Vlinder Avatar Maker: Anime

Author: 31 Dress up Games

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Create, dress up and customize your own cool anime avatars, use them on Weibo, Twitter, Instagram, Douyin and many more, show everyone that you are an amazing anime creator, and make awesome avatars with your hands Bar! ✨

According to your own facial features, you can also make it according to your favorite characters, etc. You can also design cute cartoon and anime avatars according to your own wishes. There are many ways for you to choose!

There are plenty of eyes, hairstyles, eyebrows, mouths, cool clothes and background accessories to choose from, pick the coolest clothes 🌼 and coolest hairstyles, and design your anime-style avatar! Add a variety of different expressions and perfect gestures to express yourself, shy, shy, sunny or adventurous and other styles can be realized.

【Game Features】
🧡 Enjoy the fun of making avatars!
The creativity is unlimited, so that your avatar is no longer monotonous!
Super anime style for SNS avatars.

💙 Share your favorite works with your friends!
Handsome, college style and other anime and cartoon styles are mixed and matched!
Create your own profile, idol, and favorite character!

💛 We will continue to add more style elements in the future.
If there is anything you want to add, please let us know by comment or email.
If you have difficulty choosing an avatar, come and play!

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Create an avatar for Weibo, Twitter, Instagram, Douyin, and facebook LINE!
Super recommended avatar maker for all occasions!

【Contact Us】
– FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/668368200546796
– Email: support@31gamestudio.com
– Instagram: Vlinder__life
– TikTok: Vlindergames_TikTok
– Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSrxqzjN0KjfPN_MHsFFtw/?guided_help_flow=5CJSrxqzjN0KjfPN_MHsFFtw/?guided_help_flow=5

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Update time: Jun 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 31 Dress up Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Denver Grant

It's cool

Latisha Hardwick

I don't really like the characters



Tim Keller

I like it

Lesedi Madisa

Best game ever

Jemimah Abraham

Its a good game. Im the type of person who enjoys making avatars but have never found a good game before i found this one.

Ma. Lourdes Angelica Villaflor


Avery DeBord

So fun and like how you design it you way

Honesty Dawson Burns


Elsa Letitgo

Good qpp

ize ulrick delapena

Very very cool game i like it🤩🤩

Galaxy _Gamer

I like it its really good

Carrie Walsh

I just like everything about it

Gage Eubanks


Bailey Berry

Fun to play just to many things that you need to watch an add to get

Shirley Davis

Cute pic


App is amazing 🤩😁 and I love it ❣️💝💞💖

VillyValley 16

I wish the ads were more controlled though

Elizabeth Castodio

Amazing game

Brianna Mathis

Just... amazing

Emily Wetherbee

It's a fun game, tho there are a log of ads

Antonette Celis

This game is soo cool

Nicole Bowman-Layton


Kurusima _

Free items

Christopher Pierce

It is a cool game to Play

pic a chu

Fun for people who like to dress up

JaeyBlox Plays


Bryson Hoskins


Firza Farizy

Sangat bagus 😍😍

Dboy 69



Best game ever


I love this game pls add more.

Alondra Solano

I love it

Yagui Yagui

L had this for about 10 minutes then in one minute NOT EVEN a minute there was a ad then l was.going to make someone in my family BUT IT WAS.FOR BOY NO GIRLS AND.YOU HAD TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR GIRL TO BE IN IT. L DO NOT LIKE THIS APP

Ling Ling Ling Ling

Ask why the kids would be great

Melina Bennett

Great game for boy or girls with anime!

Irene Garcia

its so amsome

Datravion Hankins

I like it

Ayden Miller

Its amazing

Mark aimro Zap




Peter Osborne

I only liked it cuz of the free stuff sooo 0/5 cuz of the adds

Tanisha Saylor


Jenss Cruz

Idk =/


Good game

tsailynn shorty

Cool game

Mason McClendon


Lee Lee

Bc I can get my Avatar and it look good

Win Soe htet

Good Avatar changing and good ads that don't take long

Wayne Hopkins

It's good they look cool.

Sewer Rat

Its a great game but maybe a little less ads?

Cayden Rosario

Really good

Sky why johannesen


Jay D

It's very fun to play


Very good very nice

Tameria Saylor

Love this

Vi Stephenson

its really good for drawing art and references

Cruz Budden

Great app

Takeshia Caraway


Ryley Collins


Jayden Smith

Cool 😎

Jacob Bunner


Charlie newbold


Epic Dude Fox


Tianna Hough

Great game and nice quality but so many adverts

Mayson White

Very fun you can make a cool avatar but you can get extra from buying or waching adds i recamend heavily✌🏼

Liam Morris

It was good

brody sammons

It's fun creating

Norm Brick

Its bean really fun and I love the anime


Its perfect ☺️

Adela Ghogomj


Tanya Deysel

This is a cool game! I say everyone must try I, the only thing is the ads but most of it is cool!

Bassam Mansaray

Love it

Dani Khatib


Hisham Ahmad

I kinda idk bout this game

Crystal Bell

This is the best game ever

Moka Hanazono

Love this The graphics are gorgeous, and the avatars are super easy to make. There are ads but alot of then you can skip Just overall an amazing game.

brittany gibson

Ki Ok Piq

William Graves

It's pretty good:)

Cipriano Carrillo Calmo

It's good

Jacob Rode

Fun game

black ninja

Easy to use and lot of choices

Antwaine Gayle

Really good gameb recamed

thv :

This is an amazing app I love it

Ryker Daviesparter


Elijah Thompson


Prince Nathan Logatoc

Im just gonna rate it 3 stars...it's good tho but the ads is my problems, everytime i opened this and start to make some avatar any minutes the ads will just pop up

Snowknight ™

Its Pooping fun!

Brianna Alaouie

Best game in the world

Arhan Diwan


Catherine Dixon

Really cool make your own characters recommend



A Google user

Quite a lot of ads but it's kinda fun to play around and a make you own avatars

Tanya Simons

love the app lots of options but there is a lot of adds but still a 5 stars

Aish jeng jeng

is so Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Lester

I like it but it could use female characters too



Kelsea Jones

Soo funnn

Chezkha Eloiza Bangot

This App is really good and Lost my stress And i give this 5 Stars 🥰💗 Good app!

Joseph Andrei Gillera

Good game