Vlad and Niki – 2 Players

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Vlad and Niki – 2 Players
Vlad and Niki are waiting for you to play this collection of mini-games for 2 players!

Do you want to play with the funniest brothers? With this collection of games for two people to play on the same mobile or tablet you will find different mini-games with which children can entertain themselves for hours.

This free multiplayer game for kids contains quick and short mini-games. To beat your opponent, keep in mind the objective of the game and its simple mechanics: do you want to be Vlad and play against Niki, or do you prefer to be Nikita and have Vlad as your opponent? It’s up to you! You can choose and change as many times as you want.

In addition to having a good time either alone or in company, this game of Vlad and Nikita is an ideal way to keep children’s brains active and exercise cognitive skills such as attention, perception or coordination.

– 2 players: with this multiplayer mode you can play with friends, classmates or family on the same smartphone or tablet.

– 1 player: if you want to play alone in your free time, this is your perfect option. You will have to compete against the AI. It is an ideal way to train and become a tough opponent to beat when you play against friends and surprise them with your skills.


* Submarine ride: You have a mission! Pop the bubbles by raising and lowering your submarine. Watch out for the fish, they take out points!
* Skating: it’s time to skate. Press the forward button as fast as you can and jump at the right time to avoid the obstacles.
* King of the park: as in the classic game of tag, try to escape from your opponent and keep the crown as long as you can.
* Music heroes: Feel like a real guitarist in this music game. Tap the colored boxes at the right time and follow the rhythm playing the guitar!
* Pop the balloon: in this tapping game you will have to be fast and pop the balloon before your opponent.
* Asteroids: Protect your ship from the asteroid rain and stay safe.
* Catch the butterflies: in this animal game you have to catch more butterflies than your opponent. Be careful with the bees, they don’t add points.
* Rope challenge: sharpen your precision and click at the right time to pull the rope to beat your opponent.
* Cap race: follow the path by sliding your caps to reach the finish line first.
* Pinball: protect your area by touching your flippers and score a goal on your opponent’s side.

* Official Vlad & Niki App.
* Entertaining and fast-paced games.
* Ideal to keep children’s mind active.
* Fun designs and animations.
* Simple and intuitive interface.
* Original sounds and voices of Vlad & Nikita.
* Completely free game.

Vlad and Niki are two brothers known for their videos about toys and everyday life stories. They have become one of the most important influencers among children, with millions of subscribers in countries all over the world.

In these games you will find your favorite characters to encourage you to overcome the challenges of the different mini-games in this entertaining collection for 2 players. Have fun with them while stimulating your brain!

Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love creating fun and educational games for people of all ages. If you have any questions or suggestions about this game you can contact us through the developer’s contact or through our profiles on social networks:


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Daya Daya


Sadia Khan

It's good game i love it

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This is very an interesting game of two brother's

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Mahi Aasy

I like the fact of the game it's good not bad beat I like it

71-Alya Aneesa Abdullah

Trug Guhrdie5 Riheywukwpoy ko!

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This is a super game.

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Will be home Till I see you in the morning

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I love it

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Muller Shaker

Molina melano

Yandiswa kube-masiza

Love it 😍😍

Umalbaneen Utraa

this game is so cool and nice for all kids

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I am your fan

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Wonderful game for kids

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florita sena Mclovely

I'm love this game because they make us happy. Right?

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Nice games

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it is very nice

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Game is god

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Hibah Faizan

Good game but ad more than games

Chandan Dey

This game is very nice

Bharti Singh

Wow Vlad Niki

ikbal hossain

vlad & Niki

Ludvine Mbatchi Atombet

Thanks to this I can know how to play like a good sport

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It is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

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Amazing game

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I like it AND I love it

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Lovely Amazing