Volleyball Arena

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A unique volleyball experience for the sports enthusiast is now here as a mobile game!
Volleyball Arena is an online fast paced 1v1 game where each second truly counts. Enjoy incredible graphics in this fresh, easy to play yet competitive volley game. Challenge your opponents to a fun, casual game, with simple, intuitive controls and engaging gameplay! Master the playing field and take pride in showing off the special characters and prizes that you’ll unlock along the way!

Pick Up and Play
Welcome to an unmatched casual approach to volleyball. Easy to learn for casual players, skill based for players who seek something more, real physics induced and power ups to make the gameplay interesting & dynamic.

Unique gameplay
Volley, smash and score! Use your hands, head, and superpowers to score points. Too far to reach the ball? Dive! Volleyball Arena offers simplistic controls to allow an easy to play experience turning it into an action packed & exciting gameplay.

Win, Upgrade and Customize your Players & Powers!
– Unlock & upgrade all the players, for the edge you’ll need to carve your path to victory.
– Take each character to the limit with exclusive items that increase their power stats.
– Collect awesome powers and destroy your opponent, while improving your own skill.

Play through Different Arenas
6 distinct and original courts with increasingly higher stakes and rewards, as you progress through your volleyball career.

From London to Beijing, travel around the world, across the globe’s hottest Volley courts, scoring the highest amount of points, in the nick of time, in this new arcade game!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Miniclip.com
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ars yt

Nice game

Andrew Massey

The wait times to open packs is way too long. 3 hrs should be the maximum not the minimum.

Louie Cahig

To many ads good game but the ads after the game sucks

Matthew Miller

Don't think you are playing against real people but bots. I would enjoy this game so much more with leader scores and to play with real people around the world and tournament modes as well. Love this game. Would love even more if could add more to the game.

Anjit Lama


Lay Puthika

good game

Two side Brothers


d parthipan


Pratyush Kumar Pradhan

Best Volley Game Ever

am hs

How i can play with my friend😐.i haven't Facebook account.please add Google play games option to save account and play with friends .

Rimpi Halder


Captain America


Rauf Khan

amazing game

Ammy Singh

Nice game

Debdas Malik



Many ads 😕

prajwal neupane


Dylan Bate

this game is so good its so good that you can even play like a real volley ball 👍

Bukhari Sahb


Abolfazl Khodaee

good game

Beena Manoj

It's very nice game, but the game is lacking, so I am giving 4 stars. Please fix this problem.

Chann Darong

good game

sara sharkawy

The game problems 1-Sometimes when I go to get a match and I can't find a competitor who deducts the price of the match from me without even playing it 2-Sometimes when I play the game and win, no one gives me the amount I paid, and when I go to check my money, I find it decreased, not increased. 3-Sometimes in the game I find the control is weak and the player does not move at the normal speed, and sometimes I press to move the player in a certain way and I find him standing and don't move

Brandon Rodriguez

good game not bad for a mobile game

RANA AbdulAhad

Only for 8ball 😢😢😢

Bala Nirmala

good ball super

Gourang Asati

very bad game ads also running many time

محمد رئوف روان بد



Too many ads the matching system is so unfair, you can only jump half a foot and move a inch q hour while the opponent is god himself

Umera Awais Siddiqui

Tere kalai kalai nain youtube pe ho gai ban

Andrex Gutiérrez


Ujjwal S

The games stops at loading screen of volleyball arena miniclipgames. And doesn't load even after 30 min. Please fix. Thank you.

Dan Bayra

Cool game!

Matthew Blake

thank you so much I love this game when I have nothing to do😁😁😀😀

JayJay Deguzman

The computer so hard

Barathan Barathan


Jojo Love87

good 👍😊


very fun. I didn't have much hopes happily surprised

Ramarco Grace

The only reason i give this one star is because that fire ball superpower is to overpowered its turning me insane please nerf it

Enrique Sanchez


Jolas Agsalud

this game is *** when I'm playing the match the ads suddenly play then I lose the game. pathetic

Aldrin Amlag

Im experience valleball player when high school player champion

LJ-CO Limited Knaggs


otall's anims


Tajul Islam


Ahsan Malik


Daniel Tillery

I'm guessing that the game is mainly bots because almost everyone I go up against has carecters and items that are overpowered. Plus the game lags a lot.



Cyrus Deboo

The game should still be under development, the game flow is very bad, almost 5 of my friends and me have installed this game. Needs a lot of improvement.

Sadam Hussain

good game

Shawn Creasap

so far it fun



mohamed burki


Burnsy Boy

I really like this game. I hope soon you can use your Google account and I wish there was like a extra 30 seconds bc I keep losing my time mainly so I don't really get a chance to win. I hope I can play vs friends to.

phwe phwe



Hi volleyball

Oleg Zhelezniy

fun little arena volleyball game. hope they expand to teams as well.


this game has no ads and it's SOOO FUN I recommend for sure

King Rajpoot


Darrel Lim

Fun game but character and items design looks boring and way too many ads. More like a pay to win game too.

Mel Justine Bolos

Deleting after a few games. The idea is good but too wonky, and TOO MANY ADS! Maybe could've played a bit more but TOO MANY ADS!

Shuvam Das

awsome game

Saiyedul Abrar

No Google Service. Cant save data.

Vinay cm

it's good

Gouse Basha


noah c, carr

Not interested. A lot of advertisement!!!

Reese Rabchak

very fun game but need to add ability to play with friends

George Ashe

good fun

An Am

good game


love you

Mat Yip

This game so good

Alireza Vafaei


Sheena Flores



Nice game

Jeet Sarang


Ali Matinkhah

very good


Same better

Avinazh Josh

It's cool

8 ball pool trick shots

Best game in the world

Hazem ahmed

Its hard to enjoy the game without paying , you should add events or more optional ads to get gems and prizes

Amirul Farhan

verry2 happy

Gaurab Rai

nice game

Onaivi Damian

cool game

Sn Patel


Reza Khoshbakht


Stereo Type

I lost more than 5k plus hard earned coins already. Coins disappearing after clicking on "play" , goes on random opponent selection, then, no one gets selected ,back to home page ,boom, whatever coins i bet disappeared. So frustrating.

Reda Ader

nice game, it's challenging

Surajchandra Thangjam

dam thing

Shafiz Shafa

nice game

WAQAR Rajput


Alex Reynolds


Alex Vargish


Hidden Name

Fun enjoyable game

Johny Joseph

very good

Hamida Begum

You know, It would be fun if you add the option to login from your Miniclip account like in 8 ball pool.

Gardose, Keneth C.

It's so COOL!


Very problem in controlling back and kick buttons both are so slow it should be quick to kick it makes me angry.

Sean gabriel Baluyut

Hey im stuck on the tutorial the ball shoot tutorial i cannot do anything about it i tried closing the app and then opening it i tried closing my phone so it would recconect and reset the tutorial but nothing i cant do anything but shoot i keep shooting and nothing

Sofronii Dimitrov

Very fun game mechanics work well and power-ups are interesting. I hope that hey change the different arenas so there's more to them than just costing more money and looking cooler.

Aditya Badyal

Overall the game is good but you should add hourly coins so that anyone can play at least first tier match when there is shortage of coins. Also there should be a free to play tier where there is no need of coins to play.