Vlinder Princess – Dress Up Games,Avatar Fairy

Author: 31 Dress up Games

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Vlinder Princess – Dress Up Games,Avatar Fairy – Come to VlinderClub & Create your own superstar character princess! Gotcha life!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.6.60
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: 31 Dress up Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rexona Rari

It was so good

Lu Harris


Sydney Halley

This is overall an amazing game if you haven't checked it out yet and you just reading the comments to see if you want to play this game I totally recommend it!

Gabe Z


Autumnraine Solomon

I can make anime characters

Niki Cistaro


Michaela Skidmore

Really good

Mya Kongira

Verry cute

Bella Moreland

Its very nice i little lage tho

Memphis Smith



Very fun!

LaToya Wallace

I love this game! Very cute

Ali Nouri

it is very good beacause it gives me so much ideas bye i hope this helps..... im so glad if you liked this

Anna Bianca tarin

Is so fun I love the game you can dress them up

David Pool

Good game Love it

Aeryn Johnston

I love this game but I wish there were more outfits clothes and less adds

Maricel Hanna Antonio

This app is super cute

Galaxy Sariah

Pretty entertaining, and the outfits are pretty cute! 😊 Picks up my creativity.

MA.SII. Core

I like what is there but I also don't. I wouldn't have cared to watch ads if there weren't SO MANY OF THEM. Also, I wish there were more ways to customize outfits, eye color, more skin tone options, more hair options. There isn't really much to look at here.

Christina Dittmer

I like this game and you can make anime pepole

Marina123 Marina

Thank you ♡

Queen Mashley Santiago

nice game! just too much unlocked items.

saithan Jan


Adrianna Burma

My daughter loves the fact that she can play dress up.

Arty and friends

Its an okay game

Jenny Mae Mondragon

This games is so cute and beautiful and i like it so much I download this games because i like a girl's games

Emily Rees

My kid loves this game

Satreese Vereen

I love is app

Nevaeh Waite

It's great it has some ads by it is still really fun for my kids

weird person

It's pretty good but I wish there was more stuff like anything free n stuff

Lissa Montrond

This is such a good game! I love the fact that it included demon slayer characters and some other cute stuff, overall this game is amazing.

kortnie coffman

I really fun

Jazmine Newsome

Best game ever

Abby Carolina

Happy Cool Like Gently

Eliana Fullbright

It's so amazing you have to play it you can make your own Bender princess

deb bucia

It is very cute yet, I do not like the fact that you have to watch so many adds for the clothing you would like

Mamita Cruz

TO MANY ADDS but its the best dress up game ive came across

Caleigh Shamblin

Idk what to say but too much ads I keep on looking for things like this with no ads but every item has ads and I can't make what I want but I like these kind of games

Gem Playz

I love this game I can make anime and all of my favorites

Luna Moon

Amazing game tho the ads are annoying I don't mind, keep up the good work.

Marjorie Claire Peñaranda

Hi Love your app is sooo cute

Olivia Rose

I rlly like this game bc I love fashion games

kske arnold

This game is cool and beauiful

Nassima Meziani

I love the game

Skyla Messer

Free prize


Ok so my sister said to me that she wants me to play this game and after an hour i kinda like it so i give ut a 3 is it ok for u?😮

Hanna Usava

Amazing game! Beautiful outfits!



Valerie Villalobos

I think that it's ok just a little too much ads but overall it's great!! 🐔

Alys Kami

It's really relaxing but.loads of stuff with ads but who cares it's fun!!

Ben Nichols

Cool It was a calming thing. Right now I'm mad so I downloaded this and well I'm calmer. It is a great game to play when going through a hard time.

Mia Theune

Amazing game❤🧡💛💚💙

Mel mel

Is is a good app

Xhemile Halili

I love this game its so so fun

nadyne nazia

I like this game if you purely want dress up and want a cute anime style this the game for that

Hockey girls

This app let's you make your own avatars

Kay Ortiz

I love your beautiful dresses and your beautiful hair

Aiden Wheeler

Lovely. the best thing I have ever played like ever.

Kumar Sun

This game is very surprised to me

Carly Romas

I wish they got rid of you need to watch an add

Nikisha Gaunekar

This game is nice I like it

A Aa


roza roza

It's 👍🆗 okay! Cause it's simple and really cute:D

Stella Ratcliff

It's just wow

Vineetha Kancharana


Cassandra Helsel

Its good

Tallulah Donnelly

Soo fun and relaxing would recommend 😌 👌 ☺ 😊 🤗 😎

M Gourmet

I will give this game five stars because it is the most awesome game and I will take care of it and this game is the best ever I think all those people out there should download this game so they can customize your own character like I'm doing in my creative characters because it's so cool to me and I think that everybody would like it and I hope that you'll have a great day bye ☺️💕

Brigitta Ivy


Daisy Havana

This is really fun

Marksman iOS

Cute app !

james toner


Danielle Amber Lapura

Amazing work

Srey Pin

I think this game is kinda good and some clothes are cute and some are nice

Nirali Bhatt

I don't like when ads come up between the game thats why they loose one star but the game is so good I like that we can save the princess in our phone Thank you❤

Herbie Pryor

This game is SO good!! The graphics is amazing and the doll you ask? I want to hug her SO much!!!! You can rate 5 stars for outfits but this is not why I've done this. I hope you install this. It changed my life.

doremon nobita

Good game

Sammy Gogurt

Very good 😊

Frank Lyons

This game is really goodand fun but could u add some more gameplay to it like maybe a costamisble boy or minigames Anyways i give 5 stars really good!

Joanna Hogg

I love this game because you can create your own characters and is so fun

Adam Bubeck

I only gave it a 5 stare for the outfits, but it is a good game

Ashley Mills


Sudden Rick

Pretty good game

Crystal Sewell


Dale Nicholls

So gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Semi Diesel Truck Repair

Stephanie paz

This is not as bad as I expected!

Kathi Ashworth

I love this game a lot

malua latu

Fun,cool and

Lily Rossiter

This app is an excellent experience for children of all ages as it gives them the option to create their own or have Influence from others.

Ricky Barnett

This game is so awsome i recommend playing

Adro Beara

This is the best game everrrr

maid kokichi oma

Nice game

Liz Amero

Lots of designs

Norma Verde

Nice and smooth lots of items to choose from.

Maribeth Elpedez

really cool!

Zoe Powell

Its just the best I spend my hole day designing girls.

Nisa Noble

This game is good but way to much is locked it's unfair if it had like one locked on each thing that would be great .

Johnathan Mendoza

It's so pretty

Syaza Salsabila S.

Wow good app