War After: PvP Shooter

Author: GDCompany

500,000+ install


War After: PvP Shooter – #1 dynamic FPS online shooter. Fighters from all world in epic fallout PvP

Detailed info

File size: 175M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 0.94
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: GDCompany
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aryaman Bhatia


Balachandar Thangarasu

I like it game 🙂🙂

Mo bie

please add offline with bots mode please

Kulasekaran Manyurhaahan

The best game ever

sarpa bhushan

Such a great game well done

Matheus F. Silva

Please add option to play with friends ASAP

Twiza B Mubita

Really good graphics

Leighton Graham


khant hmu san

I have nothing to say is good🙃

mdjamal uddin joarder

Game good high graphics shooting game

Junet Sapri

snapdragon 660 with 60fps, it's Awesome

Jenet Hmar

Good game and graphic

Hope Ntsakie

Good job on making this game thanks for making the longest loading

Hema Kiran Chinta

The Game is Awesome till now, the new update entirely ruined the Gameplay. There is a delay in shooting after scope is ON. I love Sniper rifles but due to this new update Sniping became very hard. When scope is ON it is not detecting enemy automatically and Rifle is not firing until we change it to manual mode. Development team, please look into the issue and do need full. THANK YOU ☺️

Waqar Abbas

One of the best game I have ever played

Pixel Play

Realistic Quality game. Very enjoyable. But movement steps feels slowed.

Uchiha Madara

It heat up and cause leg🥸🥸

Rahu Beema


moasge gmgn

Make My phone heat And Pulls My Out Of The Game And My Phone Is 8gb ram????

vikrant bhatnagar


Reshi Aaqib

Worst game ever Can't even open

Vikash Mauryaji

In this game network issue

Golden Warrior

What's the exact file size to download? Cause ive4been trying but unable to complete the download.

Pratima Mandal

I don't know whether it really connect to live players but everything else is pretty fine

Parcham Vishwakarma


Fardeen Oppo

Nice shooting game and very nice graphics

Aleczan Marcko Kahano

Please add some Royale Battle

Rabbul Hussain

Any time server error not start the game

Gurmej Singh

Very very very bakar game shore me ache chale ge badme tate chale ge

Kumarraj Kiran


Phillip Delatorre

Fun game

Hillow Pillow

this game is good for an mobile and a fps i would love to keep playing!

Alumeci Rusawaqa

Best game


this is the best substitute of cod in only 160 mb

BooM BooM

Game has potential. Make it a little bit more fast paced.

Vikram Kumar


Topin Rihar


A b

This game is very awesome 🦅👍🥰🥰

Lucas Lorca

Yo this is warzone mobile bro


Nice graphics of this game but why my fps is low

peter espinosa

wow cute like ❤

Joel Jr Agbanlog

Movement too slow, I undestand cuz the maps are small. Its too p2w, let is grind for guns and skins but still have micro transactions for cooler skins. Its a great game, high quality and still runs smoothly

Meet Mehta

Game is good graphics are good but I don't know some time frames drop in my real me 6 device while other heavy games like bgmi and cod works smoothly

Julienne Martinez

I can't even load into the game

Masum Saikia

Wow high graphics game i like it its look very good. Best game in the world.

Jobert Delos Reyes


joshua enano

Keep it up i love the games also need some alot of mission❤️

Fahime Seifolahi


kavita kaushik

This is too good game and realistic graphics

I'm Spooki

The movement is very slow and I advise not to play the game and this is a failed project

Ishan Sheikh

I love this game its so good

Nuruddin Khan

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Akash Kule

Omg this game is op amezing

Fahad Iftikhar

Literally one of the best fps tdm game i have played.its better and simple then critical ops and other fps games.but i think they need to work on their interface.

Hound Baskil

The new update really made the long range guns really useless. You can only shoot long range guns only at close distance. Fix the God damn problem.

Siddhant Suthar

Your new update is worse because you low the Sniper distance of kill and when I want to kill my opponent the effective distance is very low so opponent kill me with his gun please improve the distance of sniper,"your old version Sniper range is correct". Please improve this.

Prajwal Dhore

Game crashes ,whenever I start the match

karanvir singh

Best game as a shooting game and too Good graphics .but they should add characters also like ff wukong,alok etc.

Dan Cazaly

Since the last update unable to load in... looks like after all the time and money spent I'll have to uninstall was a shame... thanks for nothing war after



Richard Jarrell

Lags alot but not gonna lie it's a really good and fun game If the devs fix the lag I can see this game going places

Didwm Bsty

Wow the graphics is good but need more i feel something is missing

Vishnuraj Rajanpillai

very nice

Shreyas SN

They should add asrenal option in the game for guns pick in the starting of the game


Bad game i never see, in the game my one gb run out 😭😭😭😭i give zero star but one star to post

Jyoti Agrawal

I like this game 🎮

Paing Phyo Thu

Good game: Smooth control:very good graphic for 500MB size: 60fps support .This game is so dam awesome bro.

Archit Das

Best game ever this game let's us play a good graphics game in mobile u got potential but pls make a room for p2w players like come on u know what iam talking about. I have seen worst comments on p2w games p2w games get ruined if devs don't solve issues I know iam asking for too much but pls make p2w player fight p2w player not normal. Oh God u have fixed it now I get so less p2w players but still just 1 thing I am asking that is pls add a team system or party system where we can add friends.


Fun game but it crashes CONSTANTLY. And sometimes the lag is epic. Other than that it has potential. Way better than Ed Kon pay to win ripoff shooters. Dropped another star. Crashes are getting ridiculous. If it keeps up, uninstalling.

Moussa Raeissi

Oh wonderfull game and perfect

Abhishek Kumar

Game is prime 💚

Julia Niccole Huertas

very much amazing but the games needs more things like defusing and things like call of duty but the game still needs to be the same just need some adjustments

Vaas Montenegro

I love this game but please change method to buy the weapons like the games battle prime and the game's graphics are awesome and thanks for the high end graphics

andri andrianna

After the update, the shooting range for sniper weapons is shorter than it was before the update. Please fix it.

Ganesh musale


Suman Kumar


Kartik Nayak

This game is good but this game is not octomize for some device spacially for 4gb ram users I have good device with good processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 why this game is laggy , device stuck and heating issue. My experience is bad I don't like this game but I love the graphics of game.

bernard ferdi

Please match making system fixed it. Boring play with bots. In chat room there are alot of player who want to play together but i can not be done.

Rohit Kashyap

Game download

Soumyadeep Chakraborty

Just go and download this game without thinking about it.The game is insane .

Shoma Bhatnagar

I am giving this game 5 star's for its performance. Please install it.


The game is pretty decent. Good graphics, nice controls that are easy to learn and use, and a variety of games and maps to play in. Unfortunately what annoys me the most is how greedy the game is $$$. Edit: After the new update the creators kinda ruined the sniper scope... Please either fix it or make an option of using the new one scope or the old one.

Gokul Jayenthiran

The game very nice but ... I played a game that time automatically move out for that game please ready for that bug . Game is very nice and grafics is very nice All is super but that one bud is problem

Rich Roberts

Was the Best game till ur last update now I can't even get on to play!!!!!!!damn it!!!!!! OKAY ! BigDogRich is back better phone, more ram. Still loving the game , BUT damn can anyone please explain to me why one can get 17 or 18 or more kills but MVP goes to some wannabe with not even half t kills ?????? Talkin to the app creators!!!!

Ruchi Dubey


ajay gupta

The best game of team death match and graphics are at another level and advance shooting is best

James Millan

It is nice but it characters doesnt say words. They should make say words when throwing grenades, make headshots, and more but its a nice game

Bolex roll no. 8 Elangbam

nice game🙂

Tina Asgarzadegan

سلام چرا هر دفعه که به روز رسانی میکنید گند میزنید به همه چی نه اسلحه های تک تیر انداز از فاصله دور شلیک میکنه نه بقیه اسلحه ها نشونه گیرشون ریخته به هم اخه چه وضعیتی که بعد از هر بروزرسانی به یه چیزی گند میزنید خود نمیتونید بروز رسانی نکنید سازنده محترم لطفا رسیدگی کن🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kxsh Gxng


Gautam Gothia

After the recent update it seems all the players Literally have M39 maxed out guns. Nd the AI has suddenly become insanely powerful, armed with maxed out Special Edition Guns. I mean suddenly it's sort of becoming unplayable, which is in stark Contrast of what it was 10 days back. If this practice continues I'm going to uninstall it. Please fix it ASAP

curculescu sebastian

With the last update you ruined this game,I play mostly sniper and now it seems assault rifles have longer fire range than sniper rifles,please fix this problem

My son Aryan

Op game

Farhana Akter

wow that is very good game😄

Muhammad Akram

SVD gun bad update Long range fire not working plz check this problem and ade not played some days

Junrey Cabales

Nice game but need to change its settings

Hermanos Humano

Such a great game, I wish it has more contents. Good job

Jessie Ambukon



Awful as guck full of mistakes so many things wrong I don't can't number here


world best game