dunn

Really have to pay to get to a level and fight and not get wiped out....small number of players....it's gone down the road of MS ....🤑🤑🤑

Peter Gibson

Pretty cool all around, I look forward to actual combat.

Md:shakib Khan


Stud Muffin


Afeez Adebayo

I love the game

Nelson Brown

Money Pit.. Should be called Milk Money Commander. Surprised it's still in the Playstore..

Chuck Maue

I previously revised my review of this game because of changes made turning it into an expensive pay-to-play game. The developers have rectified the problem, the game is now again able to be played without spending a fortune.

Patrick Key

Great game

Robert Goodell

Fun game.would recommend to my friends

Derrick Jessup, Sr.

I've never played a game when devs actually listened to players. Thanks for returning the event. That's how you earn a 5 star rating

Kenneth Ohnemus

Great game and people

Olga Solovei

Not developed well, too expensive to play

Ethan Holmes

Good game works smoothly

A Google user

Poor effort frim developers to keep gameplay competitive and fun.

Rick Mccombs

To do anything in this game it makes you spend to even stay caught up. There used to be ways to advance in power they took it all away recently. Find something else to play unfortunately I'm in to deep to walk away now.

Brian Hoover

Glitches, expensive packs that dont provide everything you need.

Donnie Bradley

The devs have took away the last gift rebel with the things you need to survive on the game and there's no point in playing now, it's all pay to play! DON'T PLAY!

Mussa Hamisi


Simon B

After 4 years of putting up with the worst customer service ever and developers who have no interest in improving the game just so that our alliance members and friends can continue to enjoy socializing with each other, we've decided to stop playing and many of us are moving to another game or quit playing altogether I DO NOT RECOMMENDED PLAYING WITH THE CURRENT STATUS OF THE GAME

Stephen Fincher

Game play sux...need better management..

A Google user

Development destroying game

César Ribas

This game has been great for some years. From one day to the other devs completely spoiled the game since decommissioned a rebel from where we all were getting gold and speed ups to train troops for the weekly state versus state event. Being the non spenders the majority of the players, now we don't have the chance to rebuild the base from a SVS event, so the spenders will not have targets anymore to play the game. Haters could not have done better to ruin the game!

Kamilu Yusuf

I love ❤️ this war games 🎮

Tom Cox

Just like mobile strike . Developers are killing this game also. What a shame

Govind Ingle

Very good game nice

suheyba channel

Game is too good

Shad Isaac

I'm not able to respond to messages in game but other than that it is a great game

Adam Nelson

This is really good

Dominick Willard

Love it

Tray Flannigan

Keeps kicking me after all the years of support. Bs basically theft in my eyes.

Sadia blog24


Bern Bellosillo

Very entire sting

Lynn Briggs

Love the game

Vivek Tiwari


Daniel Adams

Game is filled with glitches. I haven't been able to log on for 3 days and the devs rarely respond to messages.

Admin Admin


Benita Nanyonga

Erick mapiima

David Messina

This is a great game

Mohd Rizal


Fast Bd. Com

Good app

Alvin Taylor

Great job

Shaik Peer Mohammed

Game is crashing multiple time since morning.

Altaf Hussain

3rd class game

Rishu Kumar

Oh no it is to good

Heman Gowala


Amar Singh

Aryan Singh

Tim Ticknor

If you like boats, atvs & buying lottery tickets this game is perfect..cause your going to throw lots of money into it and get little pleasure from it.

Ghulam Rasul


Acha Cyril


Md Monir


Theron Buchanan

So fun

cvwner ind

idea of game and story is interesting

Hussein Kapinga

Is very very good

Pc Lallianzuali

Amazing games 💯 Love it

Devraj Doley

Nice game but not good at all Hemrnjekejrorkjr Bdkdknrir

Elizabeth Nyarkoh

This Game is great

Bill Duran

Nice game, but I constantly find myself dealing with game glitches on my smaller accounts. Glitches the developers won't acknowledge

Thomas Matthews

Very good game so far

Victoria Oviawe

Your game's are so cool

Jeramy Kirksey

Very fun and realistic

Allan Holiday

Graphics are not that great. You cant change servers when you start game. Packs are high price and benefits are low. Introduction to game is lacking. You walk into a server where there is already many who have millions of power.

Amit Kishor Yadav


Jeremy Mcneal

No pay no play. People spending thousands.

Hugo Vinh

Good game.

Awan Zada


Charles Adam Simmons III


Mehar Park


Linda Briggs

Excellent game

14 Aswin p


Nipaz 0182 Rupom Zero


Brian Lukins

Pay to play and you will never catch up.

Hemant kumaar

Worst ever game

Dacia Compton

Dont care for it

teja teja

Nice game

Thangminlen Touthang

I like to play

Alan Nolan

Almost a direct copy of Mobil Strike but worse. No real path to actually play game except to spend money. You will spend hours on overly complicated farmville activities. Just to have them move the bar so you can never get there. Everything is super expensive. The packs they offer for $99 don't even have enough of items to level up what ever the pack is supposed help with. Example.. Need files for research...well 99 dollar pack may allow 1 to 3 but not a lot... Building your base is tedious and not really needed to be part of game if you are actually a "WAR GAME". Super bases with full build out go around toasting everything in sight. These bases are unachievable to normal players.(would cost 20k or more) SO these guys are developers or testers of software going around ruining the game experience.

Anup Kumar


Lynn Briggs

Wonderful game love it

Shad Mobile



Nice but sometimes late in coustomer support

Julieanne Marcelino

This is a Great app♥️