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Author: 31 Dress up Games

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This is a two-dimensional avatar maker that can easily create your own personalized cartoon cartoon. Hundreds of customized personalization options are available for you to match, inspire your creative inspiration✨, and allow you to display your exclusive cartoon 2D style image on Internet social media.
Start making your cartoon avatar!

【Product Features】
🌼Select the boy’s avatar and the girl’s avatar to start your cartoon character creation
🌼Various face shapes, hairstyles and expressions
🌼Make cartoon avatars with different expressions to express your emotions
🌼You can customize the color change, show a unique appearance to express your fashion sense
🌼Various accessories: masks, hats, glasses, hairpins, clothing, headgear, wings, horns and tails to make your personal style really shine
🌼Rich custom backgrounds for you to choose and use
🌼You can save your creations to your phone and update your social network avatars: Google, Facebook, Whatapp, Twitter, Ins, etc.

Enjoy the fun of making avatars🌱! The creativity is unlimited, so that your anime game avatar is no longer monotonous!
We will continue to add more style elements in the future💙. If you have difficulty choosing an avatar, come and play!
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Avatar styles that can be used in any scene. If you don’t want to use your own photos but want to reflect your unique characteristics, the avatar creator will be your good helper.

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– Email: support@31gamestudio.com
– Instagram: Vlinder__life
– TikTok: Vlindergames_TikTok
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Update time: Jun 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 31 Dress up Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Emma Snell

Yaba Daba doooo

alvin Floriano

I have attached the invoice for your kind perusal as I am currently working on a project that will help me with my work and I have been working on a new website with a couple more of the other in my area which I have been working with since the first time in my life

Kirigaya Kazuto

No Not

Megan Coxwell


melt Moras


John Meredith

This is amazing ap

Juan Martinez

I like this game because you can make yourself Goku

Carlos Sebourne

It's amazing

Toby Dempsey

I love this

Dennis Delantar

I lak Des geme

Avy Halliburton

Bc it said I was pretty

Sapphire Rivera

Its ao cool i love it

Elleh Bea

I love this game.


Nice game 🎮

Brysin Lapek

It's a fun game

Amy Jean Immanuel


Mikaela Marie Pedrero

It's a nice app I like how we can move the eye mouth eyebrows and more so I give it a 5 star

Pougai Golmei


Jay Wade


Elijah Washington

Good experience and don't have to use money

Janine manalese

Your game is not working

Philip Chin

The game is cute however i HATE the ads

Hanim Kadir

100 69 .

Universal 81

Not Bad


I like.how I made Kakarot and Jotaro this game was fun and good I liked it keep up the good work!.

Anastasia Platero

Love it


Nice game

Ret Women

Ads but I love it ❤

Onaleen Tommy

I can show friends how this app is so cool and I enjoy💙 myself too. ❤❤❤❤

Aliya Navarro

This game is awesome. However, the ads are a bit annoying. I already purchased the No Ad option but sadly, it still plays ad. Could have given this game 5 stars.

Paxton Brewington

It's Great

Lol Lover


zurina Alieysa Ahmad

I like it 😍😍😍

Samara Lawhon

I like this app and it does and it I haven't had to pay anything with money so I have been enjoying this at and so far it's good I hope this information helps you guys

Dalylah Wickel

This game is really fun but alot of the stuff you need to watch ads for though buts it's a really fun game :)

Michelle Gomez

I honestly love it! It's a really good game to play when your bored💟

eiman bakri

Toooo cute Anya

Eddie Lorenzo

Bye i don't really know what to say

Adrianna Marj

I love this game I thought it wouldn't have any my hero academia but when I saw Deku and Bakugou's stuff I Made as much as I can



Lexi Alex

It fun

Mark Abesamis

It's good but it always had ads for a Thing and mostly pls ad this for free it's so boring but I give it 5 stars gust for ......

Vincent Avila

Sussy baka

Jacquelyn parker


Anaylis Bernal

Lots of choices for the charters

Alicia Hernandez

It's an amazing game😊👍✨

Choco _Guinea pig

This is the best

Juan Teo Baylon Sapio

Good game

James Rodrigo

Super cooooool game!!! guys ypuvshould download this app!!!!!!!!!!!



Dyana Sham07

I love it

marielena cruzat


Cloudy Gacha studio Roblox Game

I'm being honest but Idk why some items all needs some ads to unlock it

Nohemi Bustos


Michael Terrestre

So coll😎😎😎😎💶💶💶💶💶💶

Lily Chew

Its a rlly good app its hard at first but there is not to many ads and kawaii anime characters so many possibilitys Love it ♡

Dom Gomez

The best game ever 😁😁

Shu Na

i love this game

johann reikken

love the game

Savannah Hamilton


fieza man


Jeidy Andujo

Very much love it you can make your character look like someone else from anime

Infinite sleep


Jamaica Bermudo

The app is great but it's just that so many ads and it's just it doesn't have a legg.

Nur Atikah


Nathaniel Quijalvo

Good but won't give u 2 options

Musa Aldo

when this game is cute not bad for that one so I could be dressed it now

Jaziah cannon


Ronald Cooper


Marnela Paredes

I love chibi

Zoya Fattiya

Game ini bisa bikin karakter anime seru

Aviana Johnson

I love ainme i downloaded it cuz it said you could use them for emojis in general I love anime🙃💅🌼

Jewel Mitch Raguro

It was really good I like all cute face I copied Loid 😘❤️ you won't took too long to design but there's still ads there no need to buy 🥰

zab barzon

So cool

Heaven Drew Sinio


Alex Hanhardt

I like making avatars so for me this is fun

Stephanie Fierros

It the best

Stephanie Rueda

It's the best game

Leini-Cakes World


Charlie Binag


Rachael Chatman

Look this is how 🫶ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

fnf music memes games tio


Azrel Ramadian

waku waku

kacelyn zyann castillo

I love it because it has my favorite characters here yae miko and hu tao and more!

Rhyzza Laureen Flores

Its amazing exzatcly

Cess Lapitan

Aniya's hair?



Mia Arde

Karakter Anya si mana

seraphina janeta



Ken yu kis mi mor, wir so yang tat we nefer tuleluuuuu ou ou ou ou ouuuu ouuu

aghniayunda fathinagumilar


Alfya Mufida Fathiyyaturrohmah

this game is very fun

Am B

It is very nice

Angela Storms


NIiamh Cunnane

It has to much adds! But it's kinda fun.

Toomp Lang

Love this game

Ella Lovina

This was my favorite game all the time I play it every day it's so fun making cute anime avatars I'd make one and make it my own profile the ads starts in 15 to 12 minutes please disguise the ads

Zanni Jenifer

Bagus tapi bisa di kurangi tidak iklan nya? Dan axesoris nya di tambahi ya!

Frenasya Chican

Game ini sangat bagus

Lawrence Sterling